Open Day. Wet to start but dry for the visitors. 1-2 knts current and a light wind made it

difficult to make way upstream with the 7 visitors.

With the same conditions as at Staines SC on Saturday sailing was cancelled and 20

members completed many tasks preparing the club for the Open days.

At Staines SC the Mid Thames Trophy event had very little wind and a lot of current. it

was impossible to sail against the current and the event was cancelled. Six Aquarius

boats entered.

From Scotland to the South coast the wind was less than 5 knts. With 1knt current it

was very difficult to make progress. Surprisingly there were 11 boats out helped by 2

sets of visitors. 5 club boats were out.

A very wet nasty day. As it wasn't going to be any fun the Fun race was cancelled.

The first PM race started in the dry with a light S wind but it wasn't long before the rain

started again and it became very gusty up to 4 giving planing. The 2 Grads got blown

on to the lee bank. The 2nd race was very wet thoughout but a bit less gusty.

A fine day with a SSW 2 gust 3 wind giving a good sail for the Wednesday afternoon


Easter Egg Trophy. Unfortunately the weather forecast was right and there was

practically no wind and 1 knot of current. There was a very short 1 lap course and all

boats managed to finish the morning races but only the Lasers were able to finish the

afternoon two races.

The first Wednesday racing for many years took place in a light NW wind with 1 knt of

current; it was less fluky than expected. There were 2 short races and for the second

race the start was moved down to near the outlet as the wind was poor near the club.

Fine with a gusty WSW 4-5 wind caused several capsizes.

The forecast for the first race day of the season was warm and no wind. Fortunately it

was wrong; although the cold wasn't welcome the good 8 knt SW wind was. A new

course configuration was tried using 1 upstream port mark and 3 down stream starboard

marks with the furthest one being rounded 3 times per lap. This gave the helm

something to think about and kept the sailing in the best of the wind. The 1 knt current

caught helm out at the marks.

For the last race day of the season it was very warm for mid November with a WNW

wind starting with a force 1-2 gust 3 but reducing by a force and more shifty in the

afternoon. A good end to the season.

Light rain started before the 'Fun' race; earlier than forcast. There was a light SE wind

that became lighter as the day progressed and the first afternoon race was stopped at 2

laps as boats began drifting and the last race was cancelled.

The day started very wet but it had cleared up by the late start of the fun race.It seemed

very windy but the very shifty SW 2-3 gust 4 didn't give much drive. Soon after

launching the Pico Charles Dennis capsized to windward when there wasn't the wind

he expected.

Although basically a North 1-2 better sail and less cold than might be expected.

Patchy but not too fluky as helped by course being mainly down downstream.

A very cold day with a NE to E 2-3 gust 4 wind. Charles rigged his laser with the

Radial rig but still capsized as he started the first race. In the afternoon Pat Halling

capsized leaving his moorings.

A very gusty day with wind blowing out of the east at 3-4 gusting 5 at times. Both

Lasers capsized several times with the eventual loss of the club Laser's rudder and

tiller. Excellent but tiring sail.

Basically NW at the flags but all over the place on the river. 0-2 gust 3. Capsizes in

both PM races. In the last race the wind was much steadier and more predictable.

Basically NW 1-2 but very variable and fluky; at times good sailing and at other times

no wind. The Signet Open at Ferry Meadows had a fairly steady 2-3 gust 4 which gave

a very good sail.

No wind first thing but there was some wind by the start of racing. Unfortunately it was

southerly and very variable, light and shifty. By the afternoon race there was even less

wind, so as there was no rowing after 15:00 the second afternoon race course included

a lap round 2 bouys by the bridge and the end of Platts Eyot; the wind was much better

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