Easter Egg series
For Easter Sunday 27 April there was a terrible weather forecast for the first racing of the season; 20mph SSW wind, rain, squalls, thunder, and hail. Unfortunately it was accurate and we had the lot including 3 squalls with torrential rain and 38 mph gusts; racing was cancelled. Only Nigel K, in the club Bosun, had a short sail. Not much different to the first day's racing of 2015.
    The  races were rescheduled to April 3 with races 2 and 4 also counting for the scheduled Spring 1 and SpA 1 races. Racing wasn't expected to be possible because a couple of days earlier there was over 2 knots current and  red high current warning boards at all locks.
    Even though there was heavy rain Saturday night and there was still a yellow board warning the stream was under 1 knt, it was a fine day and  it was just possible to make way upstream in a SSE 0-1 gust 2 wind, 10mph morning and 5mph afternoon on the weather station.
    Mike Baker won and he gave his Easter Egg prize to 4 year old Jack Britton (son of Robert the Patrol Boat helm).

Easter Egg series in Helm order