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First Sail of the Year

Sunday 28 March saw the first scheduled racing of the 2004 season at Aquarius. There was a decent breeze and the stream wasn't running too fast.

Richard was OOD, ably assisted by Laurie Bridges and Bryan Clements in the safety boat. Richard, in a fit of pique because he wasn't racing, set one of the most fiendish courses we've had at Aquarius in a long time.

I've never seen so many confused sailors. Some sailed the right course but the wrong way round. Some did double sausages not singles. Some forgot which sausage they were on so went around again, just in case. Some played pin ball with the marks. The record was by one sailor hitting every one during one race. Richard really has got a perverse sense of humour when he puts his mind to it.

Anyway a good time was had by all, nobody capsized and lunch was basically everything that didn't get eaten at the party the night before. Not a bad first sail!

Mike (Over Easy) Baker


I would like to thank all the guys who helped in the construction of the new club extension.

These included Ron Mundon; Bryan Clements; Dave Jennings for his carpentry skills; Richard Cannon for his experienced roofing skills; John Neale and Margaret Tomkins for their painting skills, and finally BUT BY NO MEANS LAST Bodgett senior, a.k.a. Nigel Knowles, for his expertise in planning, procurement, building, electrics and supply of the most amazing array of power tools you could wish for. Not to mention also being a thoroughly nice guy.

Thanks everyone (including those guys who helped dig out the foundations during the last working party) an excellent job which couldn't have been done without you. (P.S. Sorry lads, no salary increases or bonuses available this time but I'd be proud to stand you a pint or two anytime!)

Mike (Bodgett junior) Baker