AQSC Regatta 13-14 June 2015
The first race (F01) was a Regatta Fun race. Race columns 02 to 04 are for the Regatta Trophy. Column LN5 is the race for the Ladies and Novice cups.

There was a tie for 1st place in both BH and PH Regatta Trophy results; if the scores are the same then ties are decide by who is ahead in the last race. On PH results Rodger Wheeler and Richard Cannon were equal but Rodger was one place ahead of Richard in the last race so wins the Regatta Trophy.

Alice Lea was presented with the Ladies cup and Sammy Brickwood with the Novice Cup.

On Saturday there was a West force 1 to 2 wind that gave a reasonable sail but Sunday started with some drizzle and a NNW  force 0 wind that was very variable and from any direction.  It was a bit better in the afternoon and paddles were used in the President novelty 'duck' race.

All Trophies go to Personal Handicap (PH) results
Regatta reault in place order
Rodger won the Regatta Trophy. Alice Lea won the Ladies cup. Sammy Brickwood won the Novice Cup.