Sailing Duty Roster for 2017

Dutyman duty list, Introduction of DutyMan
    In 2017 you will receive reminder emails of your Sailing Duties from DutyMan instead from the Saiing Secretary, you will have the option of accepting, or rejecting and requesting a swap; follow the instructions in the email. The up to date Duty list is DutyMan; it is working well so the duty list that was on this page has been removed.
    Dutyman isn't limited to race duties. Bar duties and Chestnut Sunday duties on 14 May are on it; volunteers are needed. Other events will be add as necessary.
    If you are unable to attend on your duty day please arrange a swap with another member using DutyMan. If you are unable to use Dutyman please speak to a principal sailing member member who should be able to help you. If you arrange a swap not using DutyMan the swap MUST be added to DutyMan for it to be effective.  

    A Race Management Guide for duty officers is available in the Clubhouse and on the website. The patrol boat should be manned until 5:30 pm, or until the last boat has finished sailing if earlier, so members can continue sailing safely after racing finishes.
    Duties: The OOD is responsible for organising the provision of cakes and milk for the afternoon tea, for removing the contents of the kitchen waste bin and replacing the bin liner at the end of the day. He should ensure any visitors are greeted and someone looks after them.
    The desigated bar duty person for Sunday may delegate the duty to another member of the bar committee if one is available. Bar service may not be available during races.
    Members will be relying on you so please ensure you undertake your allotted duties.
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