Day started extremely wet with heavy showers and squalls thoughout the day.

Generally SW 10-15knt but very gusty to 20knt and fluky.

A very windy and gusty day SW3-4 gusting 5 and several capsizes.

A warm sunny day with SW 2-3. In the morning there was a cruise up to Sunbury and

PM there was some informal racing.

The day started with zero wind and a heatwave so sailing prospects were grim.

Surprisingly there was a light SW wind at the club; this started at 2knts and and

increased during the day to 10knts. But it was extremily fluky and became gusty.

The previous day there had been a good breeze but true to form for this season there

was only a very light SW wind for Sunday. It looked promising before the start of the

first race but the wind died to a fairly steady 3-5knts and there was still a bit of current.

During the fun race, just to make things worse, there was light rain and even less wind.

The first race started in a good westery breeze but it didn't last and became patchy and

variable. The wind dropped to 0-1 for the afternooon races; but then increased when

racing finished to give some members good cruising.

Regatta day 2 much better. W1-3 fairly steady and dry.

Regatta day 1. W 0-2 very patchy and very wet at times. 0.5knt current. Race 4

cancelled as no wind and wet.

Saturday was good and windy but sunday was back to a light westerly hot and sunny,

full of holes, but better than was expected. There was still about 0.5 knt of current.

HSC regatta Sun. Very hot & fine with very little wind, very light, patchy & variable

with big holes. E 5 knots for sail back to AQSC by a couple of boats, rest towed back.

HSC Regatta Sat. Fine and hot with reasonble E wind at start but then died and very

patchy. Lighter wind PM but less patchy. Best sail was back to the club at a boat

running speed of 4knts.

Another light and variable NW wind with fair amount of current making for a poor sail.

Very patchy and difficult to make way against current.

NNW 0-2 very variable, gusty and fluky again and with the 1knt current sailing was

very difficult. Then just to rub in how bad it was it rained for half the afternoon race.

After we finished racing conditions improved!

At Paxton the wind had moved round to NW and reduced to 10-15knts giving much

more comfortable sailing conditions. At AQSC the NW 10-20knt wind was extremely

gusty, variable and fluky with a 1.5knt current; sailing was very difficult.

The AQSC members who travelled to Paxton for the SigneT Open Meeting

experienced very gusty and shifty 15-20knt NNW wind. Five of the eight entries


Bewl visit club racing. Warm overcast morning, hot & sunny afternoon. SW 10-15

knts. Excellent sailing.

Bewl visit club racing. Warm overcast morning, hot & sunny afternoon. SW 10-15

knts. Excellent sailing.

Bewl visit, cruising. Hot and sunny all day with SW 7-13 knts, excellent sailing


The first day we have manage to race on the river. Moderate current and only very light

E wind. 5 boats towed up to Sunbury Lock with a race back to the club. A bit more

wind PM and just possible to race around two marks about twice the length of the club

house apart.

AQSC Open day. Excellent weather with steady 5-10knt E wind. Ideal condition for

taking newcomers out. Only around 12 visitors.

AQSC Open day. Excellent weather with steady 5-10knt E wind and at last a reduced

current. Ideal condition for taking newcomers out. Around 20 visitors. First use of

safety boat with new diesel engine.

Mid-Thames Trophy Inter club event, moved from Desborough to Littleton. Many from

Littleton, 8 from AQSC, 7 from Desborough, 3 from Staines, 3 from Laleham. Excellent

sailing with 10-15 knt wind. Littleton dominated all races but AQSC 2nd.

Very few at club and still no chance of sailing because current far to strong.
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