Race Day Notes
Date Notes
03/03/2012 Frank Goodall got cold and wet rigging his Laser and popped in and out of the club for a warm up. The wind was from the SW to start and then moved to a Westerly it was extremely gusty, force 3 gust 4, the trees were swaying and river was choppy. There were a large number of rowers and coupled with the unpredictably strong gusts Frank had to keep his whits about him but managed to stay upright.
26/02/2012 An unbelievably glorius sunny day for the lunch/ treasure hunt cruise. Not much wind for the 3 boats sailing but no current. Both patrol boats and Laurie's cuiser carried most members for the cruise/treasure hunt.
19/02/2012 Another good sailing day. When the sun was out it was quite warm and the wind was a brisk north westerly probably force 2 gusting to 3 but very fluky making it extremely awkward for the 3 boats out; heads hit by the boom as it switched sides.
05/02/2012 Snow had to be swept off the Laser and hardly any water came from the drain plug because it was frozen. There was very little wind, but hardly any current, and Frank and Bryan and could just make headway on the occasional puff of wind. The weather and river has been amazing this year; Frank has used the River for 30 years and never known it so placid during the winter months.
29/01/2012 It was cold with a light breeze but no current. Frank Goodall sailed while Bryan Clements help Pat Halling with cruiser recently bought.
15/01/2012 On the day of the Cole Porter lunch the conditions were perfect for sailing. Frank Goodall, Trudi Hilton and Bryan Clements had a super sail in a fairly steady SEE force 2 to 3 wind with no current; better than most of the summer sailing days.
08/01/2012 A mild day with a pleasant breeze and no current; Frank Goodall and Bryan Clements had a nice sail.
01/01/2012 For the first time in over 20 years there was an Aquarius sail on New Year's Day . There was very little current and the SW force 2-3 wind gave 4 boats a good sail. Fortunately the rain held off until lunch. 21 members came to the club.
11/12/2011 The day of the Cheats Xmas Lunch. One lone sailor took to the water to enjoy a gentle SE breeze & attempt the art of roll tacking, not as easy as the good guys make it look. Thanks to all who spent hours providing a splendid Xmas dinner. Frank Goodall
04/12/2011 As there was no current sailing was planned. A W force 1-2 wind, a bit patchy but not fluky and shifty, gave Bryan C and Frank G a good sail although light rain started towards the end. There were 5 very short races with the last 3 being in a pursuit format to make it more interesting; the Graduate started 1 minute before the Laser. The water level was incredibly low; 750mm below the bank which made it difficult to step into the boats. It is at least 10 probably 20 years since we have sailed in December.
27/11/2011 It looked like a great sailing day with a West force 3 to 4 wind. There were 26 members at the club but there was no sailing because there was a working party. The conditions were ideal for all the outside clearing up.
20/11/2011 It was very foggy with no wind. Until lunch time you could hardly see the other side of the river. No one sailed but members were clearing up the clubhouse following the Annual Dinner.
13/11/2011 An amazingly warm and fine November day with a steady force 2-3 East wind that gave a very good sail. The main problem that the low sun dazzled and made it difficult to see when some boats crossed the finish line.
06/11/2011 The force 0 to 3 wind was basically NE which meant that at water leval it was very shifty and fluky from any direction at any strength
30/10/2011 The SW force 0-1 wind was very shifty and fluky; especially in the morning. There was a little more steadier wind for the last race.
23/10/2011 There was a SE wind that was extremely gusty, shifty and fluky; changing over 90 degrees in an instant. There were several capsises. In the morning it was force 1-2 gusting 3, by the first afternoon race it had increased to force 2-3 gusting 4 and for the last race force 3-4 gusting 5.
16/10/2011 It didn't bode well when the day started with a thick mist and no wind. By race time there was practically no SW wind but it was fairly steady and there was no current. The distance between the upstream and downstream marks was only 40 m; there were a pair of marks at each end and either could be rounded to port. There was a little more wind by the afternoon. The first afternoon race was chaotic with any manual propulsion allowed; Trudi and Nigel swapped boats (Laser & Comet) half way through the race and marks were moved during the race.
09/10/2011 Excellent sailing. A gusty West wind that wasn't shifty or fluky was force 2 to 3 in the morning and increased during the day to gusting force 5 by the last race; there were 6 capsizes.
