30/03/97 Very fine and warm though only light winds but still enjoyable. Excellent turn out, 10 racing, 3 cruising. Normal duration race run for pursuit race due to conditions. Most not interest in sailing the 2 pm race; Pat Halling and Graham Thompson sailed upstream and surprisingly had some wind for a cruise.
06/04/97 E1-2, Although light fairly steady but tended to die, better racing than expected.
13/04/97 Very fine but very light W 0-1 with wind all over the place.
20/04/97 Cold fine day with E 3-4 am and 2-3 pm. variable and fluky.
27/04/97 W 0-1 very light and variable and only 2 boats racing.
04/05/97 W 2-4 very gusty and fluky with lot of capsizes especially pm when 3 of the 4 boats retired. Charles D mast step disintegrated.
18/05/97 SW 2. 3 Signets and R Kelly away at Colemere.
25/05/97 Bewl visit Saturday to Monday, excellent weather with Sun and NE 3-4+ Saturday and Sunday, very light variable winds Monday. Madeline Hatton won the allcomers last race and the event.22 attendees but only 5 AQSC boats and 1 didn't sail.
01/06/97 Very strong. 3-5, E winds. Pursuit race abandoned as to much risk of damage and only two entries. Graham Tompson boke mast in AM race when it jammed between two cruisers in a capsize.
08/06/97 Strong WSW 3-5. Low entries as Paxton weekend.
15/06/97 Very little wind but good entry of 9-10 boats
21/06/97 Hampton Regatta Saturday, 4 AQSC boats sailed up with rescue boat. force 3-4+ very gusty wind.
22/06/97 Hampton Regatta Sunday with 6 AQSC boats. Every sort of weather, left in hail storm and torrential rain and thunder. W to NW 0-4+ extremely flukey and gusty.
29/06/97 Studland but only Barry Jones went, looked as if weather was going to be bad but it was OK. Fine with W force 2 with about 6 boats out at club; Ron Munden had Steaker out for first time.
06/07/97 Very light W very var 0-1 winds but 8-9 boats out.
12/07/97 Datchet Pursuit, fine & hot, very var W ind 0-3, no wind as ST started for 20 Min. Team of 8.
13/07/97 Mainly fine but bit of rain. SWW Very gusty & fluky, increased to upto 4 by PM
20/07/97 Regatta. Very fine but N wind very variable and light 0-2. Excellent turn out with 14 boats and 17 helm.
27/07/97 W1-2+, very fine. Wind looked OK upstream and not too fluky so PM went to Sunbury Island, 2 laps, for Cundy Trophy.
03/08/97 Only 2 entries as start of ST week. very light winds.
10/08/97 Much better sail than expected with fairly steady light E wind, very low entry as end of ST week.
17/08/97 Hardly any wind am, better PM but only 0-1 though faily steady W.
24/08/97 Bewl, Sat 3-4, Sun 3, Mon wet no wind AM, 1-2 PM
31/08/97 Expected no wind but gusty E2-3 AM and very gusty S vering SW 2-4 PM
07/09/97 ST Open Ferry Meadows force 2, 3-4
14/09/97 W 1-3 quit a good sail
21/09/97 E 1-2 although light quite good sailing
05/10/97 W 1-2 variable bur reasonble sail. 12 boats in am. race, best we have had for a normal Sunday since 92
12/10/97 NW Very Var 1-3 Gusty
19/10/97 Practically no wind, E 0, Charles D only enty am., slightly more wind pm, only 3 entries.
26/10/97 Practically no wind E Var 0, even less pm with only 2 laps of very short course.
02/11/97 No wind, Trowlock Trophy at Ariel SC sceduled. Only Grayham Thompson went, without boat. They race but first didn't start till 13:00, they just got round.
09/11/97 SW2-3 Var and fairly gusty, light rain before racing. Forecaste very wet and gales but didn't happen.
29/03/98 Fairley steady E 2 so although about 1knt current quite a good sail
05/04/98 SW 0-4 very gusty and variable with 1knt current
12/04/98 No wind and to much current so Easter Egg Trophy races cancelled
19/04/98 No wind and to much current so races cancelled
26/04/98 SW 2-4 very fluky and gusty, 2knt current. In am race almost impossible to get round first mark as Stbd so couldn't creep up bank. For pm race changed to P rounding.
03/05/98 NNE 4 very gusty and fluky.
09/05/98 Open day, SW 2-4 but pretty gusty and fluky. Only 3 visitors; one Andrew customer, one Wheeler nieghbour
10/05/98 Open day, Ideal E 2-4 pretty steady. About 10 visitors, 5 were canoe club trainer with 4 kids about 14. 4 paki family mother, farther daughter & grand dad
17/05/98 E4 Good sailing but very gusty with capsizes. ST open at Colemere with shifty 1-2 winds
23/05/98 Bewl Open Meeting
31/05/98 SW 1-2 very fluky especially above club.
07/06/98 Very Gusty and fluky, S 3-5
14/06/98 W 0-2 fairly steady but about 2knt current difficult to go against. PSP PorS.
21/06/98 W 2-3 perhaps gust 4 in fun race. About 0.5knt current. best river sail so far this year, fairly steady for the river.
28/06/98 Hampton Regatta, SWW3-4. Excellent sailing conditions Sat & Sun, gusty Sun. PM. Peter Sutton fell off bike. Richard Cannon dislocated finger.
04/07/98 TWU Pursuit, W 2-4, very goog sail, AQSC 6th, Richard C 28th
05/07/98 NW 2-4 am, 1-3 pm. .5knt current
12/07/98 AQSC Regatta Sat & Sun.W 3-4 gusty & shifty Sat, W3-5 very gusty Sun.
19/07/98 Fun & Rules as Go Boating Weekend but no visitors
26/07/98 SW 1-2 am, salami course. SW 2-3 pm
02/08/98 Very variable 0-1 patchyt. STs at Ullswater
09/08/98 ? 1-2 STs at Ullswater
16/08/98 SWW 2-3 am, W 1-3 pm
23/08/98 S 1-2 am, SW 2-3 pm, vey fluky
30/08/98 Bewl, 1-2 Sat very light Sun, last race cancelled. better fo Mon. short races
06/09/98 SWW 1-2 very fluky, 3 very gusty for Fun race
13/09/98 NW 2-3 Gust 5. Very shifty and gusty especially PM. 14 capsizes
20/09/98 E2-3 fairly steady. Very good conditions for a pleasent sail. Different course; PorS PPP triangle PorS from outside.
27/09/98 Var 0-1 fluky & shifty 0.5kt current. STs at Ferry Meadows
04/10/98 NE 1-2
11/10/98 W2-3, fairly steady in morning, but gusty and fluky in afternoon. Very good sail. Usual PPSP dog leg course.
18/10/98 Very little W 0-1 wind and about 1knt current so struggle to go upstream, short two bouy to port course
25/10/98 Very gusty W 3-5 wind with strong 3 knot current. Could only just tack against current. PM all boats had crews. Short PP course.
01/11/98 Trolock Trophy at Ariel scheduled but strong current and W 2 wind so no one went. No sailing at club, except Pat Halling in Skipper went down stream fast.
08/11/98 Wet at first. Strong current, 2-3kts, with WSW F 2. Extremely difficult to beat against current. PP course 40m (25m PM) below slipway to 60m above. Only 3 boats.
28/03/99 About 1knt current but enough west wind for not to much problem. Wind increased during day and became quite gusty causing a capsise and very near capsises. Simple PP course. 11 boats in morning.
04/04/99 Easter Egg series. 8 boats. .5knt current but very light (0-1) W to SW wind, quite difficult to make way against current, PP course.
11/04/99 F2-3 W, fairly gusty and patchy but good sailing with only slight current
18/04/99 Very light variable wind, 0-.5 mainly W, with .5knt current. Godd entry of 10 am but 6 retired because coildnt make way against current. Course shortened for pm but still 4 retirements although slightly more wind. PSSP course.
