Sailing Duty Roster for 2007Updated 21Oct07

    Please make a note in your diaries when you are on duty. If you are unable to attend on your duty day please find your own substitute and notify the Sailing Secretary, Richard Cannon on 01932 786636 (or Email the webmaster using the link in the banner) of the change.
    On the Monday after your duty the OOD is asked to telephone the officers on duty the following week to remind them of their forthcoming duty.
    Duties not done are shown as gray, changed as gray struck through. Duties added are in bold italic
    A copy of the instruction sheet for OOD duties is available in the Clubhouse. Will all those due for patrol boat duty ensure they receive training, if necessary, before their Duty day.
    The OOD is responsible for organising the provision of cakes and milk for the afternoon tea.
    Members will be relying on you so please ensure you undertake your allotted duties.
25 Mar Richard Cannon Anne Bond Pat Irving Laurie Bridges  
01 Apr Peter Carpenter Sarah Herbert
Roy Clough John Botterill  
08 Apr Nigel Knowles Rose Downes Tony Adcock  Easter Egg
15 Apr Eric Bridgewater Cath Bridger John Botterill Roy Clough  
22 Apr Rodger Wheeler Linda Wheeler Mick Rogers B Clements  
29 Apr Richard Cannon Pat Irving Anne Bond David Jennings Mid Thames Trophy  Saturday
Fun and training races new members 
06 May Richard Cannon Kate Valentine M Grace
G Thompson C Dennis
12 May Laurie Bridges R Wheeler Mandy Grace L Wheeler John Botterill Open Day
13 May George Bray
Joan Bray Mike Baker Open Day
20 May Tony Allen Brenda Allen/Liz Archer Graham Thompson SCOA Paxton
03 Jun Bray G N Knowles Grant Guildford
David Jennings  
10Jun Rodger Wheeler Leo Bond Stuart  Schafer
17 Jun Mike Baker C Dennis Joan Walkden Joan Bray Brian Clements
23 Jun
Eric Bridgewater Mark Cordwell R Cannon  AQSC Regatta
24 Jun George Bray Joan Bray M Rogers  AQSC Regatta
08 Jul John Neale G Thompson Tony Carman Gordon Courtney  
15 Jul Brian Clements Mark Benning Stuart  Schafer SCOA Grafham Sat
22 Jul R Wheeler E Bridgewater John Vaughan Spencer Richard Cannon  Molesey Youth/Disabled event
29 Jul Laurie Bridges
David Grigg Ron Munden  
05 Aug Pat Halling Jeremy Baverstock David Jennings Charity sail
12 Aug Brian Clements M Rogers
07967 298511
John Neale/Liz Archer Gus Coletta  ST Week  start
19 Aug John Neale
Michael Chipps M Grace C Dennis G Thompson  ST Week end
26 Aug Charles Dennis Mike Baker
Linda Wheeler M Chipps
Gordon Courtney  Fun sailing
02 Sep Nigel Knowles Anne Bond/Liz Archer Peter Carpenter  SCOA at Aquarius Sailing Club
09 Sep G Thompson J Neale Simon Lunniss
Richard Cannon  
16 Sep Peter Carpenter Alan Gould/Liz Archer Stuart Schafer  SCOA Ferry Meadows
23 Sep Pat Halling Mark Benning Charles Dennis  
30 Sep John Botterill Paul Salmon R Clough G Courtney  
07 Oct Tony Allen Brenda Allen G Courtney R Clough  
14 Oct Eric Bridgewater L Bridges
Tony Hopkins Tony Adcock
21 Oct Eric Bridgewater Paul Salmon Pat Halling  
28 Oct John Money Laurie Bridges K Valentine
Alan Gould  
04 Nov Mike Baker Cath Bridger Mick Rogers  
11 Nov George Bray
Joan Bray Richard Cannon