23May2001 Sunbury Lock Race 20 May 2001

The weather forecast was for a high covering the country with very light winds. A check on sailing club weather stations and web cams, on the internet, showed zero wind at places like Queen Mary SC, Rutland SC, Poole and Worthing at 9:00 am. The prospects of sailing on the river looked poor as the current had built up again. The Queen Mary SC site, Queen Mary SC Weather, is particularly useful for seeing local conditions and is recommended. There is a link on the AQSC web site links page.

Rodger Wheeler, our Officer of the Day, wasn't going to be defeated and laid a course starting at Sunbury Lock and finishing at AQSC with a single downstream leg; the first time this has been down since at least 1992. The safety boat, with it's new diesel engine, took 45 minutes to tow 5 boats up to Sunbury Lock; the race started on releasing the tow lines. Graham Thompson and Charles Dennis were in their Graduates, Richard Cannon and Mike Baker were in their SigneTs crewed by John Tomkins and Keith Hatton. The Club Graduate was used by Fin & Bob Gloyn, Open Day visitors, assisted by Robert Britton. The race was a beat against the light East wind but it only took 18 minutes for the first boat, Graham, to arrive back at the Club. Rodger's idea was very successful.

By after lunch there was slightly more East wind and it was just possible to creep up along the bank round two marks, about double the length of the clubhouse apart. Two 30 minute races were held.