25/04/99 SE to E 1-3 with 1kt current. In morning race bouys to near island and far bank and very difficult to go against current. For PM race bottom bouys moved up and much better.
02/05/99 E 0-1 in am, bit more pm, bit patchy but as only slight current better sail than expected. Gus came down with quite a crowd so a number of crew.
23/05/99 Very good sailing, fine day with W wind 2-4. Pretty gusty am, bit stronger pm, less windy & gusty for Fun race.
29/05/99 Bewl cruising. Exellent conditions, NE3-4. Laurie capsized with new member Bill, Richard took Carole & Mark out. Barrie also took Mark out in cat.
30/05/99 Bewl Regatta, NE 3-4. Signets 1,3 &4th in slow handicap
31/05/99 Bewl Champions & Allcomers races.Very little wind, 1-2 NEwith holes. Richad 1st in Allcomers
06/06/99 Variable wind and current .5 to 1.5knt, NW1-3 to NE1-2 in mornig, W3-4 gusty early PM then NW1-W3. Paxton open vary vaiable & gusty NE 0-3
13/06/99 N 0-2 very variable and shifty, 1knt curent, fine. In fun race had about 5 new members out.
03/07/99 Regatta/BBQ & Jazz. Overcast but dry WSW 2-3 gust 4. Pretty gusty. 1st race for Regata Challenge Trophy, 2nd race slalem 20 mins over short course. then 2 short races with lot of new members & juniors crewing. BBQ poor attendance; 37 adults, 6 juniors even though fine & warm.
04/07/99 Regatta 2nd day. WSW 1-2 but very variable and patchy. Warm & dry. 2nd & 3rd Regatta Trophy races, and Ladies/Novice race. 10-12 boats. Visiting Grad.
11/07/99 NW2-3 very nice and fairly steady am, gusty to 4 and shifty pm.
19/07/99 W 0-1 var and patchy. P(PPP)PPPcircuit of bottom bouys. Lot of juniors using 3 club boats until 20:00.
25/07/99 AQ NE1-2. ST Week Light & Var Sunday, NE 5 Mon-Wed am, 4 pm. Thur-Fri NE 3-4 am 2-3 pm
01/08/99 SE 2 am, E 2-3 pm
08/08/99 Deluge rain at first am then SEE 0-3 very var and fluky am. W0-2 very var and fluky pm.
15/08/99 West 2-3 gave good sail fairly steady. PM ran Cundy long distance race as far as start of Sunbury Junior Regatta bous off Rivermeaad Island. 4 of us did 2 laps. the rest 1 lap.
22/08/99 E2-3 good sail but fairly shifty. AM race dog leg each end and choice of marks at each end. PM had dog leg across start line.
05/09/99 Very hot, E 1-2 filled in for first race but very little wind for PM race. Thunderstorm as finishing putting boat away. 13 entries for PM race, most for normal sunday race this decade, also 3 boats cruising = 16 total, 25% of fleet.
26/09/99 W2 fairly steady, except above club, shifty. Difficult to beat against 2knt current. PM race delayed due to rain. Choice of 2 first marks and could go either way round then P S PorS between two marks
10/10/99 W2-3 but some S in it at times made variable and not good above Club. Down to N of Platts Ait, the best bit, with sausage in lower reach.
17/10/99 Excellent conditions with E3-4 fairly steady. Triangle at bottom and long run to top mark. ST368 used Spinny, very fast. Some capsizes.
24/10/99 Very bad conditions with 2knt current. SW 2 very fluky to start with, very difficult to go against current. After 35mins wet and extremely windy gust 7. 3 capsizes out of 6 starters. PM 4-5 only Thompson in reefed Bosun & Dennis in Grad full of water most of time, both had crews.
31/10/99 SW2-5 very gusty and fluky, all two handers used crews. Charles Dennis ran up E slipway.
14/11/99 NE 2-3 gust 4, SSSSP with triangle down stream. 3 capsizes pm
21/11/99 NE .5-2 SSPP .5 knt. General recall on first race due to couldn't identify the many boats over line, first since at least 91., the two boats over line on second start.
26/03/00 Very little wind, W 0-1 with about 1knt current. Very difficult to make way against current.
02/04/00 E 0-1 a.m. increasing during the day to 1-2 gust 3 for the last race. very patchy. First sprint races worked well.
09/04/00 The current had dropped from the raging torrent of during the week and the strong, and gusty, NEE wind gave a good sail. But there were a number of capsizes and Richard Cannon was rescued twice while sailing Laurie Bridges Signet. Robert Britton handled his newly aquired Graduate very well.
16/04/00 The raging torrent due to heavy rain during the week meant there was no possibility of sailing. Instead great progress was made on resurfacing the upper patio.
23/04/00 Still very fast current so no sailing. A number of jobs were done (grass strimmed on bank, longe double doors treated, general gardening on bank, painting on safety boat) so the Club has benefited.
30/04/00 Didn't expect to sail as more rain and 3knt current but 1-2 E wind just allowed progress upstream. Wind seemed to drop pm so Sprint races not held, but then when putting boats away thought we could have raced.
06/05/00 The Open weekend was blessed with excellent weather and the current had subsided. We had 33 visitors and 2 joined on the day.
14/05/00 A fine day which started with very light wind for the first race so difficult to go against the bit of current. It was much better for the afternoon races. There were 9 boats even though there was a Signet Open Meeting.
20/05/00 Fairly warm & fine day for a pub lunch at Peaslake, and visit to Coverwood Lakes and Gardens; 27 members and friends took part.
21/05/00 Day started wet and no wind. By a late start at 12:10 it was dry and the wind was NW F1-2. For PM the wind was W with gusts of F3. There was heavy rain at the end of the last race.
27/05/00 Extremely wet windy day at Bewl. F5-6, 2" rain over 24 hrs. David Ginn taken out, by Richard Cannon, for short sail during a lull .
28/05/00 Another very windy day, F5-6. One handicap start PM as only 6 BVSC and 3 AQSC boats.
29/05/00 Much better day, fine with W F4 wind. Torrential hailstorm as packing up.
03/06/00 SCOA Open at Paxton. Fine but zero wind, 1hr for 1 lap.
04/06/00 At AQSC wind kept dropping WSW 0-2 with 1.5knt current at first then 2knts, job to beat against curent. SCOA Open Meeting at Paxton had a fine day with S2-3 wind, very pleasent sailing.
11/06/00 Good sailing day. W2-3 with .5knt current. Fairly steady AM but gusty PM.
17/06/00 Hampton Regatta, very hot but good 2-4 SW-SE shifty but good sail. 5 boats towed down, one more later. Club boat shroud broke.
18/06/00 Hampton Regatta, very hot, F2-3 SE-SW shifty but good sail. 7 boats towed, one sailed down.
25/06/00 A very light NE-NW wind. In the AM race the start line distance marks were also the turning marks to minimise sailing in the lee of the clubhouse. For the PM races after the start all the racing was round marks down stream of the club; it worked well.
01/07/00 Weather was true to forecast except drier. This was good for the very successful and well attended (65) Jazz/BBQ but bad for the Regatta because there was hardly any wind and some current. In spite of this there were 9 boats. Paddling allowed in a fun race. The wind improved slightly for the last race.
02/07/00 Even less wind than yesterday but 11 boats. Paddling allowed in a fun race. The ladies (Madeline Hatton)/novice (Michael Stevens) race was combined with the 3rd Regatta Trophy (Mark Hollamby) race.
09/07/00 AM was very good with W3-4 fairly steady for the river. Not many boats as some cruised and others crewed. PM disappointing because after some lunch time rain wind dropped to about zero. Heavy rain soon after racing finished.
16/07/00 N 0-1 gust 2, very cold first thing. Used mark on start line as upstream mark to avoid going in lee of club. For fun race started when all boats in a line to do a slalom course of 6 marks; worked well.
