15Nov2000 Flood Effects 7Nov2000

Exported picture Willow tree, 34kb Dingies & cruisers looking East, 18kb Cruiser over bank, 17kb Phantom with stern under water, 22kb Dinghies & cruisers looking West, 17kb Signet about to float, 21kb Club storage lockers, 27kb Safety boats, 16kb

Aquarius Sailing Club didn't escape the effects of the floods that hit the country. As there was over 300mm of water over the bank (reaching the second step up to the Clubhouse) Richard Cannon walked up to checked the boat berths. He had to abort the first attempt because the water was over the top of his wellingtons and it was too cold.

After going home to change into dry suit and life jacket he succeeded, although at first it was very unnerving walking through the fast flowing water, upto his knees, without being able see what you were walking on.

So far the boats seem to be surviving. The Hawker safety boat, on the path just outside the Club, was floating above it's launch trolley. A couple of boats weren't tied down so tethers were made to the boats in front. The most upstream cruiser looked as it was well overlaping the bank.

During the couple of hours he was at the Club the water had risen another 25mm. Frank Trotman went to look at his boat in the evening and the water had risen a further 300mm and reached the top of his legs. Rivermead Island at Sunbury was fully covered by the river.

Thames Water have had the willow tree branch broken in the storms last week removed; the tree looks a lot smaller now. Mike Baker Story