8Oct2001 Aquarius Murder Mystery Evening 6th October

So it was on Saturday evening at the club the scene was set for murder and intrigue. Nineteen suspects turned up to play out these dastardly deeds. The curtains were closed, the Bar, I'm pleased to say was open, the food laid out, chairs were placed appropriately in two groups. Everyone was asked to take their places. With Characters decided, evidence information and rules were read the evening began.

Murder on Misty Island was a story of loves lost and found, of Students meeting again after ten years on Misty Island now owned by Gertrude whose Uncle Henry had left it to her. Now there was no one on the Island except the Reunion of eight people all with their success stories and their failings much of which became apparent as the evening wore on. Yes there was murder much more I'm not prepared to talk about, needless to say we all had our reasons and motives but only one was guilty and of course was eventually rumbled. Some took notes others didn't, it mattered not in the end, we all had a good laugh.

Murder in Silver Screen City included 10 suspects with notable names such as Sue Spender and Losta Morals to name but two. The murder took place at Sound Stage 13 unlucky for one. All were gathered for a Firework party and during the loud bangs the oohs and rrrrs a single shot was fired which killed, would you believe, Samuel O'Snuffit!!.. Much laughter ensued as the suspects played out their characters.

We all stopped half way through for much needed refreshment, Continuing at 10pm to complete the games by 11pm. This game also had its success stories as well as it's failures and of course good won over evil and the murderer was caught.

We all live to tell the tale, of good company, much laughter, and a wonderful evening, Thanks to all who turned up, to those who provided the eats and manned the bar, and perhaps to another fun evening some time in the future.

Janet and her partner in crime Bob