Race Day Notes
Date Notes
23/11/2014 A very wet day, very little wind and 1 knt current. Members were at the club clearing up after the annual dinner; no one sailed.
16/11/2014 With generally only 2-4 mph wind and 1 knt currentthere was no sailing; Graham Thompson took his row boat to Sunbury with new member George Helyer. There were 14 members at the club.
09/11/2014 The last day with scheduled sailing. Gorgeous warmish day but 0.5 increasing to 1 knt current and a S to SW force 0 to 1 variable wind; very difficult to make way against the current.
02/11/2014 The day started very wet; fortunately by the time racing started it had nearly stopped. The 6 to 16 mph S to SW force 0-2 wind was very variable and fluky.
26/10/2014 The W to SW force 1 to 2 wind was very shifty/fluky. 6 to 20 mph but generally 10mph at the weather station.
19/10/2014 A very windy day; very gusty, shifty and fluky WSW. 10-22mph morning and 14-28mph afternoon. Graham put a double reef in his Bosun sail. Much better than the light winds we have been getting.
12/10/2014 A patchy ENE 0-1 in the morning and 0-2 in the afternoon. The 14:00 event was about 5 practice starts to 1 mark and back.
05/10/2014 A glorious day but not for sailing because there was hardly any Southerly wind; very patchy. We had an unusual visitor; a young fox started to walk up the steps to the quarterdeck
30/09/2014 Weather was beautiful for all on the quarter deck, and 28 Celsius in the start hut. The anemometer never appeared to turn, so not much wind on the bank, however on the water in the rescue boat and on the quarter deck it felt like there was a light easterly. The sailors reported that it was shifty on the water. Courses were predominantly set downstream in the east direction as the wind was very poor outside the club house. Most races had periods when the sailors were becalmed.
21/09/2014 Although 6 to 16 mph on the weather station the wind was North and extremely variable shifty and fluky; the last race was a better sail; more wind and less variable.
14/09/2014 ENE 6-16 gust 22 mph, force 2-3 gust 4. Very good sailing. variable but not shifty fluky. For 14:00 event top mark taken to Rivermead Island for the Cundy long distance trophy. Best sail of the year.
13/09/2014 For the MTT at Desborough SC there was a NE force 0 to 1 gust 2; very variable and patchy.
07/09/2014 Terrible sailing day; no N wind, even on the Weather Station only 2-5mph. In the afternoon the P S course was reduced to a length of less 100m.
31/08/2014 A fine day with 0 to 15 mph NW very variable wind although the sailing was quite good in a W force 1 to 2 gust 3 wind.
25/08/2014 At Bewl Monday was very wet all day. A few boats were out for a training course. Only one other boat sailed; no one else came from AQSC.
24/08/2014 Six AQSC members with two boats were at Bewl. There was hardly any wind and the start was delayed. Instead of two races in in the morning there was one in the morning and two in the afternoon.There was more wind in the afternoon. Richard Cannon did very well and won the last race and Rodger Wheeler was 4th. There were similar conditions for those sailing at AQSC,
17/08/2014 A very strong, shifty, fluky SW wind 14 to 20 mph, Force 0 to 5 on the water. During the morning race there was a squall with torrential rain and a maximum gust of 38mph; only 2 boats continued to finish. Sailing was better in the afternoon; it was dry and the wind a bit less variable and fluky.
10/08/2014 There wasn't expected to be any sailing because very wet with 40 mph winds was forecast. At first there was torrential rain which cleared up in time. The SW to NW 15 to 20 mph wind was very variable, shifty and fluky; there was some thunder. The wind dropped a bit for the first afternoon race and there was a good sail. After tea the wind increased to 25 to 32 mph so the last race was race was cancelled.
03/08/2014 Although there was 10 mph west wind the morning sail ws horrible because there was't much wind and it was very variable shifty and fluky. Fortunately conditions were much better in the afternoon and they were good for training at 2pm.
27/07/2014 Only a small current but there was almost no wind in the morning and very difficult to progress upsteam; a terrible sail. Fortunately there was more wind in the afternoon and sailing was better. At the end of the day Alice and William Lea practiced capsize drill.
20/07/2014 In the morning there was a a fairly steady 5 to 10 mph west wind; quite a good sail. After lunch the wind dropped making sailing difficult. Fortunately the wind picked up a bit after tea although much more variable than in the morning.
13/07/2014 Terrible start to the day; torrential rain and no wind. start delayed and then a sudden change to fine with 5-10 mph west wind giving a good sail. Another sudden change at 2pm to 10 to 16mph and the best sail of the year; force 2-3 gust 4. .
06/07/2014 For a change there was some west wind. in the morning around 6 mph and in the early afternoon much more variable and stronger at 12 mph; force 1 gust 3 on the water. The current had dropped to 0.3 knots; the best sail we have had for a long time.
