Date Notes
16/11/2003 For the last race day of the season it was very warm for mid November with a WNW wind starting with a force 1-2 gust 3 but reducing by a force and more shifty in the afternoon. A good end to the season.
08/11/2003 Light rain started before the 'Fun' race; earlier than forcast. There was a light SE wind that became lighter as the day progressed and the first afternoon race was stopped at 2 laps as boats began drifting and the last race was cancelled.
02/11/2003 The day started very wet but it had cleared up by the late start of the fun race.It seemed very windy but the very shifty SW 2-3 gust 4 didn't give much drive. Soon after launching the Pico Charles Dennis capsized to windward when there wasn't the wind he expected.
26/10/2003 Although basically a North 1-2 better sail and less cold than might be expected. Patchy but not too fluky as helped by course being mainly down downstream.
19/10/2003 A very cold day with a NE to E 2-3 gust 4 wind. Charles rigged his laser with the Radial rig but still capsized as he started the first race. In the afternoon Pat Halling capsized leaving his moorings.
12/10/2003 A very gusty day with wind blowing out of the east at 3-4 gusting 5 at times. Both Lasers capsized several times with the eventual loss of the club Laser's rudder and tiller. Excellent but tiring sail.
05/10/2003 Basically NW at the flags but all over the place on the river. 0-2 gust 3. Capsizes in both PM races. In the last race the wind was much steadier and more predictable.
28/09/2003 Basically NW 1-2 but very variable and fluky; at times good sailing and at other times no wind. The Signet Open at Ferry Meadows had a fairly steady 2-3 gust 4 which gave a very good sail.
21/09/2003 No wind first thing but there was some wind by the start of racing. Unfortunately it was southerly and very variable, light and shifty. By the afternoon race there was even less wind, so as there was no rowing after 15:00 the second afternoon race course included a lap round 2 bouys by the bridge and the end of Platts Eyot; the wind was much better there.
14/09/2003 Before the start of the Fun race there seemed to be a reasonble sail but then the wind dropped to practically nothing. Basically SE but it could be coming from anywhere and none of the indicators were sensitive enough. It was also uncomfortable being very hot and persperation make eyes very painful.
07/09/2003 W 0-1 very variable and patchy. Right at the end of the last race it was much better with a 2.
31/08/2003 The basically West wind was very patchy and variable. At the Fishers Green Signet Open Meeting it was very similar with a 10 minute period of complete calm during the afternoon race.
25/08/2003 The Bank Holiday was away days at Bewl on Sunday and Monday. Both days had ideal weather for sailing; warm and dry with a 10 to 15 knt East wind giving gentle planing.
17/08/2003 For morning Fun race excellent E 8knt wind with 1 lap running up to Channel Marker following the safety boat. By the afternoon the wind had dropped a bit and was much more variable. For the last race the wind moved round S and was very light, variable and fluky, not nice, so the top mark was moved down to the jetty.
10/08/2003 East 1 gust 2 and fluky, very hot.
03/08/2003 Very hot and light wind. Sheduled as a Fun race or cruise; no sailing until 16:00 as no wind. Race held but no results kept. Start of Signet Week at Ullswater with heat wave and very little wind all week.
27/07/2003 West 5-10 knots pretty steady by river standars except for last race when wind was a bit stronger. Two Grads retired with a capsize and swamped after near capsize. Excellent sailing, about as good as the river gets.
20/07/2003 It seemed like a good 7-10 knt SW wind but it was extremely fluky which made for frustrating sailing. It was the flukiest of the year with wind coming from all directions.
13/07/2003 Very poor attendance, not helped by Hampton Court Flower show and very little wind first thing; Fun race not held. For the afternoon there was an unexpectedly good 5 - 8 knt East wind, for a change the upstream mark was near the Channel notice below Sunbury Court Island with a 1 lap figure of eight in the wider section of the river for the first race.
06/07/2003 Very little wind basically W 0 with some laps up to 1. Fun race not held; no wind & no one wanted to do it.
