16Oct01 Working Party - 13Oct2001

Twelve members were at the Club working party on the hottest October day for 16 years; just shorts was the most comfortable attire. Many tasks were completed.

We had suspected that our 'pet' mink was still visiting the space above the lounge ceiling. While Keith Hatton was fitting some more mesh between the roof and the ground at the the back of the club to bar entry points t was seen to run from under the club into the river; is anyone expert at eradicating mink?

Rodger Wheeler replaced the PIR on the patio to get the automatic exterior lighting working. Nigel Knowles bought a replacement strimmer and it was put to good use clearing stinging nettles etc in the trailer park before laying down additional carpet to smother the growth.

Keith bought a replacement vacuum cleaner that Madeline used it to good effect on the Clubhouse as well as giving everything a thorough clean.

Brian Clements cleared up and burnt a lot of rubbish from around the back of the club. Brian and Richard treated the front lower wood work to a coat of Timbadura. Laurie Bridges, and Pat Halling prepared and painted the the main windows frames; they were in very bad condition.

George Bray, Nigel, and others greatly improved the bank by cutting down the large shrub in the middle and some of the bank was strimmed.

Nigel installed a valve in the kitchen water heater circuit and it now works excellently

Numerous other tasks were done; apologies to members who did these and who haven't been mentioned. Thanks to everyone who turned up and helped do essential improvement work to the Club.