23/07/00 The day started damp with very light N wind but by the time we started racing it was fine and the wind increased to a NE-E 2-3 giving excellent sailing.
30/07/00 Rather light W wind. Signets away at ST Week and 3 fun races. The 2nd one was a cuise race to an upstream channel marker.
06/08/00 Rather light SW wind. At Ullswater the Signets had very good sailing conditions except for the first Sunday when there was practically no wind for the practice race. The rest of the week was force 2-5, mainly 3-4 wind.
13/08/00 Southerly 0-2 extremely variable and fluky, not pleasent sailing. Bryan Clements did exceptionally well wining the 2 Sprint Series races on boat and personal handicap.
20/08/00 Yet another very poor sailing day. Some current and as good as zero wind of variable direction but mainly W.
03/09/00 N 0-2 gust 3 very variable and fluky. PorS SPP, line mark used as upstream mark. Down stream start, upstream finish.
10/09/00 A very fine hot day but terrible sailing with practically no wind; at least there was no current.
17/09/00 Fine but very little wind again, WSW 0-1, very fluky and variable. Lucky almost no current as there had been very heavy rain during the week. Saturday had been a windy day. The Signet Ferry Meadows open meeting cancelled due to petrol crisis.
24/09/00 Another terrible day although the forecast was a hot day with 10mph wind and possibly rain late in the day. Very heavy rain while rigging and no wind for racing. Rained throughout the p.m. race. The only saving grace was there was no current. After the p.m. race, and the fun race cancelled, the rain stopped, the wind picked up and a couple went out and had a good sail.
01/10/00 SW 0- gust 4. Wet day. Five stbd marks with a lap around down stream marks. 11 entries in second race.
08/10/00 Very light and variable, SW to NE, especially for first race. 0.5knt current. First race 1 lap fun race while other boats finished rigging.
15/10/00 Near enough zero wind a.m. together with 0.5knt current made it very difficult to get round a very short PP course. 4 boats only managed 1 lap, 2 did 2 laps and 2 did 3 laps.Much better by the end of the 1st p.m. race and 14 laps were done over the same course with the wind changing from N to E during the race.
22/10/00 Zero wind and 2 knot current made no chance of sailing a course so racing cancelled.
29/10/00 Extremely gusty & fluky with 2kt current. Keith Hatton and Michael Stevens took the Club Laser out but it wasn't possible to make way against the current and Michael was towed back to the Club. Racing cancelled for the 2nd consecutive week.
05/11/00 Good East wind but there was a 5kt current due to the weeks storms and it was too dangerous to go out. Racing cancelled for the 3rd consecutive week; possibly the first time this has happened.
12/11/00 River still very high and flowng fast so no sailing again.
19/11/00 The last Sunday with sailing scheduled for this year. Water level nearly down to normal but still a fast current with a force 2-3 West wind but one boat did sail. Charles Dennis took the Club Pico out for its first sail and could just about hold his own against the current.
01/04/01 The first day scheduled for sailing in 2001 but unfortunately the season started like last year ended with far to much current to sail. The water has covered the E slipway ever since last October. The day was used as a working party day and many tasks were completed.
08/04/01 No chance of sailing with the current still far too fast. Some mores tasks wee done around the Club.
15/04/01 Gusty NW wind but still too much current to sail. It would probably have been OK with a E wind.
22/04/01 Very gusty and strong SE wind. Only Bryan Clements in Grad & Kieth Hatton in Club Laser to race. Bryan capsized before the start and decided not to race so racing cancelled yet again.
29/04/01 Very few at club and still no chance of sailing because current far to strong.
06/05/01 Mid-Thames Trophy Inter club event, moved from Desborough to Littleton. Many from Littleton, 8 from AQSC, 7 from Desborough, 3 from Staines, 3 from Laleham. Excellent sailing with 10-15 knt wind. Littleton dominated all races but AQSC 2nd.
12/05/01 AQSC Open day. Excellent weather with steady 5-10knt E wind and at last a reduced current. Ideal condition for taking newcomers out. Around 20 visitors. First use of safety boat with new diesel engine.
13/05/01 AQSC Open day. Excellent weather with steady 5-10knt E wind. Ideal condition for taking newcomers out. Only around 12 visitors.
20/05/01 The first day we have manage to race on the river. Moderate current and only very light E wind. 5 boats towed up to Sunbury Lock with a race back to the club. A bit more wind PM and just possible to race around two marks about twice the length of the club house apart.
26/05/01 Bewl visit, cruising. Hot and sunny all day with SW 7-13 knts, excellent sailing conditions.
27/05/01 Bewl visit club racing. Warm overcast morning, hot & sunny afternoon. SW 10-15 knts. Excellent sailing.
28/05/01 Bewl visit club racing. Warm overcast morning, hot & sunny afternoon. SW 10-15 knts. Excellent sailing.
02/06/01 The AQSC members who travelled to Paxton for the SigneT Open Meeting experienced very gusty and shifty 15-20knt NNW wind. Five of the eight entries capsized.
03/06/01 At Paxton the wind had moved round to NW and reduced to 10-15knts giving much more comfortable sailing conditions. At AQSC the NW 10-20knt wind was extremely gusty, variable and fluky with a 1.5knt current; sailing was very difficult.
10/06/01 NNW 0-2 very variable, gusty and fluky again and with the 1knt current sailing was very difficult. Then just to rub in how bad it was it rained for half the afternoon race. After we finished racing conditions improved!
17/06/01 Another light and variable NW wind with fair amount of current making for a poor sail. Very patchy and difficult to make way against current.
23/06/01 HSC Regatta Sat. Fine and hot with reasonble E wind at start but then died and very patchy. Lighter wind PM but less patchy. Best sail was back to the club at a boat running speed of 4knts.
24/06/01 HSC regatta Sun. Very hot & fine with very little wind, very light, patchy & variable with big holes. E 5 knots for sail back to AQSC by a couple of boats, rest towed back.
01/07/01 Saturday was good and windy but sunday was back to a light westerly hot and sunny, full of holes, but better than was expected. There was still about 0.5 knt of current.
07/07/01 Regatta day 1. W 0-2 very patchy and very wet at times. 0.5knt current. Race 4 cancelled as no wind and wet.
08/07/01 Regatta day 2 much better. W1-3 fairly steady and dry.
15/07/01 The first race started in a good westery breeze but it didn't last and became patchy and variable. The wind dropped to 0-1 for the afternooon races; but then increased when racing finished to give some members good cruising.
22/07/01 The previous day there had been a good breeze but true to form for this season there was only a very light SW wind for Sunday. It looked promising before the start of the first race but the wind died to a fairly steady 3-5knts and there was still a bit of current. During the fun race, just to make things worse, there was light rain and even less wind.
29/07/01 The day started with zero wind and a heatwave so sailing prospects were grim. Surprisingly there was a light SW wind at the club; this started at 2knts and and increased during the day to 10knts. But it was extremily fluky and became gusty.
05/08/01 A warm sunny day with SW 2-3. In the morning there was a cruise up to Sunbury and PM there was some informal racing.
12/08/01 A very windy and gusty day SW3-4 gusting 5 and several capsizes.
19/08/01 Day started extremely wet with heavy showers and squalls thoughout the day. Generally SW 10-15knt but very gusty to 20knt and fluky.
25/08/01 A pleasant cruising day at Bewl Water with steady 10 knt SW wind.
26/08/01 A day of great extremes for the AQSC/ST/FW meeting at Bewl. Hot, but overcast, with light NE wind for the start of the morning race. Conditions changed to a 25knt squall with heavy rain followed by zero wind. It then became as black as night with a 30knt squall surrounded by lightning and torrential hail stones. Many capsizes and retirements. The afternoon race had 5 knt wind with rain at the end.
27/08/01 Fine and hot at Bewl with a 5-10 knt NE wind giving easy sailing. Five short course races of around 20-30 minutes each.
