AQSC Regatta 22-23 June 2013

We were very lucky that the forecast rain didn't materialise and there was good sailing.   On Saturday the 12 to 24 mph WSW wind was extremely shifty and gusty making for challenging sailing; there seemed to be many 180 degree tacks. On Sunday there was a bit less wind, 10 to 20 mph, from the West and it was much less shifty so easier sailing but there were still capsizes.

Saturday was also a SigneT Open Meeting concurrent with the regatta races. Races A01-A03 includes those SigneTs whose helm aren't AQSC members; races 01-03 only include AQSC helm..

The best 2 PH results of races 02, 03 and 04
count for the Regatta Trophy; John  Panting won the Trophy for the 3rd consecutive year, the first time this has been done.

Race LN6 PH result is for the Ladies and Novice trophies; Mary Dennis was the only lady helm so wins the Ladies Trophy; she did very well helming in the conditions. There were no Novice entries.

The President’s Novelty Event F05 tested patrol boat driving skills around a slalom course including reversing over the finish line; Charles managed it with out touching any marks.

Regatta Trophy in plae order

AQSC Regatta results