Race Day Notes
Date Notes
12/04/2015 Very strong, gusty, shifty, fluky 14 to 28 mph SW wind. On the water it was force 1 to 5, W to SE with instant large shifts.Only 2 boats didn't capize.
05/04/2015 Glorious day but light and patchy wind; F0-1 morning with a bit more gust 2 in afternoon, fortunately East so could make way against the 0.3 knt current. Upstream, downwind, start worked well.
29/03/2015 Not a good start to the new sailing season. I didn't expect any sailing because wind of over 40 mph was forecast but 3 boats sailed in the morning in a West Wind of 15 to 26 mph; 2 Bosuns had double reefs and Charles' capsized his Laser on launching and 3 more during the race. There was no racing in the afternoon because the wind increased to 46 mph with long periods at over 35 mph; about the most I have known at the club. Charles tried to sail back to his berth but capsized again and had to be rescued. The Bosuns were towed up to the ramp.
22/03/2015 Gorgeous day with a 6 mph NE wind and only a light current; but nobody sailed. Work was being done on the new patrol boat and other boats.
15/03/2015 Very cold and damp for the 18 at the working party (mothers day).
08/03/2015 12mph SW wind and only 0.8knt current but very cold; around 15 at the club but no one sailed.
01/03/2015 Fine, with 1knt current, but very cold for the frost bite cruise quiz; a few started out in the patrol boat but it was very slow so returned. Late a plastic bag was found around the propeller.
08/02/2015 Although only 0.5knt current there was very little wind and no one sailed.
18/01/2015 2knt of current so no chance of any of the 12 at the club sailing
01/01/2015 Very gusty SW wind and 1 knt current. 23 at the club pot luck lunch but only Pat Halling sailed; struggle to make way along the bank against the current.