2002 Prizes 24Jan2004

The race series match those of last year and the same trophies have been awarded. Everyone who were 1st, 2nd, or 3rd for Boat Handicap or Personal Handicap result in a main series receives a glass. Some glasses have also been awarded for amount of sailing.

If helm capsize or have any other incident or breakage would they please make sure it is recorded on the race sheet so it can be include in my result records. Charles Dennis has been awarded the Water Rat for 6 capsizes, no one else had more than 2 capsizes which indicates our lack of wind this year.

Michael Stevens receives the Young Helm Trophy; he has had one of the lowest Personal Handicaps though out the year.

A total of 81 races on 27 days, including 22 Fun races, were sailed during the year. Even though Graham Thompson was unfit for sailing for 4 Sundays with 63 races he still did more races than anyone else, and only missed 2 other Sundays. Bryan Clements was next highest with 48 races. A printed report of each race entry, series results, summaries and other items are in the Race Result folder that is normally kept in the Club entrance. As the race entry reports are very compact and give virtually all the information (except intermediate lap times) on the original race entry sheets these will not be retained.
SERIES TROPHY MEMBER, Number of races H = Helm, C = Crew
Autumn PH Cruiser Cup Bryan Clements, 33H + 15C = 48 races, rank 5
Sprint PHt Enterprise Cup Charles Dennis, 34H + 0C = 34 races, rank 1
SPA PH Saturday Trophy Charles Dennis
Young Helm Young Helmsman Michael Stevens, 28H + 4C = 32 races
Spring PH Handicap Class Graham Thompson, 63H + 0C = 63 races, rank 1
Summer PH Laser Cup Pat Halling, 22H + 0C = 22 races, rank 4
Boat Handicap Result Broken Boom Graham Thompson
Long distance race Cundy Trophy Richard Cannon, 41H + 1C = 42 races, rank 3
Event Water Rat Charles Dennis 6 capsizes
No Other Prize    
Most races Summer Afternoon Roger Wheeler, 31H + 9C = 40 races
Most races Junior Glass Robert Britton, 9H + 5C = 14 races
Most Crewed Glass Barbara Allen, 0H, 13 = 13 crew races

PRIZE POINTS The following table lists the places of helms that were in the first three places for Boat Handicap or Personal Handicap in any series, except the Fun series. One point is given for each 3rd, two points for each 2nd and 3 points for each 1st place. Ranking is according to the total number of points obtained; rank gives an indication of overall performance including BH and PH results. Bold figures are used to indicate that a tiebreak was used.
Series Autumn SPA Spring Sprint Summer Rank for Prizes
Handicap BH PH BH PH BH PH BH PH BH PH Points  
Name Places BH PH Total Position
C Dennis 2 2 1 1 3 3 3 1 3 3 8 10 18 1
G Thompson 1 3 2 2 1 1 2 2     10 8 18 1
R Cannon 3   3 3 2 2 1 3 2 2 9 6 15 3
P Halling                 1 1   3 3 4
B Clements   1                     3 5