Sailing Days Notes




The S (SE to SW) force 0-2 gust 3 wind was very variable, generally 10mph. The current was 0.3knts am and 0.5knts pm. The 14:00 event was practice starts. The current and variable wind caught sailors out.


Very poor day. 0.1knt curret which normally wouldn't be noticed but very little W or S wind; generally 2 mph with max gust 4 mph. Fortunately it was fairly steady and sailing was a bit better than was expected. There was a dense fog all day making if difficult to to see marks.


A glorious day but hardly any wind. S-SW 1-2 mph in the morning, it took Richard C 35 min for 1 lap, Mike B 14 min. Over lunch the anemometer was stationary for long periods. Afternoon racing was cancelled BUT then a 2 to 6 mph wind developed and 4 boats sailed.


Although a 5-8 mph NE wind with gusts 14, on the water it was only force 0-1 gust 2, less in the afternoon. It was also very variable and sailing was poor. It looked as if there would be heavy rain but it didn't arrive until we were going home.


The NE-SE force 2-3 varible wind gave a good sail.


A gorgeous day but terrible sailing; hardly any wind in the morning, better in the afternoon, force 0-1, but in any direction.


A gorgeous day with a clean E wind 5-10 gust 16 mph, force 2-3 gave excellent sailing. The 14:00 event was made for the Cundy Trophy as conditions were ideal for long distance sailing to a mark laid at Rivermead Island.


The day promised to be fine and sunny with very light winds. Coupled with the difficulties of Aquarius topography racing was not promising. A simple oval was decided as the course and even with that the first race was late starting. Conditions did not improve over the day and the four participants begged for the finish of the last race. One again the wind, Thames and topography had provided very challenging conditions.


Although there was much less wind at the weather station, 4-7, maximum 10 mph, than yesterday because it was East sailing was much nicer and faster; an excellent day.


Desborough, Hampton and Staines SCs visited AQSC for the Mid-Thames Trophy Regatta; 16 boats total. The SW to NW force 0-2 gust 3 wind was very patchy and variable; nothing like the 8-13, maximum 18 mph at the weather station. Desborough won the Trophy followed by Hampton, Staines and Aquarius.


NW 5-8 mph, fortunately it was West but only force 0-1 gust 2 on the water, variable and patchy.


The bank holiday weekend was scheduled as a 3 day visit to Bewl but they are in adminstration so it had to be cancelled; there was informal racing (Fun series) and training at AQSC. Although the forecast was NE 10mph it was much less for the sailing; force 0 to 1. There were a number of visitors who had a very enjoyable time.


Initially a light East wind but by the time racing started it rained and no wind in any direction; horrible. Over lunch there was heavy rain ; fortunately it had just about stopped by the 1st pm race and the wind had change to SW 1-2; much nicer. By the 2nd pm race there was a bit more wind giving a good sail.


Hardly any variable wind from any direction all day. The 14:00 event was cruising annd training; there were several recent new members sailing. The 15:30 Summer series race was replaced with a TFC race with any propusion allowed. After this there was capsize recovery training.


Not much very variable, shifty, fluky SW wind. It was a bit better in the afternoon.


Start was delayed 20 minutes until the torrential rain stopped. Basically a South wind 8 to 12 gust 18 mph. BUT extremely variable and fluky with continuous instant shifts of 90 to 180 degrees; nasty sailing. The 14:00 event was 5 practice starts; very difficult to plan starts because the wind was so variable.


W 10-15 mph wind, force 2-3 gusty giving good sailing BUT members were clearing up after the hog roast so only one fun race mid afternoon; sailing was good.


Although there seemed a good wind at the weather station, SW 8-18mph, it was SW 1-2 gust 3-4, very variable, shifty, fluky and gusty for not nice sailing. It was much better well down stream.


The SW wind was very variable, shifty and fluky. Very light in the morning, force 0 gust 1, a lot more in the afternoon, force 1-2 gust 3. The newcomers event was an introduction to knots used in sailling by Richard Cannon.


