Race Day Notes
Date Notes
28/11/2010 Although it was bitterly cold 23 members turnd up for the working party. Fortunately the forecasted snow didn't materalise and there wasn't much wind. Although there wasn't much current there was no sailing due to the working party.
21/11/2010 Members came to clear up following the annual dinner. it was dry, some current and a very light west wind. No one wanted to sail.
14/11/2010 A wet day, no one turned up to sail on the first day of the extended season. Nigel Knowles spent the day working on the kitchen instead of OOD.
07/11/2010 The cold force 1 to 2 NE wind wind was fairly steady but was lighter and rather patchy for the last race. Although this is the last scheduled racing for this season Fun racing and afternoon teas will continue while conditions are suitable for sailing.
31/10/2010 A wet morning with a force 1 E wind that was fairly steady; the rain died out as the day progress but so did the wind and it went round to NE. In the last race the first 2 laps took 10 minutes each and the 3rd lap took 20 minutes.
24/10/2010 Another basically north wind day. Although at high level it was gusting well into force 3, it was much less at water level and was VERY variable and shifty with all legs seeming to be a beat.
17/10/2010 A fine day with a 3-6 knt N wind high up but at saiing level it was generally light; very variable and from any direction although not very fluky.
10/10/2010 A superb day. Hot and sunny with a ENE force 2 to 3 gust 4 wind that gave excellent sailing, although it was quite gusty and shifty and there were several capsizes,
02/10/2010 The S force 1-2 gust 3 wind was very shifty and fluky from all directions and it was very wet for the morning race. A wet week had caused a 1 to 2 knt current and it was very difficult for SigneTs to make way upstream especially at the bottom mark; they did 2 laps compared to a Lasr 6 laps. The wind dropped for the last race and the SigneT was towed back. Bodgit & Son were working on the kitchen development all day and didn't sail.
26/09/2010 A bitterly cold North wind although at water level it was very fluky and shifty mainly West force 1 to 3, but could be any direction; there were several capsizes. The last race was very unpleasent with heavy rain.
19/09/2010 A cold day with a West force 1-2, rather gusty. Ihe Signet Open Meeting at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough, had excellent sailing with a shifty SW force 2-3 gusting 4 wind.
12/09/2010 A glorius day with a force 1 - 2 gust 3 West wind gave excellent sailing; especially for the last race. Although the wind was fairly variable and shiftyl Although at riverl level it was West at flag leval it was NW.
11/09/2010 It was warm and dry with a force 1-2 NW wind for the 3 Picos used for the youth fun afternoon. The 4 canues used didn't need any wind.
05/09/2010 Quite a cold day but the E force 2-3 gust 4 fairly steady wind gave very good sailing; there were a couple of capsizes. The wind dropped a bit towards the end of the last race.
30/08/2010 A 16 to 20knt N wind was forecast at Bewl; fortunately it was a little less most of the time at 10 knts. It was much more shifty and gusty than usual although everyone could cope and have a good sail. It was a warm and fine.
29/08/2010 There wasn't any racing and the main activity was preparing to go to Bewl the next day. There was a force 3 to 4 West wind that gave a very good sail; It was surprising that there weren't any capsize.
22/08/2010 A very light wind giving lousy sailing. Basicly SW wind but from all directions and so little, fluky and large shifts, it was very difficult to recognise when it had reversed.
15/08/2010 The NNE wind was very different for each race. In the morning race it was force 1 to 2 and fairly steady and gave a good sail. It was much more gusty in the 1st afternoon race, force 4, and there were many capsizes. It was less strong for the the 2nd afternoon race but was extremely shifty and fluky with the wind reversing directing in an instant.
08/08/2010 The wind was forecast as NNW 5knts but it was very light, variable and shifty. Often a beat changed to a run with out you realising it. The short course had a pair of marks at each end and after passing between them either could be rounded. The Signet Nationals at Bradwell, Essex (on the Blackwater estury) had excellent sailing conditions all week; the wind was between force 2 and 5 and generally force 3 to 4.
01/08/2010 The force 1 to 2 wind was fairly steady without lulls. There was close racing between the Lasers and the Rooster (Laser with a larger sail) didn't have a significant advantage.
25/07/2010 A West 1-2 gust 3 wind was a bit patchy but gave a good sail; it was reasonbly steady in direction. There were 15 boats on the water and 14 raced; the most for a long time.
18/07/2010 The forecast was for SSE force 2-3 knts but at river level it was more like W 1-2 gust 3 and very variable, shifty and patchy; it could be any direction and at times it was East. Sailing was reasonble and there was one capsize.
11/07/2010 It was very hot with a West 3 to 10 knt wind, fairly steady although at times it briefly reversed direction. The weather was ideal for a youth World Cup football theme event with youths in canoes ? and for recent new member having sailing training.
04/07/2010 There was excellent weather for the SigneT open meeting; a fine and hot with a SW force 3 gusting top end of 4. Sailing was good although the wind was very shifty, fluky and gusty; we expected capsizes but there was only one.
27/06/2010 At Hampton SC Regatta on Sunday most of the time there was hardly any wind that was in any direction. It was very patchy. Sailing was very poor and the wind could reverse direction without you realising it.
26/06/2010 The Hampton SC Regatta on Saturday had a hot fine day with an East force 2 to 3 wind that gave excellent sailing.
20/06/2010 Fine but cold at first. The light North wind, force 0-1, was very variable, shifty and fluky; a run could change to head to wind in an instance and every leg seemed to be a beat. For the afternoon races all the course was moved down stream where there was a bit more wind; the race was timed from and finished at the upstream mark. I thought the sailing was horrible but Charles D and Graham T enjoyed it.
19/06/2010 Beds and Cambs Regatta 2010 incorporating aSignet Open Meeting had very strong NNW wind. For the morning race it was 18 - 23 gust 28 knots decreasing by 5 knots in the afternoon.There were fewer capsizes than would be expected in that strength wind because there weren't sudden gusts and wind shifts.
13/06/2010 Vey similar to Saturday although maybe a bit more wind from the West but still very variable and shifty coming ftom all directions. There was enough wind to capsize Bryan Clements.
12/06/2010 A fine day for the regatta but more suitable for the Hog Roast/Jaz in the evening. The North 0 gust 3 was very variable, shifty and patchy and the sailing was poor.
06/06/2010 The West force 2 to 3 wind was steady by river standards and sailing was excellent; the best we have had for a long time. The race officer decided the conditions would be suitable for the Cundy Trophy Long Distance Race and this was run as the first afternoon race. Conditions were fine until beyond the Channel Marker where the wind dropped. Robert Britton won; his first race using ST749 that he only aquired a couple of weeks ago.
31/05/2010 Force 3 to 5 was forecast for the visit to Bewl Valley SC; fortunately it was NE 2 to 4 which was more suitable for most of the 24 members who went with 9 boats. The wind was quite patchy, shifty and cold but everyone had a great time.
30/05/2010 It was warm with a force 3 gusting 5 shifty and variable W wind for the youth activity day, There was excellent sailing but many capsizes; members found it much more difficult to recover than in the light winds when they did capsize recovery training.
23/05/2010 A very hot day with 4 mph East wind forecast; unfortunately the wind varied from E to S to W and often dropped to zero so sailing wasn't as good as expected.
16/05/2010 The Westerly force 2 to 3 was very consistant for a change and there was good sailing; it dropped a bit during the last race. The SigneT meeting at Paxton had a NE force 1-3 gust 4 wind that was very patchy and fluky, although the sailing was good.
09/05/2010 The second open day was dry and not as cold as Saturday. The force 2-3 NE to E wind was ideal for taking visitors out. There were 30 visitors in 12 groups. 11 boats were out
08/05/2010 It was miserable and bitterly cold for the open day although not as wet as forecast, the NE force 1 to 2 wind gave reasonable sailing for the few boats that went out. There was only one visitor.
02/05/2010 Bitterly cold wet day with NE force 0 to 4 wind that went round to the NE as the day progressed.
01/05/2010 23 boats from 5 clubs entered the Mid-Thames Trophy inter club Regata at AQSC. Unfortunately there was 0.5 knts of current and the West wind drropped after the first start and it was very difficult to make way upstream; there were many retirements and the last race was cancelled. Charles Dennis capsized when he over did a roll tack.
25/04/2010 Reasonable sail with SW force 1-2 in the morning increasing to force 2-3 in the afternoon, although it was very shifty and and rather patchy. There was still 0.5knt current but it wasn't a problem. John Panting sailed ST924, that he has been building for 16 months, for the first time.
11/04/2010 A glorious day that started with a NEE force 2 wind and there wasn't a problem going upstream against the 1 knot current, but very easy to miss judge the marks. The wind increased to 2-3 for the first afternoon race and much more for the 2nd one; 3-4 gust 5. Every one capsized and Imagen Morris was the only finisher and had 3 capsizes.
04/04/2010 The current was still over 2knts with a 8 knt W to NW wind Lasers could only just get round a short course; unusually the Surrey bank seemed to be favoured for tacking against the current. Fortunately the challanging conditions were enjoyed.
28/03/2010 On Saturday there was a very fast current and we didn't expect to be able to have the first sail of the season, especially as there was a west wind. Fortunately the current had dropped a bit, although still about 3 knots, and the 7 knt W wind wasn't too fluky. Lasers were able to get round the short course and had a good sail. Many penalties were done due to touching marks and although not very windy there were 3 capsizes.