Sailing Days Notes




Fortunately it was fine, not the wet day forecast. The S-SW 0-1 gust 2 wind was wery variable, fluky and all over the place.


A very variable and patchy NE wind. We were lucky that the rain held off until after packing up. But Brenda managed to get wet alighting from a boat.


The forcast was for an E wind, that is normally very good, but at over 20 mph would probably be too much for sailing. Alan Ross went out in a Laser with the sail reefed around the mast, had a great sail and did well to only capsize once.


NW 1-2 wind (5-10mph) variable and fluky. Fine warm day. There was some close racing with up to 6 boats rounding marks together. Don Barnet gave an interesing 'Newcomers' presentation on Seamanship covering all sizes and types of craft.


Very good sailing day; W-SW 2-3, not shifty and fluky. 10, gust 16 mph


NW 0-1, dropping to 0 for the last race ; for most boats the last lap took over an hour.


A glorious hot day but we didn't expect to be sailing because the forcast was for practically no S wind. Fortunately it was force 1 gust 2 SE and although patchy and variable 9 boats, the most this year, had a reasonable sail.


A W 2-3 gust 4 wind gave very good sailing. At 13:30 Graham Thompson gave a talk in the Newcomers Series on "Sailing Faster" explaining some of his unconventional sailing styles.


The Mid-Thames Trophy inter club event at Desborough SC had a SW 0 to 3 gust 4 wind that was extreme variable, fluky and patchy; especialy at the first mark. The wind was much stronger by the last race. Fortunately the heavy rain just held off until the end of racing. Hampton SC won and AQSC were last.


The weather was worse than expected; wetter. All races were for the Fun series. The SW1-3 gust 4 wind was very gusty, shifty and fluky. Pat Halling celebrated his 92 birthday with a capsize; there were a number of other capsizes. In the last race a squall went through.


Excellent but challenging sailing. Gusty West force 2-3 gust 4 wind (10 to 22 MPH); several capsizes. The 14:00 event raced to above Sunbury Court Island.


A hot fine day and although at the club there felt a good breeze sailing was terrible, long periods of no wind from any direction, very variable, patchy and shifty.


Gorgious evening for a BBQ followed by a vist to Sunbury Regata fireworks by`19 members in the 2 patrol boats and a row boat. Being moored behind Phil and Di's cruiser gave a perfict view of the fireworks.


Good but challenging sailing; with many capsizes. The W force 2-3 gust 4 wind (max 30mph) wasn't fluky but very variable and shifty with instant direction changes between gusts. OOD Grahan Thompson had prepared a spread sheet to manage a Pursuit race for the 14:00 event; BH + PH was used to evaluate the pursuit race start times. Evaluation of BH results used a boats elapsed race time at the last crossing of the finish line. A successful exercise; there was a pursuit race series from 1993 to 1999.


Road closures due to the RideLondon cycle event made it difficult to reach the club from the Surrey side . The WSW force 1-2 was less fluky than we have had recently and there was a reasonable sail. The 14:00 fun event had a down wind slalom course with the marks quite close which was also used for the last race; the frequent gybing was interesting, a lot of activity needing high concentration.


Fine hot day. Although it felt like a good SW wind, 8 to 10 gust 16 mph, for sailing it was very patchy, shifty and fluky; from any direction. The 14:00 event was a relay race with batton passing.


A glorious hot day with a west force 1 to 2 gust 3 wind that wasn't shifty and fluky; good sailing. From 13:30 to 15:00 Nigel Knowles gave a newcomers talk and demonstration on capsize recovery with new members having a practice. The Vision was very difficult to recover from a capsize. The 15:50 race was long distance upstream for the Cundy Trophy.


Although it seemed windy, 8 to 14 maximum gust 24 mph on the weather station, it was S to SW and much less, force 0-2 gust 3 extremely shifty, fluky, and gusty; not nice sailing.


Although the current was only .3knt it could be difficult to go upstream. The S to W wind was variable and patchy. At 13:30 Mike Hendra gave a useful presentation on the 'Rules of the River'. For the 14:00 event boats were towed to the Channel marker.


NW 2-3 patchy. The current increased from 0.6 to 1knt during the first race causing difficulty in rounding the top mark. The top 2 marks weren't used for the fun race course. The Lasers dominated the races in the afternoon.


