The Weather Station sensor is mounted on a pole by the fence behind the clubhouse. Most of 2017 a wind sensor vane has been missing making it difficult to restart after stopping rotating.

The wind at the sensor is very different to that at the boats at a much lower level; the estimated direction and force is included after the date.

Click on a date to display a wind speed graph. You can then step through the graphs or play a slide show. To exit the graphs press Esc or click the background.

Wind Speed Graphs 2017

29 Oct N-NE 2-3 gust 4 variable and shifty, died PM  

22 Oct W 2-4 gust 5 demanding cracking sail  

15 Oct SSW 1-2 variable  

08 Oct NW 1-2 reasonble sail  

01 Oct SW 1-2 Very shifty (E,S,W,N)

24 Sep SE 1-2, good sail am, wind dropped for Cundy to past channel marker last race

17 Sep N 0-1 horrible

10 Sep graph not available.

03 Sep SE 1-2 extremely variable

27 Aug graph not available. NE 0-1 falling to 0 after tea, race cancelled

20 Aug W 1-2 patchy reaonble sail

13 Aug NW Any very Var 0-1 patchy shifty

06 Aug W Var 1-2 shifty, good sailing downstream

30 July WSW 2-3 shifty, fluky

23 July W 1-2 patchy, shower

16 July W 1-2

09 July S to W 0-1 very variable     

02 July N morning W afternoon 1-2 OK but very variable, patchy, shifty

Graphs not available for 17 June to 25 June

11 Jun SW-W 2-3G4 very variable, patchy, shifty, fluky, 5 capsizes

04 Jun W 1-2G3 patchy, good am, poor pm

21 May SW1-2

20 May SSW 1-2 gust 5 very patchy  

07 May N-NE-NW 0-1 patchy

30 Apr ESE 2-3 patchy, very good sail

23 Apr W 1-2

16 Apr W 1-2G3

09 Apr SSW 1-2 gust3 very variable and shifty

02 Apr NNW 0-1 0.3knt variable

26 Mar ENE 3-4 fairly steady super sail; graph not available