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Virus Strikes Again

I suppose the more you use a computer ‘on line’ the more likely you are to contract a virus. This time ‘Over Easy’ was hit by the W32 Blaster E.Worm, a particularly nasty bug that even Microsoft itself is having trouble with.

Not that I don’t have an up-to-date anti virus system, its just that every now and again a new strain of virus appears which defies all the odds. The effect of this worm makes fixing it very difficult to sort out, if for no other reason that as soon as you go on-line to down load the necessary software it shuts your system down before the fix can be imported. Very frustrating!

So at times likes these I do what I always do and called Richard (The PC Doctor) Cannon. He downloaded the ‘removal tool’ to disk from Microsoft’s website and brought it over to my place. We then loaded it in to do battle with W32 Blaster E.Worm.

I don’t know what electronic warfare looks like, as conducted within the guts of a PC, but it seemed to work. Anyway I haven’t had a re-occurrence since, so I assume ‘we’ won.

Don’t you just love the bastards who’ve got nothing better to do than design computer viruses? The trouble is, if you believe what you read, these are the very people that the likes of Microsoft are likely to employ because their geniuses. That’s not what I’d call them. On the positive side I’ve got my own genius in the shape of ‘Tricky Dicky’ and I’ll back him to sort out whatever nasty comes down the telephone line.

Mike (Back on line and virus free (until the next time)) Baker