13Mar2001 Security Alert

There has been a spate of thefts at the Club.

Towards the end of the Club Open Weekend Sunday a man was seen to leave, after having been in the changing rooms a long time, and he wasn't reconised as being one of our signed in visitors. The following week end he visited the Club again, and was signed in, but after he left cash was found to be missing from the changing rooms.

On Sunday 3 June a member's vehicle in the car park was broken into and a wallet taken. Fortunately a couple of members in the trailer park witnessed it and called out. The thieves threw the wallet down and drove off fast. Fortunately the car number was noted and the wallet recovered. The thieves were later arrested at Twickenham. The members involved went there to make statements.

The Police were informed of each incidence.

On Monday 4 June some lads in an old canoe were seen to look in the Safety Boat and then to go on a boat on the other side of the river.

Please do not leave valuables in the changing room and at least one of the entrance gates MUST now be kept locked to inprove security

Anyone around who is not recognised as a Club Member or a Cruiser Owner should be challenged BUT do not put yourself at risk; it is much better if there are two of you around before challenging to minimise the risk of an assult.