Race Day Notes
Date Notes
17/11/2013 The first Sunday after the end scheduled racing; it was fine but no wind and 0.3knt current. Graham Thompson took his row boat out and about 12 others socialised .
16/11/2013 The weather was ideal for the working party; rather cold but fine and not much wind.
10/11/2013 A fine day but there was 1 knot of current and the 6 to 12 mph N to NW wind was extemely fluky; lighter at sailing level and it was very dificult to make way against the current. In the afternoon the wind dropped to 4 to 8 mph and most bioats couldn't finish 1 lap.
03/11/2013 A fine day but very windy. The W to SW wind was generally 20 to 30 mph with big gusts. By 15:00 it had dropped to 12 to 20mph. Only a busun with a double reef ventured out.
27/10/2013 An extremely windy day; the West to SW wind was generally 18 to 23 up to a maximum of 42 mph.Three Bosuns with crew ventured out to sail a short course; one capsized after 1 lap, one helm was exhausted after 2 laps, the race was finished at 3 laps after only 13 minutes. No one wanted to sail in the afternoon.
20/10/2013 A warm very changable day. The early rain just about stopped for the first race but the SW force 0 to 4 wind came from anywhere and was very fluky. At the weather station it was 8-12 gust 20 mph. Over lunch and for the 14:00 race there was heavy rain and thunder. It stopped raining for the last race but also the wind dropped.
13/10/2013 A cold wet day, 11C, with a West force 2 to 3 wind that dropped a bit for the last race. Sailing was reasonble because the wind was steady by river standards. As there was only one entry all the races were allocated to the Fun series.
06/10/2013 A glorious day and just as the first race started the wind increased from none to a light Westerly which increased to a fairly steady force 1; although not much wind sailing was good. For the fun event boats were towed to the upstream end of Sunbury Court Island to race to Aquarius; passing the channel marker to starboard all boats were overlapping.
29/09/2013 Generally cloudy but with bursts of brilliant sunshine. Wind direction predominately from the East, occasionally veering North East. Wind strength generally about 8 - 10mph but gusting 15 - 20mph at times. River flow very light. No rain throughout the day. Temperature approx. 16 degrees.
22/09/2013 A very warm day but very little west wind; 0-3 gust 5 mph at the weather station, and 0 at sailing level. There was a slight current that made it difficult for slower boats to go upstream.
15/09/2013 Cold, wet and windy weather forecast but it wasn't as wet as expected. Generally South West wind 10 to 14 gusting 22 mph but at sailing level it was only force 1 to 3, very shifty and much less hairy than expected.
08/09/2013 A horrible day. Iintially it looked as if there would be a good sail in a moderate West wind but as the first race started the wind stopped and went round in circles and it was very difficult to make any progress.Generally the weather station displayed 4 to 10 mph but then, towards the end of the first race, a squall with heavy rain came through with gusts of 28mph!! There was a light wind in the afternoon and it was wet.
01/09/2013 The 8 to 14 gust 20 mph West wind was a bit patchy and shifty but there was excellent sailing. The fun race was made a pursuit race with start times based on the morning race times; the last starter was 9 minutes after the first with a race time of 40 minutes. This worked well with only a few minutes between finishing boats; the winner started 8 minutes after the first starter who finished second.
18/08/2013 Good sailing that got better for the last race. A 6-12 gust 14 mph west wind was rather patchy in the morning and later increased to 12 gust 20 mph. Boats experienced force 2-3 gust 4.
11/08/2013 A super sailing day. By river standards the 10 to 15 gusting 20 to 25 mph West wind (at the weather station) was very good ; there were a few capsizes. At sailing level it was force 3 to 4.
04/08/2013 Quite good sailing in a shifty and gusty SE to SW force 2-3 gust 4 wind; The weather Station generally displayed 9 to 13 gust 18 mph. At Bradwell the SigneTs had a windy week with many capsizes; 15 - 20 gust 25 mph
28/07/2013 Sunshine and showers. Very gusty and fluky force 2-3 wind. At SigneT Week for the first time the practice race was cancelled because the wind was too strong; 18-25 mph.
21/07/2013 A fine hot day with a 4 to 8 gust 12 mph E to NE wind (at the weather station); it was very variable. Sailing was OK.
14/07/2013 Hottest day of the year with an extremely variable W to NW wind. The morning race started with little patchy wind but there was a complete change by half way and there was a good sail in much more wind. The weather confirmed how variable; 2 to 15 mph. There were 2 capsizes.
07/07/2013 Extremely hot day with ENE wind. Although the weather station, and forecast, indicated 5 - 15mph for sailing it was much less; unusual for an East wind it was patchy variable and shifty.
30/06/2013 A super sailing day. It was fine with a 10 - 15, gust 20 mph West wind. At higher levels there was some South in the wind and it was quite shifty. Two helm who seldom capsize did.
