Sailing Duty Roster for 2013  Updated 18Oct2013

    Please make a note in your diaries when you are on duty. If you are unable to attend on your duty day please find your own substitute and notify the Sailing Secretary, Richard Cannon, on 01932 786636, or Email the webmaster using the link in the banner, of the change. The website is the master duty roster and should be used to check the the latest duties when arranging a swap.
    For privacy the phone numbers have been removed from the sailing duty lists, Duty officers should refer to the duty list they were sent earlier in the year for phone numbers.
    Duties added, changed, and not done are displayed like this.
  A  Race Management Guide for OOD duties is available in the Clubhouse and on the website. The patrol boat should be manned until 5:30 pm, or until the last boat has finished sailing if earlier, so members can continue sailing safely after racing finishes.
    The OOD is responsible for organising the provision of cakes and milk for the afternoon tea, for removing the contents of the kitchen waste bin, and replacing the bin liner, at the end of the day. He should ensure any visitors greeted and someone looks after them.
    The desigated bar duty person for Sunday may delegate the duty to another member of the bar committee if one is available. Bar service may not be available during races.
    Members will be relying on you so please ensure you undertake your allotted duties.
31 Mar Richard Cannon Liz Archer G Thompson R Clough Richard Cannon BST begins, Easter egg 4 races
07 Apr M Hendra G Bray J Maracchi J Bray Robert Britton R Cannon G Bray  
14 Apr John Panting Brenda Panting
Tim Golding Peter Carpenter
21 Apr Nigel Knowles John Botterill
Darren Best
G Thompson L Bridges P Carpenter N Knowles  
28 Apr Bryan Clements Nathan Dixon R Clough G Thompson Graham Thompson  
05 May
G Bray M Hendra J Bray J Maracchi L Bridges R Clough G Bray R Cannon   
11 May
C Bridger R Wheeler
Alan Mackintosh
Stuart Schafer Rodger Wheeler Open Day
12 May Nigel Knowles Di Howley
Phil Howley
Nigel Knowles Open Day
19 May Leo Bond Anne Bond J Botteril N Knowles Nigel Knowles SCOA Frensham Ponds
26 May Peter Carpenter Les Cumming Ken Ayres P Bryan Peter Carpenter Visit to Bewl Monday
02 June Cath Bridger Rachel Hollond John Neale Richard Cannon
09 Jun Laurie Bridges
David Pryde Keith Poncia Graham Thompson
16 Jun M Hendra J Botterill John Peperell
Julian Snell

Hampton SC Regatta, AQSC fun sailihg
22 Jun Frank Rainsborough Robin Hoyle Rodger Wheeler Rodger Wheeler AQSC Regatta. SigneT AQSC Open
23 Jun Mike Baker Frank Addouche Robert Britton Mike Baker AQSC Regatta
30 Jun Stuart Schafer Ken Ayres Peter Carpenter Peter Carpenter  
07 Jul M Gatehouse E Bridgewater
S Schafer M Gatehouse Don Barnett Mike Baker

14 Jul John Panting Brenda Panting B Clements C Bridger Richard Cannon
21 Jul R Cannon S Lunniss Jeanette Buncher T Hilton Mike Baker Mike Baker Molesey Youth/Disabled event  No sailing down stream of AQSC
28 Jul Graham Thompson Michael Ryman B Clements D Grigg Graham Thompson SigneT Week  start
04 Aug R Wheeler J Neale L Wheeler R Hoyle M Chipps R Wheeler M Baker SigneT Week end
11 Aug M Baker R Wheeler J Neale L Wheeler G Coletta M Baker R Wheeler  
18Aug Mick Rogers Paul Bryan
Keith Poncia George Bray  
25 Aug Gordon Courtney Evelyn McElroy John Botterill
John Botterill
3 day visit to Bewl Water SC
01 Sep Mike Baker
Justin Flack
R Cannon P Carpenter R Cannon P Carpenter  
08 Sep Graham Thompson Joan Courtney D Grigg B Clements Graham Thompson
15 Sep J Botterill M  Hendra
S Schafer J Hendra Don Barnett Mike Hendra  
22 Sep George Bray Joan Bray John Neale
George Bray
29Sep Michael Chipps Darren Best P Carpenter L Bridges
Peter Carpenter
SigneT Paxton Lakes Saturday and Sunday
06 Oct Liz Archer R Canon A Sykes Michael Gatehouse Rodger Wheeler
13 Oct Frank Rainsborough Joan Walkden Phil Howley
Richard Cannon  
20 Oct G Courtney E Bridgewater Ken Ayres C Bridger B Clements
Mike Baker
27 Oct Ken Ayres Di Howley Phil Howley Richard Cannon BST ends
03 Nov Pat Halling John Vaughan Tim Golding
Nigel Knowles
10 Nov John Panting Brenda Panting L Bridges P Carpenter P Carpenter R Cannon