19/11/06 First activity day of the extended season. Fairly steady SW 1-2 wind but the 2 knot current made it barely possible to make way upstream. 3 boats were towed up to the channel marker. Racing would have been poor but it was a successful training day. The last weekend there was sailing; by the 26Nov there was almost too much current even for the patrol boat.
12/11/06 A steady W 1-2 wind gave a good sail for the first 2 races even though there was a bit of current.The wind dropped and the current increased for the last race and it was difficult to make way upstream. The temperature was more normal but spray suits were unneccesary and Rodger Wheeler was even wearing shorts. It was excellent to have 10 boats out for the last sheduled race day. The season is being extended as the weather is being so good.
05/11/06 The day started with no wind but by the time we started sailing there was a steady West force 1 to 2 wind and it was warm and fine. There was an excellent days sailing with a large number of recent family members and children cruising and racing.
29/10/06 Very hot fine day but very little East variable wind and 1knt of current. Lucky that the predominent direction was East. There were 13 boats afloat and a lot of recent family members sailing, ending with capsize practice.
22/10/06 Very wet day but not the 20knt wind forecast, 1 knt of current. Up to mid afternoon the 6 knt East wind was steady and ideal for Richard Cannon to train Mandy Grace and Rose Downes instead of racing. For the last race the wind increased, moved round to the south and was very gusty and fluky; training would have been impossible.
15/10/06 Excellent sailing in a warm E 3 gust 4 wind; although it was quite gusty and shifty. Good support by recent members with 13 boats on the water and 10 racing.
08/10/06 Good sailing with a southerly wind. Backing and vering. Many capsizes by recent young members.
01/10/06 A wet and very windy start of the day. Thunder and heavy rain for the first afternoon race. Brightened up for the last race.
24/09/06 SW 1-2 wind was very shifty and fluky.
17/09/06 A very warm fine day. At Peterborough there was a pleasant 4-7 kt wind for the Signet Open but at Aquarius it was bit of a struggle with a 0-4 knt WSW wind and there was a bit of current making it more difficult.
10/09/06 A very hot day with no wind at first but by the time we started racing there was a 4 knt SE wind; although it was very shifty and patchy with big differences in lap times.
03/09/06 Fine with W to SW 3-4 am and 4-5 pm, West in last race. Nigel Knowles capsized and tore his Laser's sail on a cruiser. Richard Cannon, with crew Robert Britton, and Mike Baker with Helm Roy Melsom, sailed in a Signet Open Meeting at Littleton SC. The SW 3-4 wind was very shifty and gusty; it increased to 4-5 gust 6 in the afternoon. The signet from Littleton SC was the only one that didn't capsize. Robert has crewed for Richard for many years and it is the first time they have capsized.
28/08/06 A 15 mph wind was forecast for Bewl but with a very wet morning. Fortunately it was dry for the 5 AQSC boats and 15 members went that went to the Bewl Autumn Regatta Pursuit races, except for a heavy hail storm during the morning race. It was very shifty, gusty and variable for Bewl but the sailing was great. A 29 MPH gust was recorded.
27/08/06 West 2-3, very steady for the river,the down wind legs the course had 5 gybe marks zig zagging across the river which suited the conditions pefectly and it was the best sail for a long time.
20/08/06 The 5 to 10 knt west wind was steady by river standards and gave a good sail. There was a heavy shower during the 1st afternoon race and drizzle during the 2nd one. Also there was less wind for the 2nd afternoon race.
13/08/06 The wind started as 5 knots from the north but it was quite steady and there was quite a good sail but there were some heavy showers, By the end of the afternoon it had gone round to the west. Both the afternoon races were shortened due to ligtning getting rather close.
06/08/06 The AQSC sailors at the Signet Nationals at Brightlingsea, off the Blackwater in Essex, had super sailing all week. Generally fine with a force 2-4 wind and a maximum of force 5. At AQSC the morning was a very light NW wind which increased for the first afternoon race.
30/07/06 A SW 2-3 gave the best sail of the season so far. Fairly steady for the morning race but by the last race it had become very fluky, shifty and gusty making it hard work.
23/07/06 SW 0-1 changinge to W by end of day. Very fluky and shifty from all directions at times.
16/07/06 Very hot day but a NE5-10 knt wind gave a good sail. Apart from the boats racing a Laser, Pico and Bosun were in use for training new members including a sail up to the Magpie at Sunbury.