02/09/01 At last a very good days sailing with a fairly steady 5-12knt West wind. The Afternoon races were given a big improvement by moving the upstream mark from beyond the slipway to level with the clubhouse. Support is still poor with only 4 boats.
09/09/01 A fine day with a cold N to NW 5-15 knt wind. Gusty, very shifty and fluky but still a good sail; having a crew made it a lot easier.
16/09/01 For the third succesive week week we have had a good sail. In the morning the W to NW 2-3 gusting 4 wind was very fluky. It had dropped a bit for the first afternoon Sprint race and the second Sprint immediately following was a more pleasent sail as it wasn't fluky although still gusty.
23/09/01 Fluky & gusty 3-4 N wind, bit lighter PM. At the ST Open at Paxton it was similar but less fluky and gusty; that direction gives a good sail.
30/09/01 Very high winds forecast but they didn't arrive. S to SW, some times N, 1-2 gusting 4, extremely fluky. Wet for the afternoon race.
07/10/01 The day started very wet but fortunately it was dry for the morning race. Extremely gusty and fluky, basically S 2-3 but gusts of up to 5 from all directions. Very wet in the afternoon with gusts up to 6; very unpleasent.
14/10/01 South 1-2 gust 3 sometimes 0 winds and very fluky and shifty. Wind increased just before the PM race and rescue boat Officer Bryan Clements capsized when he went for a sail. Unfortunately the wind didn't last for the race.
21/10/01 Weather forecast said a miserable wet day, 4 knt S wind. It was very wet and the wind seemed very light and there was a 2knt current. Richard, Brian, Keith and Laurie decided it wasn't worth sailing and drifting down stream. But surprisingly, if they ignored the rain, those who went out had good races in a steady 6 knt W wind.
28/10/01 A gorgeous hot sunny day BUT 2kts current and zero wind so no chance of sailing. A small group went up to Sunbury lock in the safety boat; 25 minutes going up hugging the bank and 12 minutes back.
04/11/01 The day started with no wind and it looked like no sailing again. By the time we were ready to sail there was a steady W 1-2 wind and it wasn't difficult to progress against the 1 knot current. By the afternoon the wind had increased to F2-3. An excellent days racing with an entry of 8 boats.
11/11/01 The race start was delayed to 12:00 to see if some wind would appear. Fortunately there was a few knots steady west wind that just allowed progress against the 1 knot current and 6 short laps were completed. The wind died soon after the start of the afternoon race and only one lap could be completed.
18/11/01 Very light winds forecast again for the last race day of the season. But it was a fairly steady ENE 0-1 wind and it was possible to sail all three race. There was a good entry of 10 boats.
31/03/02 Drizzle at start then dry. SW2-3 fluky and gusty. Only 5 boats although 2 had helm as crew due to conditions.
07/04/02 Very good, steady by river standards, E 3-4 wind. Excellent sail. Cundy long distance race to Wilson's Ferry at Sunbury combined with 1st pm race.
14/04/02 With a forecast of very calm, ideal for the London Marathon, sailing prospects looked poor especially as there was 1knt current. There was a very light NE wind for the morning fun race. Fortunately by the afternoon the wind had changed to a fairly steady W force 1-2 and there was good sailing.
21/04/02 Fine with a S force 1 to 3 wind, very variable and fluky.
28/04/02 Very windy and gusty W to SW 3-6. Very wet at times. Capsizes and boat failures.
12/05/02 E 1-2 bit patchy. PSPS course of long legs beyond proposed bridge and shorter legs but still pass the clubhouse. Very close BH results; 1 sec/lap between first 3 boats and 5 sec/lap for 4th boat.
26/05/02 Unfortunately the bad weather forecast was right. Although there was some sun there was a lot of rain and squalls with a very strong gusty SW wind, generally 2-4, gust 5. In the 14:00 race Mike Baker capsized his SigneT near the cruisers and the concrete edge and while he was being towed back Peter Carpenter had his rudder pintle break and also needed towing back. Charles Dennis was the only one to finish.
01/06/02 There was excellent weather for the first two days of the visit to Bewl. Sunny with a steady SE 10 knt wind was just right for cruising.
03/06/02 Excellent weather day for the last day of the Bewl visit; warm with a steady SW 12-15 knt wind, ideal for racing.
09/06/02 A horrible day for sailing. A cold South 10-15 knt wind in the morning reducing to 6-10 knt and wet in the afternoon. Very variable, fluky and gusty; it changed from a beat to a run in an instant.
15/06/02 Hampton Regatta Sat SW 3-4, good sail, steady for the river.
16/06/02 Hampton Regatta Sun, SW 2-3 G4. Good sail except for 1st PM race when top mark was in Platts Eyot cut.
23/06/02 With a forecast of very light wind it didn't seem promising. Fortunately it was wrong and we had an excellent sail in a steady West 2-3 wind up to beyond the pipe yard. There was the best support this year with 10 boats out.
29/06/02 Regatta and Jazz/BBQ. Excellent W2-3 gust 4 and fine, very steady in direction by river standards. Very good sailing up to pipe yard.
30/06/02 Regatta. W2-3 gust 4 as on Saturday but a very different wind; fluky and shifty.
07/07/02 Basically SSW 1-3 but very variable and fluky with the wind from all directions; 90 to 135 degree shifts were common. Richard Cannon capsize approaching the finish line and crossed the line capsized.
14/07/02 After a few Sundays with good sailing condition there was very little wind, although fine and hot, for the first Signet Open meeting held at AQSC. The first race was delayed 30 minutes waiting for a bit of wind to develop. Short races were held over a short course. By the end of the last race there was a reasonable wind. Five visitors and four Aquarius SigneTs enjoyed the day, especially the sunbathing spectators.
21/07/02 Although the wind was varying from N to W at force 1-2 which would indicate a poor sail there was a surprisingly good sail. As the Molesey Junior Regatta came above Platt's Eyot the course was upstream of the club to as far as the pipe yard.
28/07/02 Practically no N wind for the morning race. Fortunately it improved for the afternoon and went round to the West. Short ppp course. Also an open day for Jubilee Picnic contacts, about 12 people taken out between races and crewing.
04/08/02 It was just as well that only fun races were scheduled as there was some current and the wind was very light and died completely at the end of the morning race. All boats had to be towed back in the afternoon.
11/08/02 At 10:00 it didn't look as if there would be any wind but we were surprise when it became quite breezy with a NWW wind; although it was extremely fluky with 180 degree tacks common. At the end of racing Richard took Stan, a new member, out; he seemed to be making good progress until something caused him to capsize. Both were dry until during the recovery ST368 went over the other way, turned turtle and broke the mast.
18/08/02 The SW NO wind was very variable and practically non existant. Unusual course, the first mark was a choice of the limit marks on the start line to be rounded as soon as started and one Stbd downstream mark. Most not interested in the 2nd pm race but Pat Halling & Graham Thompson sailed upstream and some wind appeared which gave them by far the best sail of the day
01/09/02 Light wind and low entry with a SigneT open meeting at Littleton. At the SigneT meeting the wind was very light, patchy and shifty; weed was a big problem.
08/09/02 A horrible extremely fluky light wind from all directions with 180 degree wind shifts common.
15/09/02 The day started with a good E wind and Rodger planned that racing would go well upstream. But by the time we started the wind had dropped & gone round to the N. The first mark was just below Sunbury Court Island. The N 0-1 wind was extremely variable & fluky and 1 lap took 40 min. The afternoon races used a down stream course and there was a much better sail.
22/09/02 Even by N wind standards it was extremely fluky with 180 degree shifts. To avoid sailing in front of the club house the starting marks were also used as the upstream marks. It was light and patchy for the morning race with a bit of rain. Each of the afternoon races had winds that were light a lot of the time but then over force 4 when squals of rain came through.
29/09/02 S to SE light wind, 1-2 until the last race when it dropped to 0-1. Very fluky and frustrating in all races
06/10/02 N/NE 1-3 very fluky, wind died at end of 2nd PM race.
