Race Day Notes
Date Notes
11/11/2012 There was a light West wind and with too much current to sail upstream. 6 boats were were towed up to the Channel Marker where back edies made it possible to make way upstream and 4 boats raced around a short course using the Channel Marker as a mark. Then they raced back to the club launching ramp.
04/11/2012 Very surprised we were able to sail. Bitterly cold, 1.5kts current and no wind at 11:15. Fortunately by 12:00 there was a SW to W force 2-3 gust 4 wind that wasn't to shifty and it was possible to make way against the current; although Grads and Bosun struggled a bit. The sailing was challenging and enjoyed.
28/10/2012 A bitterly cold day and 0.6 kts current. Fortunately the forcast rain didn't happen and the SSW force 1-2 wind wasn't to shifty/fluky; Lasers and Grads could make way against the current and have an enjoyable sail.
21/10/2012 The current was still 1.2 knots and there was no wind when members arrived. Fortunately a force 1-2 NE wind filled in and Lasers and a Graduate didn't have much trouble making way upstream most of the time; there was some drizzle in the afternoon.
15/10/2012 Another gorgeous day BUT 0.7knt current with a very light NW wind. In the morning there was no wind at water level and a few boats mainly drifted down stream; the race wasn't started. In the afternoon there was some variable wind and it was possible to make way upstream; the course was not much longer than the length of the club house.
07/10/2012 From the forecast of a 4 to 8mph EAST wind good sailing was expected. It was a glorious day BUT there was very little WEST wind, there was an unexpected 1.3knt current, and it was impossible to make way upstream. Six boats were towed up to the willows where they were released. The place order was counting back from the boat furthest up stream at the race time of 30 minutes or in reverse order of crossing the finish line if crossed before then. A very disappointing day.
30/09/2012 A breezy day, generally variable force 1-3 gust 4, with unusual wind patterns. There was a lull at the start of the first race and boats became locked together. The course for the 14:00 event was 4 buoys in line slalom upstream and downstream giving 6 marks..
23/09/2012 There was a variable and shifty force 2-3 gust 4 East wind giving good sailing. As it was an East wind it was ideal for the long distance Cundy race which was held at 14:00. The patrol boat kept just ahead of the fleet and dropped a mark at Rivermead Island, a bit below Sunbury lock. The race time was 41 minutes for the 1st boat and 53 minutes for the last boat; good judgement laying the mark. Although there was very good sailing it was a horribly wet day with very heavy rain most of the time; after lunch there was 25mm of water in my SigneT. In the last race most of the boats capsized.
16/09/2012 A gorgeous days sailing. The West 1 - 2 gust 3 wind was fairly steady. There were several visitors and recent members and we were very busy making sure every body had a sail. 11 boats were sailing including 3 Bosuns. There is a problem with processing, printing and putting on line the latest race results; the race sheets with the results are in the clubhouse.
09/09/2012 The sailing was horrible in a very variable, shifty and fluky SE 0-1 wind; it was from any direction. Then there was a bit of rain while the boats were being packed up.
02/09/2012 At Bewl there was some light drizzle first thing which was annoying as the tents were packed up damp Fortunately the weather improved; overcast with a shifty Southerly force 2 to 4 wind. Two AQSC boats entered the Bewl Regatta and two cruised. It was a very enjoyable and sociable visit with camping Saturday night.
01/09/2012 For the visit to Bewl there was an overcast day with a shifty Southerly force 2 to 4 wind; dry and warm enough for a pleasant sail.
26/08/2012 A fabulus day; fine with a frairly steady force 2 to 3 West wind that gave the best sailing we have had this year for 9 boats.
19/08/2012 A very hot day but the morning race was cancelled because there was no wind.There was hardly any wind by 14:00; a few boats were drifting around and there was some training. There was a bit of very variable South wind later and the 15:30 race took place.
05/08/2012 Very variable conditions with basically a SE wind that was any direction at sail level. The morning race was very wet, very little wind and 0.3 knts current. It improved in the afternoon; dry, force 0 to 2 wind and less current. For the 14:oo event boats were towed up river to round the Channel Marker and race back; there was only 27 seconds between the first and last finisher.
