E 1-2 bit patchy. PSPS course of long legs beyond proposed bridge and shorter legs

but still pass the clubhouse. Very close BH results; 1 sec/lap between first 3 boats

and 5 sec/lap for 4th boat.

Very windy and gusty W to SW 3-6. Very wet at times. Capsizes and boat failures.

Fine with a S force 1 to 3 wind, very variable and fluky.

With a forecast of very calm, ideal for the London Marathon, sailing prospects looked

poor especially as there was 1knt current. There was a very light NE wind for the

morning fun race. Fortunately by the afternoon the wind had changed to a fairly steady

W force 1-2 and there was good sailing.

Very good, steady by river standards, E 3-4 wind. Excellent sail. Cundy long distance

race to Wilson's Ferry at Sunbury combined with 1st pm race.

Drizzle at start then dry. SW2-3 fluky and gusty. Only 5 boats although 2 had helm as

crew due to conditions.

Very light winds forecast again for the last race day of the season. But it was a fairly

steady ENE 0-1 wind and it was possible to sail all three race. There was a good entry

of 10 boats.

The race start was delayed to 12:00 to see if some wind would appear. Fortunately

there was a few knots steady west wind that just allowed progress against the 1 knot

current and 6 short laps were completed. The wind died soon after the start of the

afternoon race and only one lap could be completed.

The day started with no wind and it looked like no sailing again. By the time we were

ready to sail there was a steady W 1-2 wind and it wasn't difficult to progress against

the 1 knot current. By the afternoon the wind had increased to F2-3. An excellent days

racing with an entry of 8 boats.

A gorgeous hot sunny day BUT 2kts current and zero wind so no chance of sailing. A

small group went up to Sunbury lock in the safety boat; 25 minutes going up hugging

the bank and 12 minutes back.

Weather forecast said a miserable wet day, 4 knt S wind. It was very wet and the wind

seemed very light and there was a 2knt current. Richard, Brian, Keith and Laurie

decided it wasn't worth sailing and drifting down stream. But surprisingly, if they

ignored the rain, those who went out had good races in a steady 6 knt W wind.

South 1-2 gust 3 sometimes 0 winds and very fluky and shifty. Wind increased just

before the PM race and rescue boat Officer Bryan Clements capsized when he went

for a sail. Unfortunately the wind didn't last for the race.

The day started very wet but fortunately it was dry for the morning race. Extremely

gusty and fluky, basically S 2-3 but gusts of up to 5 from all directions. Very wet in the

afternoon with gusts up to 6; very unpleasent.

Very high winds forecast but they didn't arrive. S to SW, some times N, 1-2 gusting 4,

extremely fluky. Wet for the afternoon race.

Fluky & gusty 3-4 N wind, bit lighter PM. At the ST Open at Paxton it was similar but

less fluky and gusty; that direction gives a good sail.

For the third succesive week week we have had a good sail. In the morning the W to

NW 2-3 gusting 4 wind was very fluky. It had dropped a bit for the first afternoon Sprint

race and the second Sprint immediately following was a more pleasent sail as it

wasn't fluky although still gusty.

A fine day with a cold N to NW 5-15 knt wind. Gusty, very shifty and fluky but still a

good sail; having a crew made it a lot easier.

At last a very good days sailing with a fairly steady 5-12knt West wind. The Afternoon

races were given a big improvement by moving the upstream mark from beyond the

slipway to level with the clubhouse. Support is still poor with only 4 boats.

Fine and hot at Bewl with a 5-10 knt NE wind giving easy sailing. Five short course

races of around 20-30 minutes each.

A day of great extremes for the AQSC/ST/FW meeting at Bewl. Hot, but overcast,

with light NE wind for the start of the morning race. Conditions changed to a 25knt

squall with heavy rain followed by zero wind. It then became as black as night with a

30knt squall surrounded by lightning and torrential hail stones. Many capsizes and

retirements. The afternoon race had 5 knt wind with rain at the end.

A pleasant cruising day at Bewl Water with steady 10 knt SW wind.
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