29/06/2014 The forecast was NNW 10 mph but sailing was terrible; hardly any wind, extremely variable, shifty and fluky, 0.5knt current. It was almost impossible to show new members how to sail but but they could go out single handed. There was some light drizzle during the last race.
22/06/2014 A very hot fine day but hardly any wind and a slight current. Boats managed to get round a short course in the morning. After lunch there was even less wind and boats were towed upstream to the Channel Marker, and then towed back to the club. After tea there was enough wind to sail and new members with very little experience were able to go out on their own. Nobody went to the Hampton SC Regatta.
15/06/2014 The weather forecast for Sunday was identical to Saturday but sailing was very different. The first race started with excellent sailing until the 1st 2 boats had rounded the upstream mark then the wind turned off and it was nearly impossible to round. The light wind enable new members with very little sailing experience to helm in the Novice and Ladies cup event.
14/06/2014 There was a very variable NNW to NEE wind for the Regatta and Signet Open Meeting. Although the weather station was showing 10 to 18mph there was little little relationship to what the boats experienced. There was 0.7knt current and in the morning it was very difficult to make way upstream; there was some rain as we finished. There was a lot more wind in the afternoon but very shifty and fluky; force 1-2 gust 4 gave an occasionally short plane and there were some capsizes.
08/06/2014 The weather station showed 4 to 16 mph wind BUT it was basicaly from the S which meant very variable and much less at sailing level. There was 0.7knot crrent and it was difficult go upstream.
01/06/2014 Almost identical to Saturday but at AQSC the current was a bit less at 0.7 knts; there was hardly any wind and only one Laser managed to complete a lap in the first and last event. Many new and potential members turned up at lunch time and 9 dinghies and 2 canoes were towed up to the Channel marker to drift back..
31/05/2014 The Mid Thames Trophy event at Staines SC had a fine day but there was no wind, 1.5 kt current and racing was cancelled.
25/05/2014 A very busy day with several new or prospective members visiting and being taken for a sail. Four Bosuns, the Club Grad, Bryans Grad, a Pico, and 3 canoes were on the water. It was generally warm and sunny with a fluky W/SW wind 5-10 mph which would have been ok but for a fast stream. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves though.SigneTs at Frensham Pond had a very variable S force 1 to 4 wind.
18/05/2014 Open day. Fine and hot. S wind very variable 0 to 15 mph. 49 visitors in 20 groups; the weekend had a record 70 visitors in 30 groups.
17/05/2014 Open day. Hot and fine but no wind am, canoes used. SW 4mph pm. 21 visitors in 10 groups.
11/05/2014 A cold and very windy day; 15-35 mph. Racing was cancelled although some new members were taken out in in a Bosun with a double reef and in the patrol boat. Two Bosuns were towed back to the ramp because by the end of the day it was too windy to sail there.
10/05/2014 It was a nasty day for the workparty; cold, very windy and heavy showers.
04/05/2014 There was still a 1 knt current and with a SSW 2 to 7 mph variable wind it was very difficult to make way upstream; boats were towed up to the channel marke to have a race back. All races were allocated to the TFC series.
27/04/2014 With a 5 to 15 mph E wind at the weather station a good sail was expected BUT there had been heavy rain above Oxford and all the locks were displaying red strong stream warning boards so racing was cancelled. BUT the current was only 1.5knts; some Lasers launched and easily made way upstream. A couple of marks were laid so they could have fun racing. The only problem was that the marks drifted downstream because the anchors weren't holding against the current..
20/04/2014 The day started very wet; fortunatelly the rain stopped by the time we needed to rig. It was very wet for the afternoon sailing. The force 1-2 gust 3 East wind was very shifty and variable; the weather station was from 0 to 16 mph.The East wind meant the 0.5 knot current wasn't a problem and the sailing was good.
13/04/2014 A glorious day with a W to NW wind that was very variable; 2 to 10 mph by the weather station. There was 0.8 knt current that made it difficult in the morning but in the afternoon the wind was less variable and the sailing was excellent; especially the 2 Sprint races.
06/04/2014 There was only 0.3knts current but at places it was difficult to progress against it. The SW force 2 to 3 gust 4 wind was gusty and variable and there were several capsizes. At times there was a bit of drizzle but not enough to cause a problem.
04/04/2014 There was a 1 knt current and only a 2-4 gust 7 mph SSW wind; it was almost impossible to make way upstream. Boats were towed up to the Channel Marker for the first and last races.
30/03/2014 With the long lasting floods earlier in the year I didn't expect we would be able to sail but the current had reduced to 1knt.The first race start was delayed because there was no wind. Fortunately a force 1 to 2 SE wind filled in, rather variable and patchy, but there was reasonable sailing in fine overcast conditions.