02/10/2011 England trying to set a record for high October temperature. Light variable and shifty SSW wind before racing started then it increased to force 2 by after lunch so the fun race was long distance up to the Channel marker below the next inhabited island up river. Wind dropped to very low immediately above our reach. The final race was marred by a loss of wind during the final lap and several boats had to be towed back For the results a race finish time of 42:51 was used so all boats finished while there was still wind.
25/09/2011 Very fine warm day but horrible sailing. The SW wind was extremely variable, fluky, shifty and patchy. It increased from force 0-1 to 1 to 2 gust 3 by the last race but was no nicer.
18/09/2011 The day stared with a WSW force 0-1 that was fluky and patchy. By the end of the day it was NW0-1 gust 2. It was similar for the SigneT Open Meeting at the Lakeside SC, Peterborough, except it was shifty rather than fluky.
11/09/2011 A very gusty, shifty and strong West wind (force 3-4 gust 5); surprisingly there were only 2 capsizes. There was torential rain during the morning race but sunny in the afternoon.
04/09/2011 There was a SE force 0 to 2 very shifty and patchy wind in the morning which changed to SW by the afternoon; sailing was reasonable. There was heavy rain for a period; fortunately it was mainly during lunch. Weed is still very bad and the patrol boat was disabled by weed around the propeller. An additional interest was the annual cruise by the Dunkirk small ships passing through.
29/08/2011 Brilliant weather for the vist to Bewl by 12 members with 7 boats; fine with a shifty W to NW 8 to 15 knots wind. Some planing for the experts to enjoy but OK for novices.
28/08/2011 A fine day with a shifty force 2-3 West wind that gave a good sail. The main activity was fun/training races (no race sheets) and preparing boats to take to Bewl on Monday.
21/08/2011 Hardly any wind at the start of the first race and the 0.5knt current meant one boat couldn't start. Fortunately the wind improved to a West force 1 by the afternoon although by the last race it became very shifty. Weed is a major problem with masses of it extending several boat lengths from the bank.
14/08/2011 All agreed the conditions were perfect, perhaps the best sailing day of the year so far, with a consistent force 1-2 westerly wind permitting some more adventurous manoevres from even the most inexperienced of sailors (Trudi H). With road closures for the cycle race numbers were down until later in the day. The morning 'fun' race started with only one competitor ready to go but 3 others joined in, including a 4yr old crew, by the end! The Series race was contested with the usual enthusiasm and no disasters followed by a second fun race with a good field of 8 boats
07/08/2011 In the morning a SW 3 gust 4 very gusty, shifty and variable wind. By the afternoon the West wind eased to 2 gust 3. It dropped to NW 1 for the last race. Weed extending a long way from bank gave a lot of problems.
31/07/2011 A fine day with a force 1 to 2 variable fluky and shifty wind; at higher levels it was S. There were 10 boats out and the club was very busy with several new family members. The course for the 14:00 race was around Patts Eyot although only 2 boats returned on the bridge side.
24/07/2011 A glorious day and there was even some West wind; force 1 to 2 gust 3, although it was very shifty, that gave a good sail. The upper wind was more like NW. Three boats weren't included in the results because they didn't signing on.
17/07/2011 The weather was very variable with a very shifty west wind and short showers. At the start of the first race the wind was force 2-3 but during the race it dropped to force 1-2. The 1st fun race in the afternoon was also force 1-2. Just before the start of the second fun race it started to increase and during the race it was force 2-4 and by the end of the race it was gusting 5 with torrential rain and thunder. For the last race it was force 2-3.
10/07/2011 The AQSC regatta had a fine day with a West wind. In the morning the wind was shifty and patchy; just enough to get round the course, By the afternoon there was practically no wind and there was paddling and other illegal propulsion like being pushed around by a canue.
09/07/2011 The weather was very kind to the Regatta and SigneT Open Meeting; fine with a force 2 to 3 gust 4 West wind. It was quite steady in the morning giving a very good sail but the upper wind backed in the afternoon and it was much more shifty and patchy.
03/07/2011 A very light SW wind that was very variable and shifty. I sailed up to, around and away from the first mark with no change in sail trim. There were 13 starters in the last race; this has only been exceeded twice since 1993
26/06/2011 What a contrast sailing at the Hampton SC was compared to Saturday; a very light S wind that was extremely variable shifty fluky. There were 4 starts for each race for different Classes; in the morning 2 started upstream and 2 downstream. It was a bit better in the afternoon. It was very hot.