13/10/02 Fairly steady E1 increasing to E2 by 2nd pm race. Damp am. and pretty wet by the last race.
20/10/02 For a few day previous there had been dire warnings of the very wet and windy weather that would be arriving Sunday; perhaps that was why so few boats were racing. A NE 3 to 6 knot wind with drizzle doesn't sound very good but it was remarkably steady right up to well beyond the slipway and it was the best sail for months.
27/10/02 Again a for a few days before the week end there were dire warnings on how bad the weather would be on Sunday; this time they were right. Rodger & Richard were at the club early to straighten and secure boats that had moved; there were gusts of over 40 mph and there was no sailing.
03/11/02 We were very lucky that the heavy rain stopped fot the Saturday evening visit to Kempton Fireworks. Showers were forecast for Sunday but the a.m. and 1st p.m. race were dry with a 6-10knt SW wind giving a reasonble sail although there was a 2knt current. The 2nd p.m. race started in pratically no wind and it was very difficult to get started against the current. Then there was squall with a short period of heavy rain followed by 10-20 knt gusts.
10/11/02 After the wet weather there was 3 knots of current with a light west wind. Surprisingly Bryan was just able to make way against the current near the edge. As it was unlikely that it would be possible to get round marks and it started to rain racing was cancelled.
17/11/02 The continueing heavy rain caused a 4knt current and again there was no possibility of sailing; even the rowers weren't out. A bad ending to a poor sailing season.
30/03/03 A very fine day and only 0.5knt current although the N to NE 1 gust 2 wind was very patchy it was a reasonable sail for the 7 boats out for the first sail of the season.
06/04/03 N to NE force 1-3 wind and 0.5knt current fairly cold. SSPP course with the upstream mark only just above the start line gave a reasonaable sail.
13/04/03 Excellent sailing day. Warm with a SE2-3 gust 4, bit shifty but not fluky. In the last race there was a very rare occurance when Pat Halling capsized on the first lap.
20/04/03 Excellent conditions for the Easter Egg races with a 2-4 NEE wind. Rather gusty and the races were full of incidents from capsizes, falling in, gear failure, stuck in trees on the far bank, and collision with a narrow boat.
27/04/03 The forecast was for very bad weather and although the strong gusty and shifty 10-25mph (Force 3 to 5) SW wind was as expected it remained dry. Sailing was good but hairy and crews were used except for Keith Hatton in the Laser who had a total of 6 capsizes.
03/05/03 Fortunately the weather for the Mid Thames Trophy event at Hampton SC was less windy than forecast and it remained dry. The SW wind was gusting to over 20knts and it was very fluky giving very exciting sailing with many capsizes. Charles Dennis broke the mast of his new Laser Radial Rig on its first time out. Hampton SC won and AQSC were 2nd.
04/05/03 A fine day but a very gusty fluky 10 to 20knt SW to SE wind for the short fun races.
10/05/03 At the Paxton Signet open meeting there were ideal sailing conditions with a SW 2 to 4 wind, it was particularly fluky and gusty for the second race.
11/05/03 At the Paxton ST open meeting conditions were again ideal with a SW 2 to 4 wind. At AQSC it was very fluky with a S 2 wind.
17/05/03 Terrible conditions for open day. Wet at first. Very gusty and fluky S to SW horrible wind. Only 2 groups of visitors but 19 members. Clash with Cup final and Boats on Show.
18/05/03 Still poor open day conditions with a very strong gusty and fluky wind. The Bosuns were the best boat for taking the 10 groups of visitors out.
25/05/03 Cruising at Bewl. Ideal 5 to 10 knt SW wind in the morning. Windier PM and then a squall with with 20 knt wind, torrential rain and hail gave very exhilerating sailing.
26/05/03 Bewl regatta Allcomers handicap race. Racing postponed 1 hr because no wind, then good sailing in a 10knt wind, very shifty by Bewl standards.
01/06/03 Very light and fluky S to SW wind. Only 4 boats.
08/06/03 No wind first thing but by race time there was 5knt very gusty & fluky S to SW wind. The strength increased rapidly during the day to gusts of 24knts in the first pm race. There were many capzises and 2 head injuries from being hit by the boom. Only 2 of the 8 boats didn't capsize or have an injured helm. For the pair of Sprint races the wind had gone round to the W and was much nicer.
14/06/03 Hampton SC Regatta, excellent sailing conditions with an 8-12 knt East wind a bit variable and shifty but not fluky. Only 2 AQSC boats.
15/06/03 Hampton SC Regatta, Very light S to W to E wind all over the place. 5 AQSC boats.
22/06/03 First thing there was no wind then there was a storm with high winds. By the time the Fun race race started the Southerly wind dropped to very little and lap times were 20 minutes. By the afternoon the wind had increased to 8 to 12 knts and varied from SE to SW to give a good sail and 8 minute laps. Very good support with 11 boats out.
28/06/03 Signet open meeting and AQSC regatta. Light variable and shifty SE to SW 0 to 2 wind although not as fluky as would expect, fine and warm. Wind dropped for last race. 4 visitors and 5 club signets. Only 1 non Signet as helms were crewing. Excellent Jazz/BBQ in evening with 66 attendees.
29/06/03 AQSC regatta, Excellent conditions with a fairly steady ESE to E 2-3 wind, fine and warm. 10 boats but only 1 lady/Novice entry. Last race also made for the long distance Cundy Trophy with 1st lap following safety boat laying mark at Rivermead Island, Sunbury and spinnakers were used all the way up, boats were very close.
06/07/03 Very little wind basically W 0 with some laps up to 1. Fun race not held; no wind & no one wanted to do it.
13/07/03 Very poor attendance, not helped by Hampton Court Flower show and very little wind first thing; Fun race not held. For the afternoon there was an unexpectedly good 5 - 8 knt East wind, for a change the upstream mark was near the Channel notice below Sunbury Court Island with a 1 lap figure of eight in the wider section of the river for the first race.
20/07/03 It seemed like a good 7-10 knt SW wind but it was extremely fluky which made for frustrating sailing. It was the flukiest of the year with wind coming from all directions.
27/07/03 West 5-10 knots pretty steady by river standars except for last race when wind was a bit stronger. Two Grads retired with a capsize and swamped after near capsize. Excellent sailing, about as good as the river gets.
03/08/03 Very hot and light wind. Sheduled as a Fun race or cruise; no sailing until 16:00 as no wind. Race held but no results kept. Start of Signet Week at Ullswater with heat wave and very little wind all week.
10/08/03 East 1 gust 2 and fluky, very hot.
17/08/03 For morning Fun race excellent E 8knt wind with 1 lap running up to Channel Marker following the safety boat. By the afternoon the wind had dropped a bit and was much more variable. For the last race the wind moved round S and was very light, variable and fluky, not nice, so the top mark was moved down to the jetty.
25/08/03 The Bank Holiday was away days at Bewl on Sunday and Monday. Both days had ideal weather for sailing; warm and dry with a 10 to 15 knt East wind giving gentle planing.
31/08/03 The basically West wind was very patchy and variable. At the Fishers Green Signet Open Meeting it was very similar with a 10 minute period of complete calm during the afternoon race.
07/09/03 W 0-1 very variable and patchy. Right at the end of the last race it was much better with a 2.
14/09/03 Before the start of the Fun race there seemed to be a reasonble sail but then the wind dropped to practically nothing. Basically SE but it could be coming from anywhere and none of the indicators were sensitive enough. It was also uncomfortable being very hot and persperation make eyes very painful.
21/09/03 No wind first thing but there was some wind by the start of racing. Unfortunately it was southerly and very variable, light and shifty. By the afternoon race there was even less wind, so as there was no rowing after 15:00 the second afternoon race course included a lap round 2 bouys by the bridge and the end of Platts Eyot; the wind was much better there.
28/09/03 Basically NW 1-2 but very variable and fluky; at times good sailing and at other times no wind. The Signet Open at Ferry Meadows had a fairly steady 2-3 gust 4 which gave a very good sail.