Excellent sailing conditions with a fairly steady W 2-3 wind. The Hampton SC regatta was on so there was no series racing; although no one from AQSC went. Instead there was training for new members and fun racing; Alice Lea Pico Challenge.


Very poor sailing; light drizzle at first, very little NNW wind from any direction, very variable and shifty. A bit better in after noon. Paddles were used in the President's novelty 'duck' race.


W 1-2 reasonbly steady gave quite a good sail although small regatta entry. Weather station generally 8, 16 mph max.


Although bascally a North wind it was extremely variable, shifty and patchy. 0 to 14 mph any direction; generally around 5mph. Pat Halling gave a sailing tips talk for the 'Newcomers Activity' and then 7 boats had informal sailing to try them out. There were 31 people at the club.


Some drizzle. In the morning the west wind was very variable and shifty; force 0-1 gust 2 although 8-10 mph at the weather station. Very different in the afternoon with 14-24 mph. and force 2 - 3 gust 4 on the water.


Fine with good NW 1-2 gust 3 wind (10mph), rather shifty. Eight dinghies sailing was the most on a Wednesday for a long time.


Many open day visitors returning for another try, around 20. Conditions ideal for first timers; fine and warm with W 2 gust 3 fairly steady wind.


Another super day very similar to yesterday. W 2-3 fairly steady so visitors could be given the helm on the run. The most Open Day visitors on a Sunday (47) and the most for the weekend.


Super weather for the Open day; NWW 8-16 mph and fairly steady force 2-3. Fine and hot ideal. The most visitors we have had to a Saturday Open Day (43). We had a visit by Steve Mitchell RYA Thames Valley and London Development Officer.


SW 6-14 gust 18 mph; sailing force 0-1 gust 2 and extremely variable, shifty and fluky. Even changing 180 degrees at the weather station.


Until 14:00 there was E 10-12 mph wind when there was a cruise to the channel marker. By 15:00 the wind had changed dramaticaly and increased to 20-30mph. Pat's Laser blew away on lauching and was difficult to recover. The 15:30 race was cancelled.


NE3-13mph but on the water very variable force 0-1 in any direction with the burgee being nothing like the wind in the sails and every where seemed to be a beat. The 14:00 event was upstream to the Channel Marker; Graham returned in 32 minutes but a Pico need to be towed back.


A fine day. Although the wind at the weather station was NE 4 to 14 mph on the water it was force 0 to 1 gust 2, shifty and patchy. There was less wind in the afternoon.


Very strong, gusty, shifty, fluky 14 to 28 mph SW wind. On the water it was force 1 to 5, W to SE with instant large shifts.Only 2 boats didn't capize.


Glorious day but light and patchy wind; F0-1 morning with a bit more gust 2 in afternoon, fortunately East so could make way against the 0.3 knt current. Upstream, downwind, start worked well.


Not a good start to the new sailing season. I didn't expect any sailing because wind of over 40 mph was forecast but 3 boats sailed in the morning in a West Wind of 15 to 26 mph; 2 Bosuns had double reefs and Charles' capsized his Laser on launching and 3 more during the race. There was no racing in the afternoon because the wind increased to 46 mph with long periods at over 35 mph; about the most I have known at the club. Charles tried to sail back to his berth but capsized again and had to be rescued. The Bosuns were towed up to the ramp.


Gorgeous day with a 6 mph NE wind and only a light current; but nobody sailed. Work was being done on the new patrol boat and other boats.


Very cold and damp for the 18 at the working party (mothers day).


12mph SW wind and only 0.8knt current but very cold; around 15 at the club but no one sailed.


Fine, with 1knt current, but very cold for the frost bite cruise quiz; a few started out in the patrol boat but it was very slow so returned. Late a plastic bag was found around the propeller.


Although only 0.5knt current there was very little wind and no one sailed.