The wind was basically S 1-2 but it was extremely variable, fairly fluky and shifting

between E & W. Weed was a major problem and large piles of it were dragged out of

the river during the morning; it extended to more than a boat's length from the bank.

An very frustrating day. The S 0-2 wind was extremely fluky for the first 2 races. The

course was changed for the last race with a mark below the rowing club; the wind was

much less fluky but was dropping. Weed was an extreme problem; particularly bad

near the edge but large chunks could be picked up on the rudder and centre board any

where completely stopping a boat. The safety boat picked up so much weed on it's

prop that it wouldn't drive.

There was a very fluky SSE 5-12 knot wind. Sailing was quite good but there was a

lot of weed that kept being picked up on the centre board and rudder in big clumps. The

Signet Nationals at Chichester YC had a week of perfect weather; very hot with a

steady 8-16 knot wind giving super sailing. Richard Cannon is the new Signet

National Champion.

A ENE 5-8 knot wind gave a very good sail. The conditions were good for a sail

upstream so the first afternoon race was set for the Cundy Trophy race with the

upstream mark half way past Rivermead Island at Sunbury.

A good W to SW variable force 2-3 gust 4 in the last race gave an excellent days

sailing. Of the 9 helm 4 capsized. Weed has become a big problem.

It looked as if it was going to be another poor no wind sailing day, but a good West 1-2

gust 3 built up and improved during the day giving an excellent sail.

The best sail for quite a while with a fairly steady West F1-2 most of the time. The

sailing was a bit better upstream of the club.

The WSW force 1-2 wind was quite fluky and there was very light drizzle for the first

race. For the second race there was more S in the wind making it lighter and more

fluky. For the last race it was a bit lighter but less S in it. Better sailing than we have

generally had this year.

The best sailing at AQSC for quite a while but very hard work. the variable W to SW

wind was force 2-4 and became stronger and gustier as the day progressed. There were

4 capsizes. Heavy rain started just as the marks had been put away.

The weather forcast for the SCOA open meeting at Grafham Water was awful; very

wet and windy. Fortunately it didn't materialise and although Wimbleden Tennis was

rained off there were only a few very light showers and the Southery steady force 3 to 4

wind made for very enjoyable sailing.

The second Regatta day also had very variable N to W wind, most of the time it was

very light but at times big gusts especially in the last race when it was very gusty

during showers. There was practically no wind for the Novice and Ladies race.

The Regatta had very variable winds. For the first race there was very little N wind but

for the 2nd race it backed to the west and varied from 2-8 knts giving a much better sail.

It veered to the NW and dropped for the last race giving another poor sail.

Excellent steady W 5-8 knts but during the afternoon members were preparing the club

for the Regatta/BBQ event.

From 17:30 2 new members were taken out in pefect conditions for early stages of

learning to sail.

Extreme variable fluky 0-3knot wind. Came from everywhere but probably basically S.

Very frustrating.

Ideal conditions at Bewl Water; warm with generally a steady 8-14 knots SW wind.

Perfect for new members training.

Ideal conditions at Bewl Water; warm with generally a steady 8-12 knot W wind.

Perfect for new members training.

Extremely variable, light and fluky north wind. Good turn out of 9 boats with several

new members joining in.

Although there was still a 0.5knt current and only a light SWS wind five boats went

out and 4 short races were held. The last started at 19:00.

Still some current and very little variable wind made it very difficult to make way

upstream. The Signet Open meeting at Paxton also had practically no wind.

Open Day. Very similar to Saturday but with 14 visitors. Plenty of members around

gave a very good atmosphere.
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