05/10/03 Basically NW at the flags but all over the place on the river. 0-2 gust 3. Capsizes in both PM races. In the last race the wind was much steadier and more predictable.
12/10/03 A very gusty day with wind blowing out of the east at 3-4 gusting 5 at times. Both Lasers capsized several times with the eventual loss of the club Laser's rudder and tiller. Excellent but tiring sail.
19/10/03 A very cold day with a NE to E 2-3 gust 4 wind. Charles rigged his laser with the Radial rig but still capsized as he started the first race. In the afternoon Pat Halling capsized leaving his moorings.
26/10/03 Although basically a North 1-2 better sail and less cold than might be expected. Patchy but not too fluky as helped by course being mainly down downstream.
02/11/03 The day started very wet but it had cleared up by the late start of the fun race.It seemed very windy but the very shifty SW 2-3 gust 4 didn't give much drive. Soon after launching the Pico Charles Dennis capsized to windward when there wasn't the wind he expected.
08/11/03 Light rain started before the 'Fun' race; earlier than forcast. There was a light SE wind that became lighter as the day progressed and the first afternoon race was stopped at 2 laps as boats began drifting and the last race was cancelled.
16/11/03 For the last race day of the season it was very warm for mid November with a WNW wind starting with a force 1-2 gust 3 but reducing by a force and more shifty in the afternoon. A good end to the season.
28/03/04 The forecast for the first race day of the season was warm and no wind. Fortunately it was wrong; although the cold wasn't welcome the good 8 knt SW wind was. A new course configuration was tried using 1 upstream port mark and 3 down stream starboard marks with the furthest one being rounded 3 times per lap. This gave the helm something to think about and kept the sailing in the best of the wind. The 1 knt current caught helm out at the marks.
04/04/04 Fine with a gusty WSW 4-5 wind caused several capsizes.
07/04/04 The first Wednesday racing for many years took place in a light NW wind with 1 knt of current; it was less fluky than expected. There were 2 short races and for the second race the start was moved down to near the outlet as the wind was poor near the club.
11/04/04 Easter Egg Trophy. Unfortunately the weather forecast was right and there was practically no wind and 1 knot of current. There was a very short 1 lap course and all boats managed to finish the morning races but only the Lasers were able to finish the afternoon two races.
14/04/04 A fine day with a SSW 2 gust 3 wind giving a good sail for the Wednesday afternoon racing.
18/04/04 A very wet nasty day. As it wasn't going to be any fun the Fun race was cancelled. The first PM race started in the dry with a light S wind but it wasn't long before the rain started again and it became very gusty up to 4 giving planing. The 2 Grads got blown on to the lee bank. The 2nd race was very wet thoughout but a bit less gusty.
25/04/04 From Scotland to the South coast the wind was less than 5 knts. With 1knt current it was very difficult to make progress. Surprisingly there were 11 boats out helped by 2 sets of visitors. 5 club boats were out.
01/05/04 At Staines SC the Mid Thames Trophy event had very little wind and a lot of current. it was impossible to sail against the current and the event was cancelled. Six Aquarius boats entered.
02/05/04 With the same conditions as at Staines SC on Saturday sailing was cancelled and 20 members completed many tasks preparing the club for the Open days.
08/05/04 Open Day. Wet to start but dry for the visitors. 1-2 knts current and a light wind made it difficult to make way upstream with the 7 visitors.
09/05/04 Open Day. Very similar to Saturday but with 14 visitors. Plenty of members around gave a very good atmosphere.
16/05/04 Still some current and very little variable wind made it very difficult to make way upstream. The Signet Open meeting at Paxton also had practically no wind.
19/05/04 Although there was still a 0.5knt current and only a light SWS wind five boats went out and 4 short races were held. The last started at 19:00.
23/05/04 Extremely variable, light and fluky north wind. Good turn out of 9 boats with several new members joining in.
30/05/04 Ideal conditions at Bewl Water; warm with generally a steady 8-12 knot W wind. Perfect for new members training.
31/05/04 Ideal conditions at Bewl Water; warm with generally a steady 8-14 knots SW wind. Perfect for new members training.
06/06/04 Extreme variable fluky 0-3knot wind. Came from everywhere but probably basically S. Very frustrating.
16/06/04 Excellent steady W 5-8 knts but during the afternoon members were preparing the club for the Regatta/BBQ event.
From 17:30 2 new members were taken out in pefect conditions for early stages of learning to sail.
19/06/04 The Regatta had very variable winds. For the first race there was very little N wind but for the 2nd race it backed to the west and varied from 2-8 knts giving a much better sail. It veered to the NW and dropped for the last race giving another poor sail.
20/06/04 The second Regatta day also had very variable N to W wind, most of the time it was very light but at times big gusts especially in the last race when it was very gusty during showers. There was practically no wind for the Novice and Ladies race.
26/06/04 The weather forcast for the SCOA open meeting at Grafham Water was awful; very wet and windy. Fortunately it didn't materialise and although Wimbleden Tennis was rained off there were only a few very light showers and the Southery steady force 3 to 4 wind made for very enjoyable sailing.
27/06/04 The best sailing at AQSC for quite a while but very hard work. the variable W to SW wind was force 2-4 and became stronger and gustier as the day progressed. There were 4 capsizes. Heavy rain started just as the marks had been put away.
03/07/04 The WSW force 1-2 wind was quite fluky and there was very light drizzle for the first race. For the second race there was more S in the wind making it lighter and more fluky. For the last race it was a bit lighter but less S in it. Better sailing than we have generally had this year.
11/07/04 The best sail for quite a while with a fairly steady West F1-2 most of the time. The sailing was a bit better upstream of the club.
18/07/04 It looked as if it was going to be another poor no wind sailing day, but a good West 1-2 gust 3 built up and improved during the day giving an excellent sail.
25/07/04 A good W to SW variable force 2-3 gust 4 in the last race gave an excellent days sailing. Of the 9 helm 4 capsized. Weed has become a big problem.
01/08/04 A ENE 5-8 knot wind gave a very good sail. The conditions were good for a sail upstream so the first afternoon race was set for the Cundy Trophy race with the upstream mark half way past Rivermead Island at Sunbury.
08/08/04 There was a very fluky SSE 5-12 knot wind. Sailing was quite good but there was a lot of weed that kept being picked up on the centre board and rudder in big clumps. The Signet Nationals at Chichester YC had a week of perfect weather; very hot with a steady 8-16 knot wind giving super sailing. Richard Cannon is the new Signet National Champion.
15/08/04 An very frustrating day. The S 0-2 wind was extremely fluky for the first 2 races. The course was changed for the last race with a mark below the rowing club; the wind was much less fluky but was dropping. Weed was an extreme problem; particularly bad near the edge but large chunks could be picked up on the rudder and centre board any where completely stopping a boat. The safety boat picked up so much weed on it's prop that it wouldn't drive.
22/08/04 The wind was basically S 1-2 but it was extremely variable, fairly fluky and shifting between E & W. Weed was a major problem and large piles of it were dragged out of the river during the morning; it extended to more than a boat's length from the bank.
29/08/04 There was an exellent sail at Littleton SC for the Signet Open Meeting. There was a SW 8-15 knt wind although it was quite shifty. Michael Stevens was helming Richard Cannon's ST368 and did very well to come 2nd with a 1st and 2 2nd places.
30/08/04 Although only 2 AQSC boats went to the Bewl short course handicap racing Regatta the conditions were perfect; fine and hot with a W 10- 18 knts wind, it was shifty for Bewl and there were a fair number of capsizes. Richard Cannon with Liz Archer crewing won the 3rd race, was 5th overall and won the 'Ton Up' trophy' for helm and crew ages totalling 100.
05/09/04 The spell of fine weather continued with a 0 to 3knt wind. It was difficult to determine the direction; it seemed Easterly but at times it was nearer South or North at the same time. It was better towards the end of the last race. We had a good turn out of 10 boats.
