Date Notes
17/11/2002 The continueing heavy rain caused a 4knt current and again there was no possibility of sailing; even the rowers weren't out. A bad ending to a poor sailing season.
10/11/2002 After the wet weather there was 3 knots of current with a light west wind. Surprisingly Bryan was just able to make way against the current near the edge. As it was unlikely that it would be possible to get round marks and it started to rain racing was cancelled.
03/11/2002 We were very lucky that the heavy rain stopped fot the Saturday evening visit to Kempton Fireworks. Showers were forecast for Sunday but the a.m. and 1st p.m. race were dry with a 6-10knt SW wind giving a reasonble sail although there was a 2knt current. The 2nd p.m. race started in pratically no wind and it was very difficult to get started against the current. Then there was squall with a short period of heavy rain followed by 10-20 knt gusts.
27/10/2002 Again a for a few days before the week end there were dire warnings on how bad the weather would be on Sunday; this time they were right. Rodger & Richard were at the club early to straighten and secure boats that had moved; there were gusts of over 40 mph and there was no sailing.
20/10/2002 For a few day previous there had been dire warnings of the very wet and windy weather that would be arriving Sunday; perhaps that was why so few boats were racing. A NE 3 to 6 knot wind with drizzle doesn't sound very good but it was remarkably steady right up to well beyond the slipway and it was the best sail for months.
13/10/2002 Fairly steady E1 increasing to E2 by 2nd pm race. Damp am. and pretty wet by the last race.
06/10/2002 N/NE 1-3 very fluky, wind died at end of 2nd PM race.
29/09/2002 S to SE light wind, 1-2 until the last race when it dropped to 0-1. Very fluky and frustrating in all races
22/09/2002 Even by N wind standards it was extremely fluky with 180 degree shifts. To avoid sailing in front of the club house the starting marks were also used as the upstream marks. It was light and patchy for the morning race with a bit of rain. Each of the afternoon races had winds that were light a lot of the time but then over force 4 when squals of rain came through.
15/09/2002 The day started with a good E wind and Rodger planned that racing would go well upstream. But by the time we started the wind had dropped & gone round to the N. The first mark was just below Sunbury Court Island. The N 0-1 wind was extremely variable & fluky and 1 lap took 40 min. The afternoon races used a down stream course and there was a much better sail.
08/09/2002 A horrible extremely fluky light wind from all directions with 180 degree wind shifts common.
01/09/2002 Light wind and low entry with a SigneT open meeting at Littleton. At the SigneT meeting the wind was very light, patchy and shifty; weed was a big problem.
18/08/2002 The SW NO wind was very variable and practically non existant. Unusual course, the first mark was a choice of the limit marks on the start line to be rounded as soon as started and one Stbd downstream mark. Most not interested in the 2nd pm race but Pat Halling & Graham Thompson sailed upstream and some wind appeared which gave them by far the best sail of the day
11/08/2002 At 10:00 it didn't look as if there would be any wind but we were surprise when it became quite breezy with a NWW wind; although it was extremely fluky with 180 degree tacks common. At the end of racing Richard took Stan, a new member, out; he seemed to be making good progress until something caused him to capsize. Both were dry until during the recovery ST368 went over the other way, turned turtle and broke the mast.
04/08/2002 It was just as well that only fun races were scheduled as there was some current and the wind was very light and died completely at the end of the morning race. All boats had to be towed back in the afternoon.
28/07/2002 Practically no N wind for the morning race. Fortunately it improved for the afternoon and went round to the West. Short ppp course. Also an open day for Jubilee Picnic contacts, about 12 people taken out between races and crewing.
21/07/2002 Although the wind was varying from N to W at force 1-2 which would indicate a poor sail there was a surprisingly good sail. As the Molesey Junior Regatta came above Platt's Eyot the course was upstream of the club to as far as the pipe yard.
14/07/2002 After a few Sundays with good sailing condition there was very little wind, although fine and hot, for the first Signet Open meeting held at AQSC. The first race was delayed 30 minutes waiting for a bit of wind to develop. Short races were held over a short course. By the end of the last race there was a reasonable wind. Five visitors and four Aquarius SigneTs enjoyed the day, especially the sunbathing spectators.
07/07/2002 Basically SSW 1-3 but very variable and fluky with the wind from all directions; 90 to 135 degree shifts were common. Richard Cannon capsize approaching the finish line and crossed the line capsized.
30/06/2002 Regatta. W2-3 gust 4 as on Saturday but a very different wind; fluky and shifty.
29/06/2002 Regatta and Jazz/BBQ. Excellent W2-3 gust 4 and fine, very steady in direction by river standards. Very good sailing up to pipe yard.
23/06/2002 With a forecast of very light wind it didn't seem promising. Fortunately it was wrong and we had an excellent sail in a steady West 2-3 wind up to beyond the pipe yard. There was the best support this year with 10 boats out.
16/06/2002 Hampton Regatta Sun, SW 2-3 G4. Good sail except for 1st PM race when top mark was in Platts Eyot cut.
15/06/2002 Hampton Regatta Sat SW 3-4, good sail, steady for the river.
09/06/2002 A horrible day for sailing. A cold South 10-15 knt wind in the morning reducing to 6-10 knt and wet in the afternoon. Very variable, fluky and gusty; it changed from a beat to a run in an instant.
03/06/2002 Excellent weather day for the last day of the Bewl visit; warm with a steady SW 12-15 knt wind, ideal for racing.
01/06/2002 There was excellent weather for the first two days of the visit to Bewl. Sunny with a steady SE 10 knt wind was just right for cruising.
26/05/2002 Unfortunately the bad weather forecast was right. Although there was some sun there was a lot of rain and squalls with a very strong gusty SW wind, generally 2-4, gust 5. In the 14:00 race Mike Baker capsized his SigneT near the cruisers and the concrete edge and while he was being towed back Peter Carpenter had his rudder pintle break and also needed towing back. Charles Dennis was the only one to finish.
12/05/2002 E 1-2 bit patchy. PSPS course of long legs beyond proposed bridge and shorter legs but still pass the clubhouse. Very close BH results; 1 sec/lap between first 3 boats and 5 sec/lap for 4th boat.
28/04/2002 Very windy and gusty W to SW 3-6. Very wet at times. Capsizes and boat failures.
21/04/2002 Fine with a S force 1 to 3 wind, very variable and fluky.
14/04/2002 With a forecast of very calm, ideal for the London Marathon, sailing prospects looked poor especially as there was 1knt current. There was a very light NE wind for the morning fun race. Fortunately by the afternoon the wind had changed to a fairly steady W force 1-2 and there was good sailing.
07/04/2002 Very good, steady by river standards, E 3-4 wind. Excellent sail. Cundy long distance race to Wilson's Ferry at Sunbury combined with 1st pm race.
31/03/2002 Drizzle at start then dry. SW2-3 fluky and gusty. Only 5 boats although 2 had helm as crew due to conditions.