10May2002 Mid-Thames Trophy 2002

The first Club away visit of 2002 was to take part in the Mid-Thames Trophy event, hosted by Desborough SC this year, on Monday 6 May.

As Desborough SC is only a short trip upstream Bryan Clements with Michael Stevens towed three Graduate up there on Sunday with the safety boat. En route he took the opportunity to fill the safety boat with very low cost diesel at Shepperton Marina; it should last us for the season.

The Mid-Thames Trophy is an inter-club event between Desborough SC, Staines SC, Littleton SC, Aquarius SC and Hampton SC. with clubs taking turns to host it. As usual it was dominated by the host club with 10 boats, Aquarius did well to have 5 boats, Staines SC and Littleton SC each had 2 boats, Hampton SC was represented by their Commodore but no boat.

The Aquarius team was Mark Stevens and Robert Britton in a Grad, Rodger Wheeler and Fin Gloyn in the club Grad, Brian Clements and Peter Carpenter in a Grad, Richard Cannon and Bob Gloyn in a Signet, and Charles Dennis in a Laser.
Race Positions and Final Results
Place Club Helm Crew Boat Race
          1 2 3
1. DSC Adam Baxter   Moth 1 1 1
2. DSC Terry Moody   N12 3 4 2
3. DSC Phil Gorham   Moth 2 3 8
4. SSC G.Tompkins   Moth 5 8 4
5. DSC G.Hurst   Ent. 14 6 3
6. SSC D.Miles   N12 16 7 5
11. ASC C.Dennis   Laser 10 15 7
14 ASC M Stevens Robert Britton Grad 7 10 R
16. ASC R,Cannon Bob Gloyn ST 18 13 9
17. ASC R.Wheeler Fin Gloyn Grad 19 18 14
19. ASC B.Clements Peter Carpenter Grad 17 19 R
Team Result Points
1. Desborough 48
2. Aquarius 60
3. Staines 177
4. Littleton 216

Unfortunately the East wind, although the best for the Aquarius reach, was the worst direction for the Desborough reach. It was very light for the morning race and although stronger for the afternoon there was still no wind around the first mark and each lap the fleet tended to collect there. It seemed even more fluky and variable than it usually is at Aquarius. The short course was 3 port hand marks.

One rule that differed to ours was that if a mark was touched it was re-rounded. With mark 1 this could mean that while you were trying to re-round the boats around you could complete a lap.

The fleet was split into two starts, one for fast and one for slow boats, to reduce congestion on the start line; the results for the two starts were combined.