25/06/2011 There was superb sailing weather for the Hampton Regatta; west force 3 to 4 steady by river standards. The sailing was as good as it gets on the river.
19/06/2011 The W wind, force 2-3 increasing to gust 4 for the last race gave very good sailing.
18/06/2011 The youth fun day was postponed due to the bad weather forcast. The Grafham Signet Open meeting had extremely changeble weather. The S wind was very shifty grnerally force 3 to 4 but some times force 2 to 3 and sudden very havy rain wiith force 5 to 6 squals.
12/06/2011 Wet all day with a very fluky variable SSE wind; force 2-3 gust 4 increasing to 3 to 4 gust 5 for the last race.
05/06/2011 In the morning there was a horrible NE force 2 to 3 wind that was extremely fluky; reversing direction in an instant. For the Fun races the wind had gone round nearly to the East and not fluky; a much nicer sail. There were 3 Fun races of 1 lap each to give starting practice. There was less wind for the last race and it rained.
30/05/2011 Although there was some rain while travelling to Bewl it cleared up and the shifty force 3 gust 4 SW wind gave good sailing and was ideal for some Aquarius Open Day visitors who came with us.
29/05/2011 A gusty shifty force 3 to 4 wind gave good sailing. Some newmenbers from the Open Day crewed.
22/05/2011 It was far too windy to take the open day vistors sailing but they were taken out in the patrol boat. Robert Britton was the only member to sail, a Laser, in the SW force 4-5 gust 6-7 wind; it was very entertaining for the 29 visitors in 10 groups.
21/05/2011 The weather was fine for the Open day with a fluky force 3 gust 4 SSW wind which was reasonble for the 10 groups of visitors totalling 20 people.
15/05/2011 There was gusty W to NW force 2-3 wind. At the Paxton SigneT Open meeting it was a bit stronger, very shifty and gusty.
14/05/2011 There was a very gusty cold force 3-4 gust 5 west wind for the SigneT open meeting at Paxton Lake SC. Most of the fleet capsized including Richard Cannon and Robert Britton, in ST368, who had only capsized twice in the last 10 years. John Panting and Frank Goodall capsized each race.
08/05/2011 As a Southerly the force 2 gusting 3 wind was very variable, gusty, shifty and fluky. For a change the dog-leg was set upstream of the club.
07/05/2011 At 11:00 there was no wind for the Mid-Thames Trophy inter club event at Littleton SC.The start was postponed to 12:00 when there was an amazing change to a shifty force 3 gusting 4 South wind that gave an excellent sail for the rest of the day. Littleton won by a very big margin, AQSC were 4th.
01/05/2011 The force 2 to 3 gust 4 ENE wind in the morning gave very good sailing. It was decided to combine the last race with the long distance Cundy race. The wind increased and there were very shifty gusts up to force 5; 3 boats capsized before the start. It only took 15 minutes to reach the Magpie pub near the weir at Sunbury. Over the day there were 12 capsizes.
24/04/2011 It was a glorious Easter Sunday for the Easter egg races. Unfortunately sailing was terrrible; very little North West wind extremely variable and shifty coming from any direction.
17/04/2011 There was very little wind in the morning and it was very variable, shifty from any direction and the short course was taking up to 23 minutes per lap The afternoon was very different with an E force 2 giving a good sail; some laps only took 6 minutes. The first afternoon event was a training race where each novice was allocated an expert to coach them round the couse; the expert had to finish after the novice. There was an excellent entry of 10 in the last race.
10/04/2011 A glorious day with a steady force 2 East wind; although there were some shifts, that gave very good sailing. 8 boats raced and 10 boats were on the water.
03/04/2011 The force1-2 gust 3 SWW wind was enough for the 0.5knt current not to be a problem. The wind was very shifty and patchy but there was reasonble sailing. It was better down stream so the upstream mark was moved nearer the club for the afternoon races. The 14:00 event was cruising and training.
27/03/2011 A vrey good start to the season. Although the wind was a bit patchy it was NE which gave a reasonable sail. There were 2 capsizes due to sailors being rusty.The 14:00 event was different; 4 very short, less than 5 minites races, to the closest mark and back and then a full course 1 lap race. There was a very heavy work load for the race officers. There was very good support; 8 entries in the last race.