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News and Future updated 19Oct

Photos from events are in Google Photos and stories are in the Stories page

Burns Night 2017

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Dutyman dutylist

The RYA Push The Boat Out Open Days, 20/21 May, were very successful especially Sunday when members were kept very busy with 54 visitors; photos.

There was a working party on 13 May to make the club fit for the Open Days; story.

On 22 April the Italian evening was a great success; photos, story.

21 March The Sailing Duty Rota is on line. This year DutyMan is used to manage Duties.

At the Start of Season Party on Saturday 18 March Rodney Hogg gave 26 members an extremely interesting talk on his climb to the summit of Mount Everest.

On 12 March 22 members were at a damp work party; story.

All 2016 news items have been archived and can be accessed from here.

The 2017 Sailing and Social program is on line, as pdfs (better for printing) web page, program card.

Personal Items

And now a word from our sponsors (i.e. The AQSC Management Committee). Please remove all personal items from the changing rooms at the end of the sailing day. The changing rooms are NOT storage areas and items left there WILL be disposed of. You have been warned!

Also there is far to much in the store room; it is not for storage of personal items that are seldom used and all items left there MUST be identified with the owner name or sail number else it may be disposed of.
Mike Baker

Future Events

19 November Although the scheduled sailing season has ended there will continue to be Sunday sailing while conditions are suitable; we haven't had prolonged heavy rain so the river doesn't have much current. The weather forecast is fine, 8C, 8 mph WNW wind so it should be suitable for sailing. I will be available for OOD, from 10:30, and Mike and Jean have volunteered for AOD, Patrol boat, BBQ and cakes.

The next committee meeting is on Monday 15 January 2018 at 7:30pm.


18 November The November issue of Sunbury Matters had a story Slum Boats - The EA Responds that may be of interest.

12 November was fine with a strong cold NW wind. Quite a few members were clearing up after the Annual dinner; no one wanted to go sailing.

11 November Annual Dinner Story, Photos

On October 14 34 members enjoyed a delicious Oktoberfest Bavarian supper with extremely tender beef and pork, Oktoberfest history.

On 16 September there was a great Tramps and Trollops Dinner Evening; story.

15 July Hog Roast story photos by Frank Rainsborough

The AQSC Regatta on 17-18 June had the 2 hottest days of the year with very little wind. Liz Archer won the Regatta Trophy. The results are on line.

On Sunday 26 March conditions were perfect for the start of the 2017 sailing season; fine, warm and importantly an ideal 8 to 15 mph ENE wind, our best direction. Super for the practice starts of the 14:00 TFC event.