16Sep2001 Fish & Chip Supper and Treasure Island - 15Sep2001

Mary Dennis devised quiz with a difference to entertain twenty three members.

There were three teams; The Pong Gos, The Hot Totties and The Tarzans. The teams were stranded in a dense jungle and questions were answered or a dice thrown to progress out of the jungle, or go deeper into it if a wrong answer was given or an odd dice number thrown. In normal Aquarius fashion the rules changed as the game progessed.

There was an interlude and chat time when the fish and chips arrived.

Not content with just giving us a Treasure Island Mary had three more items to amuse us. First each team had to cut a sheet of news paper so that it could be laid in a continuous circle; the Pong Gos made the largest circle. Then a member from each team was blind folded and had to walk along a masking tape line laid on the floor keeping at least one foot in contact with the line at all times. To finish each team had to write down a list of fruit and vegetables, one for each letter of the alphabet; a point was given for each name that was only included in one teams list.

Many thanks to our resourceful Mary for giving us such an enjoyable evening.