Date Notes
19/11/2000 The last Sunday with sailing scheduled for this year. Water level nearly down to normal but still a fast current with a force 2-3 West wind but one boat did sail. Charles Dennis took the Club Pico out for its first sail and could just about hold his own against the current.
12/11/2000 River still very high and flowng fast so no sailing again.
05/11/2000 Good East wind but there was a 5kt current due to the weeks storms and it was too dangerous to go out. Racing cancelled for the 3rd consecutive week; possibly the first time this has happened.
29/10/2000 Extremely gusty & fluky with 2kt current. Keith Hatton and Michael Stevens took the Club Laser out but it wasn't possible to make way against the current and Michael was towed back to the Club. Racing cancelled for the 2nd consecutive week.
22/10/2000 Zero wind and 2 knot current made no chance of sailing a course so racing cancelled.
15/10/2000 Near enough zero wind a.m. together with 0.5knt current made it very difficult to get round a very short PP course. 4 boats only managed 1 lap, 2 did 2 laps and 2 did 3 laps.Much better by the end of the 1st p.m. race and 14 laps were done over the same course with the wind changing from N to E during the race.
08/10/2000 Very light and variable, SW to NE, especially for first race. 0.5knt current. First race 1 lap fun race while other boats finished rigging.
01/10/2000 SW 0- gust 4. Wet day. Five stbd marks with a lap around down stream marks. 11 entries in second race.
24/09/2000 Another terrible day although the forecast was a hot day with 10mph wind and possibly rain late in the day. Very heavy rain while rigging and no wind for racing. Rained throughout the p.m. race. The only saving grace was there was no current. After the p.m. race, and the fun race cancelled, the rain stopped, the wind picked up and a couple went out and had a good sail.
17/09/2000 Fine but very little wind again, WSW 0-1, very fluky and variable. Lucky almost no current as there had been very heavy rain during the week. Saturday had been a windy day. The Signet Ferry Meadows open meeting cancelled due to petrol crisis.
10/09/2000 A very fine hot day but terrible sailing with practically no wind; at least there was no current.
03/09/2000 N 0-2 gust 3 very variable and fluky. PorS SPP, line mark used as upstream mark. Down stream start, upstream finish.
20/08/2000 Yet another very poor sailing day. Some current and as good as zero wind of variable direction but mainly W.
13/08/2000 Southerly 0-2 extremely variable and fluky, not pleasent sailing. Bryan Clements did exceptionally well wining the 2 Sprint Series races on boat and personal handicap.
06/08/2000 Rather light SW wind. At Ullswater the Signets had very good sailing conditions except for the first Sunday when there was practically no wind for the practice race. The rest of the week was force 2-5, mainly 3-4 wind.
30/07/2000 Rather light W wind. Signets away at ST Week and 3 fun races. The 2nd one was a cuise race to an upstream channel marker.
23/07/2000 The day started damp with very light N wind but by the time we started racing it was fine and the wind increased to a NE-E 2-3 giving excellent sailing.
16/07/2000 N 0-1 gust 2, very cold first thing. Used mark on start line as upstream mark to avoid going in lee of club. For fun race started when all boats in a line to do a slalom course of 6 marks; worked well.
09/07/2000 AM was very good with W3-4 fairly steady for the river. Not many boats as some cruised and others crewed. PM disappointing because after some lunch time rain wind dropped to about zero. Heavy rain soon after racing finished.
02/07/2000 Even less wind than yesterday but 11 boats. Paddling allowed in a fun race. The ladies (Madeline Hatton)/novice (Michael Stevens) race was combined with the 3rd Regatta Trophy (Mark Hollamby) race.
01/07/2000 Weather was true to forecast except drier. This was good for the very successful and well attended (65) Jazz/BBQ but bad for the Regatta because there was hardly any wind and some current. In spite of this there were 9 boats. Paddling allowed in a fun race. The wind improved slightly for the last race.
25/06/2000 A very light NE-NW wind. In the AM race the start line distance marks were also the turning marks to minimise sailing in the lee of the clubhouse. For the PM races after the start all the racing was round marks down stream of the club; it worked well.
18/06/2000 Hampton Regatta, very hot, F2-3 SE-SW shifty but good sail. 7 boats towed, one sailed down.
17/06/2000 Hampton Regatta, very hot but good 2-4 SW-SE shifty but good sail. 5 boats towed down, one more later. Club boat shroud broke.
11/06/2000 Good sailing day. W2-3 with .5knt current. Fairly steady AM but gusty PM.
04/06/2000 At AQSC wind kept dropping WSW 0-2 with 1.5knt current at first then 2knts, job to beat against curent. SCOA Open Meeting at Paxton had a fine day with S2-3 wind, very pleasent sailing.
03/06/2000 SCOA Open at Paxton. Fine but zero wind, 1hr for 1 lap.
29/05/2000 Much better day, fine with W F4 wind. Torrential hailstorm as packing up.
28/05/2000 Another very windy day, F5-6. One handicap start PM as only 6 BVSC and 3 AQSC boats.
27/05/2000 Extremely wet windy day at Bewl. F5-6, 2" rain over 24 hrs. David Ginn taken out, by Richard Cannon, for short sail during a lull .
21/05/2000 Day started wet and no wind. By a late start at 12:10 it was dry and the wind was NW F1-2. For PM the wind was W with gusts of F3. There was heavy rain at the end of the last race.
20/05/2000 Fairly warm & fine day for a pub lunch at Peaslake, and visit to Coverwood Lakes and Gardens; 27 members and friends took part.
14/05/2000 A fine day which started with very light wind for the first race so difficult to go against the bit of current. It was much better for the afternoon races. There were 9 boats even though there was a Signet Open Meeting.
06/05/2000 The Open weekend was blessed with excellent weather and the current had subsided. We had 33 visitors and 2 joined on the day.
30/04/2000 Didn't expect to sail as more rain and 3knt current but 1-2 E wind just allowed progress upstream. Wind seemed to drop pm so Sprint races not held, but then when putting boats away thought we could have raced.
23/04/2000 Still very fast current so no sailing. A number of jobs were done (grass strimmed on bank, longe double doors treated, general gardening on bank, painting on safety boat) so the Club has benefited.
16/04/2000 The raging torrent due to heavy rain during the week meant there was no possibility of sailing. Instead great progress was made on resurfacing the upper patio.
09/04/2000 The current had dropped from the raging torrent of during the week and the strong, and gusty, NEE wind gave a good sail. But there were a number of capsizes and Richard Cannon was rescued twice while sailing Laurie Bridges Signet. Robert Britton handled his newly aquired Graduate very well.
02/04/2000 E 0-1 a.m. increasing during the day to 1-2 gust 3 for the last race. very patchy. First sprint races worked well.
26/03/2000 Very little wind, W 0-1 with about 1knt current. Very difficult to make way against current.