11/09/04 The Mid Thames Trophy event held at Staines SC had a good but hard sail with a S to SW 10-15knt, gust 20 and very shifty, wind straight upstream. The very rough 2nd race had 4 retirements. AQSC won.
12/09/04 A very gusty and shifty SW 10-15knt wind but there was no race entry. Duncan Martin, a new member, in the Pico and Laurie Bridges in his cruiser had good sailing.
19/09/04 A West F 2-3 quite gusty 4 with shifts to NW or SW. There is less weed after raking a lot out but constant checking of CB and rudder is still needed.
26/09/04 A force 1 gusting 2 to 3 variable west wind at Aquarius. A the Ferry Meadows Signet Open Meeting a stronger force 3 gust 4 wind gave a good sail. Michael Stevens won the Signet Annual Junior Trophy and Richard Cannon the Signet Annual Points Trophy.
03/10/04 SE 2-3 but very variable wind which picked up a little for the afternoon races. 4 boats sailed, including a perspective junior member.
10/10/04 This day was a classic, even Graham's Bosun, reefed, with he and Bryan onboard capsized! As for the Lasers sailed by Keith, Nigel and Charles, well they spent more time inverted than sailing ... it was mayhem. The wind was a good 4 gusting 5 straight up the river. With everything
released the boats were regularly getting knocked flat. Gybes were virtually impossible and most crews reported later that even tacking was difficult
because they couldn't get the boats to turn through the wind. Some of the capsizes on the run were spectacular to say the least. There were around 30 capsizes.
17/10/04 A good sail with a W 2-3, bit variable but good for the river. Bit of rain in the 2nd race but not enough to worry us (except for Bryan). Only 5 boats.
24/10/04 The shipping forcast was horrendous with Force 6 to 8 in most areas, including Thames. Fortunately it was only 3 to 4 at Aquarius but the S wind was extremely flukey although it was a good sail. The rain didn't start until the evening.
31/10/04 There was 2knts of current but the mild NE 1 to 2 wind meant that most of the time there wasn't a problem making way upstream; there was a difficult choice whether to go up the middle with more wind but more current or to creep up the S bank. Big adverse wind shifts at the wrong time made the end of the last race difficult.
07/11/04 At first there was no wind and a fair current and we didn't expect to be able to sail. After lunch there a force 0-1 SE to SW and 4 boats ventured out; Graham Thompson couldn't get round the upstream mark on the last lap and retired.
14/11/04 There was 0.5knt current, there was no wind at first, and it looked as if we wouldn't be sailing.Fortunately a llight W wind (force 1) develped in time for the Fun race.There was a bit more wind for the 2pm race and it was a reasonable sail. Unfortunately the wind dropped for the last race and most helm couldn't complete the 2nd lap so the result were based on one lap. It was a pity that we finished the season with boats been towed back.
27/03/05 With Easter very early the new sailing season started with the Easter Egg races. The good news was no current and an East wind forecast, the bad news was it was a rather light NE although surprisingly steady, The first race was OK with a force 1-2 but it dropped to a 1 for the last three races. All races were 30 mins.There were 7 ties in the results.
03/04/05 Very fine day, quite breezy SE 2-3 nearer S for the last race. Very fluky and surprisingly about 1 knot of current but it didn't give a problem.
10/04/05 A fine day with a VERY fluky and shifty NE force 1 -2 wind and 0.5 to 1 knot current.Not too difficult to make way against the current but a beat could change to an opposite tack run in an instant. There were 3 Laser capsizes.
17/04/05 A fine day with a 0-2 South wind; very fluky and shifting from W to E. Although not a strong wind there was a capsize in each of the races.
24/04/05 Fine day starting with a N force 1 but quickly went round to ENE, was fairly steady and increased to force 2 in the afternoon and it was a very good sail; best of the year.
30/04/05 A very fine day for the 19 boats taking part in the Mid-Thames Trophy inter club regatta. The light SSW to SW wind was very patchy and dropped to almost nothing in the afternoon. There was only a slight current but it caused big differences in boat times and Hampton SC Merlin and Enterprise were doing 2 laps well before many boats had done one lap. The best wind of the day was after racing finished and a couple of boats had a very good sail.
01/05/05 Another very light W0-1 wind day. 6 marks set in line in front of the club were sailed as a slalom in each direction; fun races giving close proximity sailing as a rules excercise The 0.25knt current made things tricky.
08/05/05 The basically West 2-3 gave a very good sail BUT there were big gusts and shifts; there were 2 capsizes. It looked good for going upstream so the first afternoon race was also made the Cundy Long Distance race up to Sunbury Rivermead Island, It was a great sail except for the last 50m to the Rivermead mark where the wind died and was very fluky. The last race ended with a torrential thunder storm and very wet putting boats away with out wet gear.
14/05/05 AQSC Open Day. NE 1-2 wasn't too fluky and gave a reasonble sail.
15/05/05 AQSC Open Day. NE 1 but generally there was enough wind to take visitors out, very hot day. At the end of the day the wind got up a bit and a couple still out had the best sail of the day.
22/05/05 SW 2-3 gust 4 variable. No morning race as various prospective members were taken out. Laurie B & Dave J took their cruisers out. Good sail. Mike Baker had the kicker strap pulleys pull out from his mast foot.
30/05/05 Very poor weather at Bewl Valley SC Spring Regatta. It was cold, overcast with rain and thunder; there was no wind to speak of.
05/06/05 W 2-3 steady wind gave an excellent sail. All 2 handed boats had crew; new members taken out.
12/06/05 A Westerly 2-3 gave a good sail although for the last race the wind was lighter and quite shifty down stream of the club.
18/06/05 AQSC Regatta and Jazz/BBQ. Very hot fine day, first thing no wind but then more than expected. SE 1-gust 3 very variable and fluky. Ideal for the BBQ.
19/06/05 AQSC Regatta. Very hot fine day, first thing no wind but then more than expected. S 1-gust 3 extremely variable and fluky; instant changes from a beat to a run. At the start of the Ladies/Novice race all boats had a lady helm.
25/06/05 The Hampton SC regatta had perfect weather with a 5 to 10 knt wind straight up the reach giving an excellent sail. For the morning race it was a bit lighter, shifty and patchy.
26/06/05 The 2nd day of the Hampton SC regatta was even better than Saturday. It was hot and sunny as well as a good 5 to 10 knt wind straight up the reach giving an excellent sail through out the day.
03/07/05 SW wind but very little and it got less as the day progressed. After rain in the1st PM race there was no wind and there were 4 retirements. It was no better for the last race.
10/07/05 Very hot day with an ENE wind that was quite variable and patchy. Upstream of the start line it was very light but down stream it was much better force 1-2 gust 3.
16/07/05 The Signet Open Meeting within the Beds & Cambs Regatta at Grafham Water had much better wind than expected; NE 2-3 gust 4 although it was quite patchy. There were separate course for the fast (42 entries) and slow (38 entries) fleets. Richard Cannon was 1st Signet and 8th in the slow fleet.
17/07/05 Wind every where 0-1 gust 2 very variable, shifty and fluky.
24/07/05 Very wet day and not a lot of wind. Watching the German Grand Prix on a portable TV was much more attractive than racing. The rain eased after the end of motor racing but no one wanted to sail. Various jobs like clearing out weed and working out a repair to the launching ramp were done.
31/07/05 Fine day very light but consistent wind from NE (usually). Died to nothing in last race. Fun series for all races.
07/08/05 Hot sunny day very fluky wind from N but variable at river level giving amazing wind shifts and lots of local anomalies and frustrating sailing.
14/08/05 Extremely gusty, shifty and fluky with many 90 to 180 wind shifts. Basically a North 0-4 although upstream of the club it was often a run down stream. The wind came from all directions. There was a period of heavy rain during both afternoon races.
