27Jan2002 Trivial Pursuit Quiz 26Jan2002

Terrible weather didn't deter 24 members from enjoying the first social event of the year, run by Mary Dennis.

The group was divided into three teams (The Old Codgers, Good Heavens and The Others) who watched a series of short videos of events. After each video there was a set of questions like the name of the group playing the background music and the song name, the year, and some facts on the event.

For each video one team had first attempt at answering each question and it was passed to the other teams if it was wrong. Some people were brilliant at answering certain types of questions.

For the interval there was a superb spread of soup, jacket potatoes, tuna, beans, bread sticks, cheese and salad prepared by Joan Bray, Linda Wheeler, Lynda Rowley and Madeline Hatton; I hope I have included every one involved.

Many thanks to Mary and every one else who made it such a successful and enjoyable evening.