This was written before DutyMan was active. Please let Richard (01932 786636) know of any changes that will improve it.

There is a radical change in the way reallocation of duties and updating of the duty list takes place and how members are reminded of a duty.

In past years a continuously updated list of race duties was displayed on the club's website and the sailing secretary used email and phone calls to remind members of upcoming duties.

In 2017 the list of duties on the website will be only the initial allocation, as after a period of testing the club has decided to adopt the widely used DutyMan system to control the allocation and reallocation of race duties by generating emails to remind you with the option to accept, or reject and request a swap. It is very easy to use and needs little support.

Introduction of DutyMan System

User's guides, from DutyMan, Royal Forth Yacht Club, Emsworth Sailing Club.

Only your name, email address and duty dates have been loaded onto the DutyMan system. When logged onto the DutyMan system you will only see the names of the members with whom you are interacting. We are required, however, to send you the following notice:

“We share information with a third-party for duty management processing.  Any person who does not want his or her name to appear on the website may set his or her DutyMan profile to anonymous using Profile in the menu.  You may wish to refer to the DutyMan Privacy Statement which sets out their commitment to protecting peoples privacy.”

You will receive a welcome email with a username and password, and emails a week or so before duties; follow the instructions in the email to accept, or reject and request a swap.