26/06/2013 It was a fine warm evening for the 'Mid Summer Madness' cruise through the lock for dinner at the Weir Hotel. The West wind was rather light for the four sailors, there was also a row boat, a cruiser, and the patrol boat; 17 members total. The return was very slow because the wind had decreased; we didn't get back to Aquarius until 10:30.
23/06/2013 There was a bit less wind than Saturday, 10 to 20 mph, it was West and much less shifty; sailing was just as good but a bit easier.
22/06/2013 We were lucky to have very good but challenging sailing for the regatta and SigneT open meeting, without the rain that was forecast. The 12 to 24 mph WSW wind was extremely shifty and gusty and 180 degree tacks were common; there were several capsizes.
16/06/2013 At Hampton SC the west wind was very light shifty and patchy
15/06/2013 At Hampton SC regatta the west wind was extremely strong, shifty and gusty; generally 12 - 15 mph but maximum gust 35 mph. It was very wet at times in the afternoon.
09/06/2013 There was good sailing in a cold ENE wind. Fairly shifty, force 2-3 gust 4 in the morning and it moderated to 1-2 gust 3 in the afternoon.
02/06/2013 Still 0.3 knt current, and very little NW variable wind gave very frustrating sailing; very difficult to make way upstream. The SigneTs only managed 1 lap while a Grad did 4 laps in the morning. The course was shortened for the last race with a choice of up stream and down stream marks; there was more wind and a much better sail.
27/05/2013 At Bewl it was a glorious sunny day but cold in the 12 to 25 mph SW wind which gave super sailing, although hairy at times. It was very different up Bewl Straight where it was a more gentle sail.
19/05/2013 Weather was unexpectedly good but the sailing was very slow due to light north easterly winds; still about 0.5 knt current.
12/05/2013 Lucky to have a 2nd good Open Day weather. Similar to Saturday but the West wind was around 10 mph all day; very good sailing for the visitors.
11/05/2013 Fortunately the weather was very kind to the Open Day.There was 0.7 kt current but that was no problem as there was a strong cold West wind; 10 to 15 mph increasing to 20 mph by late afternoon. It wasn't very gusty or shifty. Very good sailing for the visitors. Four Bosuns, a Laser, a Signer and a cruiser were out. Some rain only lasted a short time.
05/05/2013 Fine but awful sailing. In the morning there was still 1 knt current, although there has been no recent rain, and there was very little W wind. Because boats couldn't make way against the current the 11:30 race was changed to a Fun race and boats towed uo to the Channel Marker. The current reduced to .6 knt in the afternoon and it was just possible to sail upstream.With both races the 2nd lap took 3 times as long as the first.
28/04/2013 The day started very cold, 2C, fortunately it was sunny in the morning and it warmed up. The shifty SW wind was 5-10 mph in the morning and it wasn't easy to progress against the 0.7 knot current. For the afternoon fun event boats were towed up tio the Channel Marker before racing back; the wind increased to 10-20 mph. The last race was a better sail until the wind dropped half way though it.
27/04/2013 The Mid Thames Trophy at Hampton SC had 5-10 gust 15 mph North wind which gave difficult sailing; extremely shifty/fluky and it could be very hard to make way against the 0.7 knot current. The course was very long; from Platts Eyot to beyond the downstream end of the downstream island. Charles Dennis race places were 13, 7, 16 MMT place 11; Richard Cannon 20, 14, 9, 13; Bryan Clements 13, 15, 13, 14. Club places HSC 1, DSC 2, AQSC 3, SSC 4.
21/04/2013 A glorious sunny day but suprised there was still 1.5 mph current and although there was 5-15mph SW wind at the weather station at water level it was much lighter, patchy and shifty. In the morning 4 boats retired due to the current. For the 2:00pm event boats were towed upstream to the Channel Markerand release to race back after rounding the Marker..
14/04/2013 At last a warm spring day BUT still 1.4 knts current.There was a very strong gusty shifty south wind which went round to south west for the last race; 10 to 30 mph on the weather station. Only 2 bosuns with crews ventured out and at water level the wind was reduced and it could be very difficult to make way against the current. Pat Halling in a Skipper with a Topper sail had to be towed back from Platts Eyot.
07/04/2013 After a dry week I expected there to be no current but there was still 0.8knts. Fortunately instead of the forcast SW wind there was a 5 to 10 knt East wind for the first 2 races; there was excellent sailing in sun. The last race was very different because the wind went round to the SW; patchy and shifty and it could be very difficult to make way upstream.There were very big differences in time with Graham Thompson being twice as fast as some.
31/03/2013 All this year the current has been over 2knts so there seemed little chance of being able to sail but by Saturday the current had dropped to 1knt. The variable East wind, 3 to 10 knots gave an excellent sail for the few who braved the bitterly cold, but fine conditions. One said it was the best sail he had had at AQSC, there was one dry capsize and another boat filled with water.
17/03/2013 It was cold for the work party with light rain for most of the day; there was hail near the end. There was a 2 knt current.