08Apr2002 Cundy Long Distance Race

The Cundy Trophy is traditionally allocated to a long distance race. As a good sail away from our immediate reach requires suitable wind conditions, preferably a steady Easterly, it is not allocated a fixed date in the program but is sailed when conditions are suitable. It wasn't sailed in 1991 and 1992.

On Sunday 7 April 2002 it was fine with a 8-15knt Easterly wind, fairly steady by river standards. After the morning Fun race it was thought that the conditions would be good for a long distance race upstream. The Spring Series first race would also be for the Cundy Trophy.

As we didn't know what the conditions would be like upstream the plan was for the safety boat to lead the fleet running upstream and drop a mark when a suitable spot was reached for either one or two laps.

Charles Dennis spoilt the plan by running into some trees out of control. He jumped out but found the water was up to his neck; his second ducking of the day with out wearing wet gear. He had to capsize the Laser to get it out of the trees. After waiting for him to recover the safety boat was unable to catch up with the rest of the fleet.

Michael Stevens was leading and continued past Sunbury Lock as far as the Wilson Ferry; he sensibly used this as a turning line. His race time was 48 mins. Unfortunately this was 1:30min to long for him to win the Trophy.

Bryan Clements decided it was too windy to sail his Graduate with out a crew and Richard Cannon was delighted to be able to take him as crew in his Signet; they won the Trophy on Personal Handicap.

The second race in the afternoon, the SPA series race 1, was 2 laps using the channel sign post at the end of the next wider bit of river. This time it was Michael Stevens turn to run into the trees.

Surprisingly generally the wind was nicer upstream than downstream; it was less gusty. It was a great pleasure racing upstream almost as far as it is possible to go.

Although for various reasons there were only 4 boats out, the Club was busy with 16 members present to enjoy the delicious cakes provided by Linda Tillman and Magaret Tomkins.