29/07/2012 The current has reduced but still 0.4 knts. A showery day with thunder storms but the SW 1-2 gust 3-4 wind, that varied during the day, generally gave good sailing. The ladies Olympic cycle race passed the end of Rodger Wheeler's Road so before lunch members were ferried over to watch it.
22/07/2012 A fine day but although there seemed plenty of wind at the weather station, SW 5-10knts, on the water it was terrible; any direction force 0-2, extremely variable, shifty and fluky. The current was 0.7 knt and it could be very difficult to make way upstream.
15/07/2012 Due to the continueing rain causing a fast current I didn't expect we would be able to sail; the Molesey Boat Club Junior Regatta today was cancelled. There was a force 1-2 gust 3 shifty west wind. Frank Goodall decided to give it a try in his Laser and managed to make way against the 1.3 knt current. The 15:30 race was held but only Lasers were able to complete the course.
08/07/2012 After more heavy rain there was a 1knt current in the morning and 1.5knts in the atrernoon. The 6 to 12 knt NW wind was very variable; on the water it was SW to NW to NE force 1-2. it could be very difficult to make way against the current. For the 14:00 event boats were towed upstream.
01/07/2012 The second Regatta day was very similar to Saturday with the shifts not quite as extreme. During the novelty race there was a squall with torrential rain and extremely strong gusts; the maximum measured gust was 28knts (force 7).
30/06/2012 The SW wind measured 10 to 15 knts with a maximum of 20knts for the AQSC regatta and SigneT Open Meeting. On the water it was more like force 2-3 gusting 4-5 but was extremely shifty and fluky with instant shifts of over 90 degrees.
24/06/2012 A weather station is mounted on a pole behind the clubhouse and when wind speeds are given in kts they refer to speeds from the weather station; stronger than at water level. The variable SW wind was very strong, gusty and shifty in the morning; generally 14kts with a max. of 20. It moderated in the afternoon and by the last race it was 7kts with a max of 15 kts. At water level it was W force 2 to 5. Sailing was very good.
20/06/2012 We were extremely lucky because conditions were perfect for an evening cruise through Sunbury Lock to the Weir Hotel for dinner; there was very little current. The weather Station showed SE 6-10 knts going and 8-12 knts returning.
17/06/2012 We didn't expect to be able to sail because from yesterday morning until 9:30 this morning the current was 4 knts and all the locks had red or yellow warning boards. BUT after 11:00 the current reduced to 1 to 2 knts. The SW force 1-2 gust 3 wind was very variable and shifty but one laser went out in the afternoon and managed to make progress against the current. It is extremely difficult to change plans to suit weather conditions and get it right.
16/06/2012 The 'Fun on the Water' day was postponed because there was a very strong current, about 4 knts; it was also very windy. The Environment Agency has red boarded most of the river; yellow on our reach
10/06/2012 The SE force 2 wind was very variable in speed and direction; the 1/2 to 1 knt current didn't cause a problem to the faster boats. We had a ggod number of new members turn up and there were 12 boats out for the last race with 3 Picos and a Laser being used by new members.
04/06/2012 The Bewl website showed it was overcast and dry with a 10knt NE wind but extremely cold, 10 degree C; there were only about 6 boats out.
03/06/2012 A cold damp day but an East force 1-2 gust 3 wind gave a good sail. As it was the Queen's Jubilee bank holiday weekend there was a race for Jubilee mugs brought by Joan Bray. Monday was going to be a Bewl visit although no one went due to the very wet and cold weather forecast.
27/05/2012 A very hot day; a mainly E, although shifty, wind gave excellent sailing. The wind was light at the start of the first race but had increased to force 2-3 by end. In the afternoon it was gusting force 4. It was ideal for taking out many new and prospective new menbers who came back after having had very little wind on the Open Days.
20/05/2012 Very cold for the open day. The NW force 0-1 gust 2 wind was very variable and shifty but enough to make progress against the 1 knt current.
19/05/2012 Fine but overcast for the open day. The current had redudced but was still 1 knt and there was hardly any variable SW wind. As most of the time it was impossible to make way upstream boats were towed up to the willows to drift back.
