Still poor open day conditions with a very strong gusty and fluky wind. The Bosuns

were the best boat for taking the 10 groups of visitors out.

Terrible conditions for open day. Wet at first. Very gusty and fluky S to SW horrible

wind. Only 2 groups of visitors but 19 members. Clash with Cup final and Boats on


At the Paxton ST open meeting conditions were again ideal with a SW 2 to 4 wind. At

AQSC it was very fluky with a S 2 wind.

At the Paxton Signet open meeting there were ideal sailing conditions with a SW 2 to

4 wind, it was particularly fluky and gusty for the second race.

A fine day but a very gusty fluky 10 to 20knt SW to SE wind for the short fun races.

Fortunately the weather for the Mid Thames Trophy event at Hampton SC was less

windy than forecast and it remained dry. The SW wind was gusting to over 20knts and

it was very fluky giving very exciting sailing with many capsizes. Charles Dennis

broke the mast of his new Laser Radial Rig on its first time out. Hampton SC won and

AQSC were 2nd.

The forecast was for very bad weather and although the strong gusty and shifty

10-25mph (Force 3 to 5) SW wind was as expected it remained dry. Sailing was good

but hairy and crews were used except for Keith Hatton in the Laser who had a total of 6


Excellent conditions for the Easter Egg races with a 2-4 NEE wind. Rather gusty and

the races were full of incidents from capsizes, falling in, gear failure, stuck in trees on

the far bank, and collision with a narrow boat.

Excellent sailing day. Warm with a SE2-3 gust 4, bit shifty but not fluky. In the last

race there was a very rare occurance when Pat Halling capsized on the first lap.

N to NE force 1-3 wind and 0.5knt current fairly cold. SSPP course with the upstream

mark only just above the start line gave a reasonaable sail.

A very fine day and only 0.5knt current although the N to NE 1 gust 2 wind was very

patchy it was a reasonable sail for the 7 boats out for the first sail of the season.

The continueing heavy rain caused a 4knt current and again there was no possibility of

sailing; even the rowers weren't out. A bad ending to a poor sailing season.

After the wet weather there was 3 knots of current with a light west wind. Surprisingly

Bryan was just able to make way against the current near the edge. As it was unlikely

that it would be possible to get round marks and it started to rain racing was cancelled.

We were very lucky that the heavy rain stopped fot the Saturday evening visit to

Kempton Fireworks. Showers were forecast for Sunday but the a.m. and 1st p.m. race

were dry with a 6-10knt SW wind giving a reasonble sail although there was a 2knt

current. The 2nd p.m. race started in pratically no wind and it was very difficult to get

started against the current. Then there was squall with a short period of heavy rain

followed by 10-20 knt gusts.

Again a for a few days before the week end there were dire warnings on how bad the

weather would be on Sunday; this time they were right. Rodger & Richard were at the

club early to straighten and secure boats that had moved; there were gusts of over 40

mph and there was no sailing.

For a few day previous there had been dire warnings of the very wet and windy weather

that would be arriving Sunday; perhaps that was why so few boats were racing. A NE

3 to 6 knot wind with drizzle doesn't sound very good but it was remarkably steady

right up to well beyond the slipway and it was the best sail for months.

Fairly steady E1 increasing to E2 by 2nd pm race. Damp am. and pretty wet by the last


N/NE 1-3 very fluky, wind died at end of 2nd PM race.

S to SE light wind, 1-2 until the last race when it dropped to 0-1. Very fluky and

frustrating in all races

Even by N wind standards it was extremely fluky with 180 degree shifts. To avoid

sailing in front of the club house the starting marks were also used as the upstream

marks. It was light and patchy for the morning race with a bit of rain. Each of the

afternoon races had winds that were light a lot of the time but then over force 4 when

squals of rain came through.
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