29/06/2003 AQSC regatta, Excellent conditions with a fairly steady ESE to E 2-3 wind, fine and warm. 10 boats but only 1 lady/Novice entry. Last race also made for the long distance Cundy Trophy with 1st lap following safety boat laying mark at Rivermead Island, Sunbury and spinnakers were used all the way up, boats were very close.
28/06/2003 Signet open meeting and AQSC regatta. Light variable and shifty SE to SW 0 to 2 wind although not as fluky as would expect, fine and warm. Wind dropped for last race. 4 visitors and 5 club signets. Only 1 non Signet as helms were crewing. Excellent Jazz/BBQ in evening with 66 attendees.
22/06/2003 First thing there was no wind then there was a storm with high winds. By the time the Fun race race started the Southerly wind dropped to very little and lap times were 20 minutes. By the afternoon the wind had increased to 8 to 12 knts and varied from SE to SW to give a good sail and 8 minute laps. Very good support with 11 boats out.
15/06/2003 Hampton SC Regatta, Very light S to W to E wind all over the place. 5 AQSC boats.
14/06/2003 Hampton SC Regatta, excellent sailing conditions with an 8-12 knt East wind a bit variable and shifty but not fluky. Only 2 AQSC boats.
08/06/2003 No wind first thing but by race time there was 5knt very gusty & fluky S to SW wind. The strength increased rapidly during the day to gusts of 24knts in the first pm race. There were many capzises and 2 head injuries from being hit by the boom. Only 2 of the 8 boats didn't capsize or have an injured helm. For the pair of Sprint races the wind had gone round to the W and was much nicer.
01/06/2003 Very light and fluky S to SW wind. Only 4 boats.
26/05/2003 Bewl regatta Allcomers handicap race. Racing postponed 1 hr because no wind, then good sailing in a 10knt wind, very shifty by Bewl standards.
25/05/2003 Cruising at Bewl. Ideal 5 to 10 knt SW wind in the morning. Windier PM and then a squall with with 20 knt wind, torrential rain and hail gave very exhilerating sailing.
18/05/2003 Still poor open day conditions with a very strong gusty and fluky wind. The Bosuns were the best boat for taking the 10 groups of visitors out.
17/05/2003 Terrible conditions for open day. Wet at first. Very gusty and fluky S to SW horrible wind. Only 2 groups of visitors but 19 members. Clash with Cup final and Boats on Show.
11/05/2003 At the Paxton ST open meeting conditions were again ideal with a SW 2 to 4 wind. At AQSC it was very fluky with a S 2 wind.
10/05/2003 At the Paxton Signet open meeting there were ideal sailing conditions with a SW 2 to 4 wind, it was particularly fluky and gusty for the second race.
04/05/2003 A fine day but a very gusty fluky 10 to 20knt SW to SE wind for the short fun races.
03/05/2003 Fortunately the weather for the Mid Thames Trophy event at Hampton SC was less windy than forecast and it remained dry. The SW wind was gusting to over 20knts and it was very fluky giving very exciting sailing with many capsizes. Charles Dennis broke the mast of his new Laser Radial Rig on its first time out. Hampton SC won and AQSC were 2nd.
27/04/2003 The forecast was for very bad weather and although the strong gusty and shifty 10-25mph (Force 3 to 5) SW wind was as expected it remained dry. Sailing was good but hairy and crews were used except for Keith Hatton in the Laser who had a total of 6 capsizes.
20/04/2003 Excellent conditions for the Easter Egg races with a 2-4 NEE wind. Rather gusty and the races were full of incidents from capsizes, falling in, gear failure, stuck in trees on the far bank, and collision with a narrow boat.
13/04/2003 Excellent sailing day. Warm with a SE2-3 gust 4, bit shifty but not fluky. In the last race there was a very rare occurance when Pat Halling capsized on the first lap.
06/04/2003 N to NE force 1-3 wind and 0.5knt current fairly cold. SSPP course with the upstream mark only just above the start line gave a reasonaable sail.
30/03/2003 A very fine day and only 0.5knt current although the N to NE 1 gust 2 wind was very patchy it was a reasonable sail for the 7 boats out for the first sail of the season.