Before lunch Frank Goodall managed to have a sail and practice roll tacking in a gentle SE breeze.

Thirty eight members enjoyed a superb lunch with a menu comprising 24 items, party poppers and crackers; tremendous value for £6.

The meal was organised and prepared by Rodger Wheeler with much help from Linda; he had unexpected difficulties with his oven at home failing in the morning and some of the heaters in the Aquarius cookers not working properly.

The name ‘Cheats’ started because it was chicken and not turkey but this time it was turkey.

Many thanks to our 5 junior members who were serving, and to the many others who helped in the preparing, serving and clearing up at the end.

Various activities were scheduled for after the meal but there wasn’t time for them to take place.

Annual Cheats Christmas Lunch
Sunday 11 December 2011 Story

The following items were included in the menu:


Bottles of water

Baguette and butter

Minestrone soup


Roast turkey

Sage and onion stuffing

Lincolnshire sausages

Pigs in blankets (sausage in bacon)

New potatoes

Roast potatoes

Brussels sprouts



Bread sauce

Cranberry sauce



Christmas pudding

Brandy sauce

Mince pies

Chocolate log

Ice cream




Twilight mint chocolates

Some of the serving team

Pictures by Frank Rainsborough

Some of the serving team

Some of the preparing, serving and clearing up team

Some of the preparing, serving and clearing up team