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Early May Bank Holiday

It was Keith's 60th birthday over the Bank Holiday weekend. This auspicious event was suitably celebrated down at Roy Melsom's place in Kent.

On the Sunday we ended up at Chatham Naval Dockyard. A fantastic place which, if you haven't already been their, I can thoroughly recommend. Meanwhile I understand you guys moved mountains at the club on Saturday. I had a report from Nigel before he and Anne left for a well deserved holiday in the Scilly Islands. It made interesting reading and so I decided to include an edited version of it in this article .

“To: Bodgit Senior

From: Bodgit Junior

Date: 01/05/04

Subject: Work Party

We had an excellent turnout today and a lot of useful work was done despite the absence of Bodgit Senior! Bodgit Junior feels he is out of practice with organizing others and as a result of today's expansion of the workforce I think we need to give serious thought to restructuring and especially to strengthening the management team.

The following Divisions were in operation today:-

Bodgit Decorators: Diane Carpenter, Margaret Tomkins, Lynda Wheeler, Joan Bray, Pat Irving, John Neale, George Bray. This was a good team that completed all the scheduled painting, marred only by a serious incident of sexual harassment involving George Bray and Diane. George said it was an accident that he fell of the steps and tumbled on to Diana but Joan said that George never leapt off a ladder for her! In future I think we will have to avoid mixed teams.

Bodgit Electrical: Roger Wheeler - did an excellent job tidying up and burying the electrical supply cables at the car park in preparation for the new flood lights at the gate. Essentially the difficult work is done; the new cable needs to be clipped to the fence and then connected at both ends.

Bodgit Ground Force: Gordon Courtney, Phil Courtney, Richard Cannon, Charles Dennis, Maggie Futcher, John Tomkins strimmed and cleared the bank, car park and moorings and generally cleared up outside

Bodgit Gardening: Joan Garret, Laurie Bridges - a good team despite a little frisson over the extent of the pruning/hacking back needed for the pergola vine (egged on by some of the Bodgit decorators who were on an unofficial tea break - 1st Memo to Management - we really need to limit the number of tea breaks if we are to maintain productivity)

Bodgit Classics: Bryan Clements worked all day on repairing the Laser's bow and has done an excellent job of it. I told him we needed the boat out of the Club by Wed to give time to clear up for the open w/e and that the black cupboard needed to be relocated from the gents to the Bosun's store.

Bodgit Catering: The ladies kept us topped up with tea and coffee - the only problem was that the gents loo was inaccessible because of the presence of the ladies decorating team (2nd Memo to Management - Please supply a bucket if you insist on similar indignities in future). Linda provided some super cakes.

I think the next job is to lay the carpet in the store and then it can be properly commissioned. We left the gear, tables etc in the Clubhouse pending carpet laying - which, judging by the excellent track record of Bodgit Carpet Layers (2004) Inc., will not be a major job. However the Clubhouse is still in a bit of a state as a result.

cu Fri / nigelk”

Thanks guys, you did a great job. The place is really starting to look pretty spiffy, ready for the open weekend and future events.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker