Race Day Notes
Date Notes
29/11/2009 It was very cold and extremely wet for the work party; the main activity was clearing up the trailer park. There was no sailing.
22/11/2009 Fortunately the main activity was clearing up after the Annual Dinner. There was less current than expected after all the rain during the week. In the morning the weather was terrible with torrential rain and extremely strong and gusty SW wind, probably over 30knts; it was too wet to go out and measure it. The rain stopped in the afternoon there was no sailing.
15/11/2009 On the first sunday of the extend sailing season, after extremely heavy rain on Saturday, I expected there to be too much current for sailing; surprisingly the current was only 1knt. The SW force 2 wind gave reasonble sailing in the morning but the wind dropped by the afternoon and it was very difficult to make way against the current.
08/11/2009 A fairly steady NE force 1 to 2 wind gave very pleasent sailing; there was even some sun in the afternoon.
01/11/2009 A very wet and windy day was forecast. There was very heavy unpleasent rain in the morning and the 14 to 20 knot wind was very gusty and shifty Fortunately the rain stopped lunch time, it was a bit less gusty and it wasn't cold..
25/10/2009 A fine warm day with a force 3-4 gust 5 wind, with large fast shifts, giving very good sailing. Although it was rather exiting and was very hard work. There were 12 capsizes.
18/10/2009 A glorious day but no wind until racing was about to start.Then there was a very light patchy west wind, although it wasn't fluky. There was even less wind for the afternoon,
11/10/2009 The morning race was a super sail with a steady force 2 to 3 west wind. The fun race after lunch was a bit damp with lighter wind. After tea it was wet, the wind died to nothing and a lap took over 30 minutes.
04/10/2009 Overcast with a NW force 1 to 2 wind that died as the day progressed.
27/09/2009 A very fine hot day but very little S wind. There was slightly more wind for the morning race than expected. For the afternoon TFC event Nigel organised a safety boat driving competiton which was a lot more fun than drifting around in no wind.; also many members, including youths, gained experience driving the safety boats. The fun theme was continued after tea with any propulsion allowed and coloured balls had to be picked up.
20/09/2009 The NE force 0-2 wind was very variable, patchy and all over the place. There were short periods when there was a good sail.
13/09/2009 The Little Ships (Dunkirk) flotilla passed though before the start of the morning race.
07/09/2009 The force 2 to 3 WSW wind gave a good sail in the morning but by the afternoon the wind was more to the South, was much more fluky and shifty; the sailing was much less pleasent.
01/09/2009 At Bewl Water it was warm and the SSW force 3-4 wind (generally 12 knots) was ideal for the 18 members who went with 8 boat.
31/08/2009 It was very cold with a gusty shifty S wind. Members were packing boats to go to Bewl and only David Jennings sailed; he brought his cruiser up to the club house to do some work on it.
23/08/2009 The basically S force 2 gust 3 wind was extremely variable, fluky and shifty. It came came from all directions and every where seemed to be a beat; horrible sailing conditions.
16/08/2009 Good sailing in a WNW force 1 gust 2 wind. Bryan Clements nearly capsized in the Fun race. The Signets at Ullswater for the week generally had good sailing. The shifty wind varied form almost nothing to force 6.
09/08/2009 Wind very variable ESE force 1 gust 4 for the morning race; force 1 in the afternoon. Several retirements, very few sailing.
02/08/2009 Fine with a W force 2-3 wind that was a bit shifty but there was good sailing. An interesting course was set with a figure of eight upstream before going to the downstream mark 4; the same mark was used for marks 1 and 3.
26/07/2009 Extremely shifty fluky and gusty force 2-4 gust 5 SW wind; not pleasent. In the afternoon it moved round to the S and was a bit less. Just about everywhere seemd to be a beat except for when there was an instant change to a run.
19/07/2009 The SW force 2 to 4 gust 5 (over 20 mph was measured) wind was very shifty and fluky. Sailing was very challenging; although they were reefed the 3 Picos had 8 capsizes and the reefed Bosun nearly capsized.
15/07/2009 Not as much wind as expected and the SW 0-1 gust 2 was very variable, patchy and fluky.
12/07/2009 There was excellent sailing in the morning and the first afternoon race with a W force 2-3 gust 4 wind but then it changed and became very variable, patchy, fluky and shifty. The boats were packed away in light rain.
05/07/2009 Very fine with a SW 2 to 3 gust 4 wind that gave a good sail although very fluky and gusty.
28/06/2009 The very light wind was from all directions, very patchy and mainly thermic induced; there was a slight improvement in the afternoon. Charles Dennis sailed his Laser in the Hampton Regatta handicap fleet and did well coming 1st, 5th and 3rd in the 3 races with 2nd overall.
27/06/2009 There was very little wind at Grafham Water for the Signet Open Meeting and the 2 afternoon races were cancelled. It was wet for packing the boats away.
21/06/2009 The Regatta Sunday started with less wind than on Saturday and then it dropped more. Fortunately it built up a bit and there was a better sail than expected. With 9 Novices and 4 Ladies the Lady/Novice race wouldn't have wanted more wind. It was warm for the wet fun and games.
20/06/2009 The Regatta Saturday was fortunate to be fine have a fairly steady force 1 to 2 gust 3 wind.
14/06/2009 There was very little wind and although basically NW it was coming from all directions and was very shifty, patchy and fluky; mainly thermic wind.
13/06/2009 For the last day of the Saturday Youth course there as a force 1 to 2 gust 3 wind that was rather shifty and fluky; they found it very difficult to know where the wind was coming from. There were a number of capsizes.
07/06/2009 There was 0.5 to 1 knt current following a heavy thunderstorm overnight. There was a force 0 to 1 South wind that varied from East to West. It was very difficult to make way upstream in the last race and a Laser did 3 laps while the rest did 1 lap.
06/06/2009 Our youths were very luck to have another session with ideal conditions; East force 2 gust 3 with some gusts after tea causing some real capsizes.
31/05/2009 The 4 gust 8 knt NE wind was much more patchy than on Saturday. Laurie Bridges suggested it might be suitable for the long distace Cundy Trophy race so the 14:00 fun race was also made the Cundy race up to Sunbury. It was very patchy and fluky going past the willows and then it was very good sailing with the wind straight up the river.
30/05/2009 There were ideal conditions for the 3rd yourth training module with a 5 to 10 knt fairly steady East wind. It was rather demanding for many and a common comment was 'scary'.
25/05/2009 The weather forecast for the trip to Bewl was dry with 10 knts E wind but it rained all the way there. It then stopped raining until we were packing up. Most of the time there was practically no wind. Even so members had a great time. Sailing was stopped at 16:30 due to danger from lightning and it rained all the way home.
24/05/2009 Very similar to Saturday with a very light south wind and there was cruising and training; it wasn't worth racing.
23/05/2009 The 2nd module of youth training event had a very light fluky south wind which made learning difficult but it was warm for the capsize drill.
17/05/2009 Again terrible weather for the open day. It started off very wet and the force 2-4 gust 5 wind was very gusty and cold. There was more rain in the afternoon. The cuisers were the most suitable boats for taking visitors out. Youth members had great fun in the Picos.
16/05/2009 The weather was very unsuitable for the Open day with a very gusty force 2-3 gust 5 SSW wind that was all over the place. Only Picos, Bosuns and a cruiser sailed and visitors were only taken out in the rescue boat. It was very cold during some heavy rain. Some of our youth members were enjoying capsizes with a Pico but they were all wearing wetsuits.
10/05/2009 T NW wing was light and patchy but there were some strong gusts. The Signet Open at Paxton had a very light wind that was very patchy and variable.
09/05/2009 The conditions were pretty near perfect for the youth event. It was a bright and sunny day. The wind was from the east and very consistent; ideal for beginners. There was no stream to speak of and all the Pico's were out as soon as the 'meet & greet' bit was over. Also the Bosun's and SigneT369 were in action for those parents that fancied a sail. The Signet Open at Paxton had a SW 2-3 gust 4 wind that was patchy and variable but it gave a good sail.
03/05/2009 The W to NW force 1-2 wind with the odd force 3 gust was quite fluky but the 0.5kt current wasn't a problem.
02/05/2009 Unfortunately the forecast for the Mid-Thames Trophy at Staines SC was right; practically no wind. There was some current and it was very difficult to make progress upstream; half the fleet retired in the last race. Hampton SC won and AQSC were 2nd.
26/04/2009 The S 0-1 gust 2 wind was extremely variable, shifty and patchy but the 0.5 knt current didn't cause a problem. Every leg seemed to be a beat and it was normal for boats to pass each other in opposite directions both on a beat, some times on the same tack. The 14:00 event was mainly training.
19/04/2009 In the morning the force 1-2 gust 3 NE wind was very fluky and shifty; anything from W to E. The 1-2 knt current didn't cause any problem. In the afternoon the wind shifted towards the E and was much better; there were 11 boats racing.
12/04/2009 There was very little wind for the four Easter Egg races and some current. In the morning it was NE and fairly steady and it was just possible to make way against the current. Fortunately 2 races were held back to back in the morning as there was even less wind in the afternoon; the last race was abandoned and the boats towed back to the club.
05/04/2009 Initially there seemed to be a reasonble E breeze BUT it turned out to be more SE, variable and patchy; it was difficult to make way against the 1-2 knot current and in the morning race the 2 Grads had to paddle when the wind dropped to nothing and they drifted rapidly to Platts Eyot.
29/03/2009 There is a change to the order of races this season to help us to give new members better attention. The 11:30 race is for one of the Trophies and starts ON TIME. The 14:00 race is TFC (Training Fun Cruise) and the 15:30 race is another Trophy race. The forcast was for no wind to very light SW and as there was about 2kns of current we didn't expect to be able to sail. BUT much to our surprise it was just possible to sail upstream and complete the 11:30 race over a very short course. There was a good turn out of inexperienced members and there was a 'cruise' for the 14:00 TFC with six boats being towed up to the Channel Marker and they sailed (drifted) back to the club; it worked very well. There was a bit more wind for the 15:30 race and Charles Dennis managed 16 laps; two more than any one else.