The Regatta Sunday was a nicer day, dry with a bit more wind although it dropped by the last race and the race for the Ladies and Novice trophies took too long; there wasn't time for the fun and games wet event. Mike Baker and Michael Hendra tied for the Regatta Trophy; Mike Baker won by the tiebreak.


The Regatta Saturday started with some drizzle and a NW to SW force 1-2 wind that was fairly steady; there was 0.5 knot current. In the afternoon there was less, much more variable and patchy, wind and it became difficult to make way against the current. Many boats were towed back in the last race and the results were evaluated for a 30 minute race. There 11 boats. Deborah Lea organised an excellent ploughmans supper for 16.


There was no racing scheduled because Hampton SC Regatta was on but nobody went. An unpleasant wet day, especially morning, and although 4 to 10 mph N-NE wind there was very little at the boats. There was one race in the afternoon.


Although conditions were similar to last week and there was less wind at the weather station sailing was better. Around 28 members came to the talk by Rodger Wheeler on "patrol boat handling & rendering assistance"; one the newcomers series talks.


Although at the weather station there was a good 10 to 20 mph wind it was N to NE, our worse direction, and on the water it was only force 1 to 2 very variable, shifty, fluky and gusty. At the SigneT Frensham Pond open meeting there was very good sailing in a force 3 to 4 NE wind; their best direction.


The day was treated as an extra RYA Push the Boat Out open day. 6 groups from last week came back for another try and 3 new groups. Unfortunately the S to W wind was only 3 to 6 mph and very patchy, except around 16:00 it increased to 10mph; there was 0.5 knt current and it was very difficult to make way upstream. The patrol boat frequently towed boats back from down stream.


The Sunday Open Day was nicer; warmer, a bit less current (no warnings), more NW wind (4 to 18 mph) but still very variable and parchy. We had far more visitors, 54 in 22 groups; only bettered last year.


The RYA PTBO Saturday Open Day was cool, cloudy with a NW 1-2 gust 3 wind that was variable and patchy. Most reaches of the Thames had Red warning boards; fortunately our reach was only Yellow with 1 to 1.5 knot current. It was just possible to make way upstream. Dissapontingly there were only 6 visitors in 4 groups.


A gorgeous day, hottest of the year at 26 degrees, and even the best sailing with a SEE 2-3 gust 4 wind. The 14:00 event was long distance upstream but the the wind died and only 1 boat completed the course


It started cold then a glorius day with a SW 1-2 gust 3-4 very variable, shifty and patchy wind; 8 - 15 mph. There was only 0.6 knot current but it could be difficult to make way upstream and round marks; better after a course change for the afternoon. Mike Baker gave a newcomers talk on ' Getting round the course faster'. The 14:00 event free sailing and cruising.


A very cold, 9°C, NW 1-2 gust 3 variable, shifty and fluky wind; not nice sailing. At times hard to make way against the 0.7 knt current although the wind was 8 to 15 mph at the weather station.


A cold but fine day. I didn't expect that we would be able to sail because there was a yellow board strong stream decreasing warning and a light WNW wind forecast; but the current was only 1 knt. The wind was very patchy, 0-1 (0 to 10mph on the weather station), but Lasers could just get round the short course. For the 14:00 event boots were towed up to the Channel Marker. The 15:30 race was cancelled.


A fine but cold day. The current had dropped to 0.6knts and the SEE force 2-3 gust 4 (10 to 15 gust 20 mph) wind gave very good sailing. Bryan Clements capaized as he launched for the first race. The 14:00 event was racing up to the Channel Marker.


It was a glorius day but I wasn't expecting that we would be able to sail because there were red warnings until Thursday and there was rain Saturday night. Although still Yellow warrning the stream was under 1 knt and sailing was just possible in the SSE 0-1 gust 2 (10mph) variable wind. It was more difficult in the afternoon.


Terrible weather forecast for the first racing of the season (Easter); 20mph SSW wind, rain, squalls, thunder, and hail. Unfortunately it was accurate and we had the lot including 3 squalls with torrential rain and 38 mph gusts; racing was cancelled. Only Nigel K, in the club Bosun, had a short sail. Not much different to the first day's racing of 2015.