15/07/06 The Signet Open meeting, within the Beds and Cambs Regatta, had brilliant weather; very hot with generally SE 12 knts but quite patchy and shifty with up to 20knts gusts. Richard Cannon was first Signet.
09/07/06 A very windy day; Mike Baker capsized 90 seconds into the first race. The WSW wind, force 2 to 3 gust 4-5, was very fluky with unpredictable gusts. The launching ramp was I rather solid object for Catherine and Sarah to ram with their Bosun which now has a hole in it's bow. Gus Coletta capsized and broke the mast of his Skipper.
02/07/06 Another day that started with zero wind but fortunately a very light E to SE wind developed (3kts); very patchy but not fluky. By the afternoon we even had gusts of about 7knts. Extremely hot day.
25/06/06 The2nd day of the Hampton regatta had a very light and variable wind for the first 2 races but in the opposite direction to Saturday; East force 0-1. For the last race there was a 5 to 10 mph wind which gave a very good sail.
24/06/06 Wind S 0 was forcast for Hampton SC regatta.Fortunately there was some wind basically between S & W although very light and variable in the morning.The afternoon sail was a bit better. There were 4 Aquarius boats.
18/06/06 The 2nd regatta day on Sunday was a repeat of the Saturday. There was good support especially from our recent new members from the open day; there were 5 novices helm including 3 ladies.
17/06/06 Very hot and fine; brilliant for the Jazz/BBQ evening. But the very light patchy, variable and shifty wind gave frustrating sailing in the regatta.
11/06/06 Most of the day basically west wind was very light and variable; 0-1 from all directions. But for the 2pm race the wind was stronger and steadier giving quite a good sail.
04/06/06 Hot fine day with a west 1 to 2 that was quite shifty. We were very busy with a couple of families; one a new membership and one a prospective member. There were 10 boats out.
21/05/06 Horrible day with non stop rain. Basically S wind but very shifty and patchy with some current. Force 0 to 2 for the first 2 races and a very gusty 0 to 4 for the last race.
14/05/06 Patchy East 1 to 2 for the first two races and South West 1 for the last race.
07/05/06 Just as well it was an Open Day and not racing as there was no wind; Laurie Bridges' cruiser with outboard moter and the Patrol boat were often used to take visitors out, and up to 6 dinghies were drifting around. The forecast rain held off until the boats had been put away. There were 18 groups with 45 people; the total for both days was 28 groups totaling 67 people, a record.
06/05/06 Open day, at first very little wind but later in the morning there was good sailing in 1-2 W wind until the rain started early afternoon. 11 groups with about 21 people visited.
30/04/06 Wet to start with very little wind but the rain stopped. Only fun sailing and only Lucy Godwin sailed.
29/04/06 Mid-Thames Trophy at Littleton SC. Expecting very little wind but reasonble sail. The first race had the best wind, 2-3. Very shifty for Littleton. Very large entry of 48. AQSC 4 out of 5 with 4 boats competing although 6 were taken.
23/04/06 Terrible day. Some current, about zero wind and wet. Only Charles Dennis put a boat, his Laser, on the water but went backwards more than forward. All races cancelled.
16/04/06 At last it was warmer for the Easter Egg Trophy races and although there was a 1knt current the West force 1 to 2 gave the 8 boats a reasonble sail. There were 4 short races with the afternoon 3 being run back to back. Richard Cannon and Graham Thompson tied on boat handicap and Richard won on Personal Handicap.
09/04/06 Very little variable N wind and 1 knot current made it impossible for some boats to make headway in the first 2 races. It all changed for the last race with an approaching squal giving a force 2 gust 4 very gusty wind from all directions and the race finished in heavy rain.
02/04/06 The weather was as bad as forcast with very strong gusty SW wind (force 3 to 6), heavy showers and squals, and a 3knt current. Only Graham Thompson sailed and he had a double reef in the main sail of his Boson and had a crew.
26/03/06 From the weather forcast it seemed as if the first sailing of the new season would be horrible; very wet with a 12 knot S wind. Fortunately the fine drizzle held off until the last race and there was a good West 2-3 for the first race changing to S 3-4 for the afternoon; better than a S wind usual is. Charles Dennis wondered why we were starting at 1:00; he had forgotten the hour change and the race was delayed for the 10 minutes he said he needed to rig.