21/08/05 Again basic wind seemed to be N but all directions; 0-2 very variable and patchy, a bit better by the last race. There was a lot of conflict with cruisers.
28/08/05 There was brilliant sailing at the Fishers Green Signet Open Meeting; hot and sunny with a rather patch and shifty a 4-14 knot wind.
29/08/05 The Bewl Autumn Regatta also had excellent sailing in hot sunny weather with a 8-12 knot wind. There were 2 pursuit races with Signets being the second class away a having a race duration of abou 90 minutes.
04/09/05 Another hot fine day with an E 0-2 gust 3 wind. Although it looked a good sail it was very patchy and fluky for an Easterly and the sailors said it was very frustrating.
11/09/05 Very little wind, 0-1, from NNE to NNW, some times NW. Large shifts, and a lot of weed gave very frustrating sailing for some.
18/09/05 Terrible sailing day. The forcast was 2mph and generally it wasn't even that much from the NW. All races were sailed but it was VERY slow going.
25/09/05 Excellent sailing in warm sunshine and a fresh SW - W wind and (surprisingly) a moderate stream . 3 lasers and two bosuns enjoyed some fine
tactical upwind racing and a nice downstream reaching leg. The Signet Open Meeting at Ferry Meadows (Peterborough) had brilliant weather for sailing and spectating. A SW force 2 to 4 wind with sunshine.
02/10/05 At the top of the flag pole it was generally a N wind but on the river it was often W but could be any thing and light, (3knt). Very varible and fluky givIng a frustrating sail. Weed is still a big problem; 3 boats had to be towed off the Surrey bank after getting trapped by weed.
09/10/05 Very warm but little SSW wind, 0-1, also variable and shifty. Still big problem with weed.
16/10/05 Sunny and warm. Fairly steady moderate East wind early but it died away later.
23/10/05 Steady wind from the SW which increased during the morning, stayed steady and gradually died during the latter part of the afternoon.
30/10/05 At the mast head it was a S wind but at water level it was extremely fluky and any direction. At first it was 3 gust 4 but reduced as the day progressed. There was a big conlict with rowers at one time.
06/11/05 Terrible day. Rained continously fhrough the first 2 races, drier for the last one; at least it was warm. Very fluky S to SW wind; 2 to 3 gust 4 in the morning reducing to 1 to 2 by the last race.
13/11/05 It seemed as if it was going to be another poor sail with a very light North wind but there was a NE force 2, dropping to Force 1 for the last race, that gave a remarkably good sail on the last day of the season. It worked well using the outer distant mark on the start line as the upsream mark to avoid sailing in the lee of the clubhouse.
26/03/06 From the weather forcast it seemed as if the first sailing of the new season would be horrible; very wet with a 12 knot S wind. Fortunately the fine drizzle held off until the last race and there was a good West 2-3 for the first race changing to S 3-4 for the afternoon; better than a S wind usual is. Charles Dennis wondered why we were starting at 1:00; he had forgotten the hour change and the race was delayed for the 10 minutes he said he needed to rig.
02/04/06 The weather was as bad as forcast with very strong gusty SW wind (force 3 to 6), heavy showers and squals, and a 3knt current. Only Graham Thompson sailed and he had a double reef in the main sail of his Boson and had a crew.
09/04/06 Very little variable N wind and 1 knot current made it impossible for some boats to make headway in the first 2 races. It all changed for the last race with an approaching squal giving a force 2 gust 4 very gusty wind from all directions and the race finished in heavy rain.
16/04/06 At last it was warmer for the Easter Egg Trophy races and although there was a 1knt current the West force 1 to 2 gave the 8 boats a reasonble sail. There were 4 short races with the afternoon 3 being run back to back. Richard Cannon and Graham Thompson tied on boat handicap and Richard won on Personal Handicap.
23/04/06 Terrible day. Some current, about zero wind and wet. Only Charles Dennis put a boat, his Laser, on the water but went backwards more than forward. All races cancelled.
29/04/06 Mid-Thames Trophy at Littleton SC. Expecting very little wind but reasonble sail. The first race had the best wind, 2-3. Very shifty for Littleton. Very large entry of 48. AQSC 4 out of 5 with 4 boats competing although 6 were taken.
30/04/06 Wet to start with very little wind but it rain stopped . Only fun sailing and only Lucy Godwin sailed.
06/05/06 Open day, at first very little wind but later in the morning there was good sailing in 1-2 W wind until the rain started early afternoon. 11 groups with about 21 people visited.
07/05/06 Just as well it was an Open Day and not racing as there was no wind; Laurie Bridges' cruiser with outboard moter and the Patrol boat were often used to take visitors out, and up to 6 dinghies were drifting around. The forecast rain held off until the boats had been put away. There were 18 groups with 45 people; the total for both days was 28 groups totaling 67 people, a record.
14/05/06 Patchy East 1 to 2 for the first two races and South West 1 for the last race.
21/05/06 Horrible day with non stop rain. Basically S wind but very shifty and patchy with some current. Force 0 to 2 for the first 2 races and a very gusty 0 to 4 for the last race.
04/06/06 Hot fine day with a west 1 to 2 that was quite shifty. We were very busy with a couple of families; one a new membership and one a prospective member. There were 10 boats out.
11/06/06 Most of the day basically west wind was very light and variable; 0-1 from all directions. But for the 2pm race the wind was stronger and steadier giving quite a good sail.
17/06/06 Very hot and fine; brilliant for the Jazz/BBQ evening. But the very light patchy, variable and shifty wind gave frustrating sailing in the regatta.
18/06/06 The 2nd regatta day on Sunday was a repeat of the Saturday. There was good support especially from our recent new members from the open day; there were 5 novices helm including 3 ladies.
24/06/06 Wind S 0 was forcast for Hampton SC regatta.Fortunately there was some wind basically between S & W although very light and variable in the morning.The afternoon sail was a bit better. There were 4 Aquarius boats.
25/06/06 The2nd day of the Hampton regatta had a very light and variable wind for the first 2 races but in the opposite direction to Saturday; East force 0-1. For the last race there was a 5 to 10 mph wind which gave a very good sail.
02/07/06 Another day that started with zero wind but fortunately a very light E to SE wind developed (3kts); very patchy but not fluky. By the afternoon we even had gusts of about 7knts. Extremely hot day.
09/07/06 A very windy day; Mike Baker capsized 90 seconds into the first race. The WSW wind, force 2 to 3 gust 4-5, was very fluky with unpredictable gusts. The launching ramp was I rather solid object for Catherine and Sarah to ram with their Bosun which now has a hole in it's bow. Gus Coletta capsized and broke the mast of his Skipper.
15/07/06 The Signet Open meeting, within the Beds and Cambs Regatta, had brilliant weather; very hot with generally SE 12 knts but quite patchy and shifty with up to 20knts gusts. Richard Cannon was first Signet.
16/07/06 Very hot day but a NE5-10 knt wind gave a good sail. Apart from the boats racing a Laser, Pico and Bosun were in use for training new members including a sail up to the Magpie at Sunbury.
23/07/06 SW 0-1 changinge to W by end of day. Very fluky and shifty from all directions at times.
30/07/06 A SW 2-3 gave the best sail of the season so far. Fairly steady for the morning race but by the last race it had become very fluky, shifty and gusty making it hard work.
06/08/06 The AQSC sailors at the Signet Nationals at Brightlingsea, off the Blackwater in Essex, had super sailing all week. Generally fine with a force 2-4 wind and a maximum of force 5. At AQSC the morning was a very light NW wind which increased for the first afternoon race.
13/08/06 The wind started as 5 knots from the north but it was quite steady and there was quite a good sail but there were some heavy showers, By the end of the afternoon it had gone round to the west. Both the afternoon races were shortened due to ligtning getting rather close.
20/08/06 The 5 to 10 knt west wind was steady by river standards and gave a good sail. There was a heavy shower during the 1st afternoon race and drizzle during the 2nd one. Also there was less wind for the 2nd afternoon race.