13/05/2012 At 9:30 there was 5 knts current, a fine day with a 8 knt SSW wind was forecast and we didn't expect to sail. BUT the current reduced to 3 knts and sailing was possible although only a Laser could progress aganst the current. For the 14:00 event boats were towed up to the Channel Marker and then they raced back to the club. All races allocated to TFC as sailing wasn't expected.
12/05/2012 Cool in the wind out of the sun but a glorious day for the workung party. Sailing wouldn't have been possible because there was too much current.
06/05/2012 A bitterly cold day, no wind, 4 knots of current so no possibility of sailing again. The first year high current has stopped sailing in May for over 20 years. Instead of sailing 12 members made a start preparing the club for the Open Days and posting Open Day publicity leaflets through local letter boxes.
29/04/2012 A cold wet day with a very variable gusty NE force 2-4 wind. The river was a raging torrent after days of heavy rain and sailing was cancelled for safety reasons.
28/04/2012 It was very cold and wet for the Mid-Thames Trophy event at Desborough SC. Three AQSC boats were going to be towed by the patrol boat but there was too much current; 2 SigneTs went by road Fortunately the variable shifty force 1 to gust 3 NE wind enabled progress against the current at DSC, although it was very patchy in morning but fortunately much better in the afternoon when there was a good sail.
22/04/2012 Less wet and windy than expected. Good sailing in a variable NW to SW shifty force 1-2 wind, 0.3 knt current. 2 capsizes due to wind shifts. There was good sailing at the Paxton SC SigneT open meeting in a very shifty SW force 2-3 gust 4 wind.
15/04/2012 The day started extremely cold with a N force 1-2 gust 3 wind; at water level it was extremely fluky, shifty and gusting from all directions. There was some rain in the afternoon.
08/04/2012 A cold W force 1-2 wind was very steady for the river and sailing was pleasant.
01/04/2012 Gorgeous day, much warmer than expected, but poor sailing because on the water the N force 0-1 wind was very patchy, shifty and came from any direction. Helm weren't using their own boat in the 2pm event.
25/03/2012 A brilliant start to the season. A hot fine day with a steady NEE force 1 to 2 wind giving a lovely sail. Nine boats was not quite a record for the first day but since 1993 it has only been bettered in 1997-9. In the 2pm event a faster helm mentored a slower helm,
18/03/2012 Still hardly any current and 2 boats had a very fluky N force 1 to 2 wind for sailing on the last Sunday before the start of the new season. It got very cold in the afternoon.
03/03/2012 Frank Goodall got cold and wet rigging his Laser and popped in and out of the club for a warm up. The wind was from the SW to start and then moved to a Westerly it was extremely gusty, force 3 gust 4, the trees were swaying and river was choppy. There were a large number of rowers and coupled with the unpredictably strong gusts Frank had to keep his wits about him but managed to stay upright.
26/02/2012 An unbelievably glorius sunny day for the lunch/ treasure hunt cruise. Not much wind for the 3 boats sailing but no current. Both patrol boats and Laurie's cuiser carried most members for the cruise/treasure hunt.
19/02/2012 Another good sailing day. When the sun was out it was quite warm and the wind was a brisk north westerly probably force 2 gusting to 3 but very fluky making it extremely awkward for the 3 boats out; heads hit by the boom as it switched sides.
05/02/2012 Snow had to be swept off the Laser and hardly any water came from the drain plug because it was frozen. There was very little wind, but hardly any current, and Frank and Bryan and could just make headway on the occasional puff of wind. The weather and river has been amazing this year; Frank has used the River for 30 years and never known it so placid during the winter months.
29/01/2012 It was cold with a light breeze but no current. Frank Goodall sailed while Bryan Clements help Pat Halling with cruiser recently bought.
15/01/2012 On the day of the Cole Porter lunch the conditions were perfect for sailing. Frank Goodall, Trudi Hilton and Bryan Clements had a super sail in a fairly steady SEE force 2 to 3 wind with no current; better than most of the summer sailing days.
08/01/2012 A mild day with a pleasant breeze and no current; Frank Goodall and Bryan Clements had a nice sail.
01/01/2012 For the first time in over 20 years there was an Aquarius sail on New Year's Day . There was very little current and the SW force 2-3 wind gave 4 boats a good sail. Fortunately the rain held off until lunch. 21 members came to the club.