Summer 2004


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Sailing Secretary Report

Although we have been fortunate not to have any strong current this year the wind has generally been very light and there have been few good sailing days.

The Mid Thames Trophy event at Stains SC club was abandoned because there was no wind to make way against the moderate current.

The weather forecast for the late Spring holiday at Bewl Water was terrible but luckily it was wrong and there was excellent sailing.

There is sailing with racing and training on Wednesday afternoons and evenings from 4pm targeting our increasing number of retirees but all are welcome.

At the Hampton SC regatta there was very little very fluky wind and ironically there would have been good sailing at Aquarius.

Although the weather was poor for the club open days a good proportion of the visitors joined and are joining in events.

We hope for improved conditions for the rest of the season.

Richard Cannon

Dinghy's go walkabout

Over the last quarter two of our dinghies have been taken from the club. Luckily both have been recovered; But it raises a point about security.

I would suggest that Lasers and similar craft, drawn up on the bank just past the reservoir overflow sluice, really need to be chained down. Aquarius has already sunk tyres into the ground between the club Lasers and these are now chained down through their center board slots. I would urge private owners to do likewise.

Would members using club Laser's please take care when launching them over the bank. One of our recently repaired Laser's has been re-damaged because the bow overhang caught the edge of the wall and peeled the decking, in that area, off the hull. That boat cannot now be used, until it is repaired, because it's taking on water into the hull cavity.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker