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Very fine day, quite breezy SE 2-3 nearer S for the last race. Very fluky and

surprisingly about 1 knot of current but it didn't give a problem.

With Easter very early the new sailing season started with the Easter Egg races. The

good news was no current and an East wind forecast, the bad news was it was a

rather light NE although surprisingly steady, The first race was OK with a force 1-2 but

it dropped to a 1 for the last three races. All races were 30 mins.There were 7 ties in the


There was 0.5knt current, there was no wind at first, and it looked as if we wouldn't be

sailing.Fortunately a llight W wind (force 1) develped in time for the Fun race.There was

a bit more wind for the 2pm race and it was a reasonable sail. Unfortunately the wind

dropped for the last race and most helm couldn't complete the 2nd lap so the result

were based on one lap. It was a pity that we finished the season with boats been

towed back.

At first there was no wind and a fair current and we didn't expect to be able to sail.

After lunch there a force 0-1 SE to SW and 4 boats ventured out; Graham Thompson

couldn't get round the upstream mark on the last lap and retired.

There was 2knts of current but the mild NE 1 to 2 wind meant that most of the time

there wasn't a problem making way upstream; there was a difficult choice whether to

go up the middle with more wind but more current or to creep up the S bank. Big

adverse wind shifts at the wrong time made the end of the last race difficult.

The shipping forcast was horrendous with Force 6 to 8 in most areas, including

Thames. Fortunately it was only 3 to 4 at Aquarius but the S wind was extremely

flukey although it was a good sail. The rain didn't start until the evening.

A good sail with a W 2-3, bit variable but good for the river. Bit of rain in the 2nd race

but not enough to worry us (except for Bryan). Only 5 boats.

This day was a classic, even Graham's Bosun, reefed, with he and Bryan onboard

capsized! As for the Lasers sailed by Keith, Nigel and Charles, well they spent more

time inverted than sailing ... it was mayhem. The wind was a good 4 gusting 5 straight

up the river. With everything

released the boats were regularly getting knocked flat. Gybes were virtually impossible

and most crews reported later that even tacking was difficult

because they couldn't get the boats to turn through the wind. Some of the capsizes on

the run were spectacular to say the least. There were around 30 capsizes.

SE 2-3 but very variable wind which picked up a little for the afternoon races. 4 boats

sailed, including a perspective junior member.

A force 1 gusting 2 to 3 variable west wind at Aquarius. A the Ferry Meadows Signet

Open Meeting a stronger force 3 gust 4 wind gave a good sail. Michael Stevens won

the Signet Annual Junior Trophy and Richard Cannon the Signet Annual Points


A West F 2-3 quite gusty 4 with shifts to NW or SW. There is less weed after raking a

lot out but constant checking of CB and rudder is still needed.

A very gusty and shifty SW 10-15knt wind but there was no race entry. Duncan Martin,

a new member, in the Pico and Laurie Bridges in his cruiser had good sailing.

The Mid Thames Trophy event held at Staines SC had a good but hard sail with a S to

SW 10-15knt, gust 20 and very shifty, wind straight upstream. The very rough 2nd race

had 4 retirements. AQSC won.

The spell of fine weather continued with a 0 to 3knt wind. It was difficult to determine

the direction; it seemed Easterly but at times it was nearer South or North at the same

time. It was better towards the end of the last race. We had a good turn out of 10 boats.

Although only 2 AQSC boats went to the Bewl short course handicap racing Regatta

the conditions were perfect; fine and hot with a W 10- 18 knts wind, it was shifty for

Bewl and there were a fair number of capsizes. Richard Cannon with Liz Archer

crewing won the 3rd race, was 5th overall and won the 'Ton Up' trophy' for helm and

crew ages totalling 100.

There was an exellent sail at Littleton SC for the Signet Open Meeting. There was a

SW 8-15 knt wind although it was quite shifty. Michael Stevens was helming Richard

Cannon's ST368 and did very well to come 2nd with a 1st and 2 2nd places.
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