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Start of Season Party

The morning of 29 March was a hive of activity down at AQSC as management committee members got the clubhouse ready for the evening party aimed at kicking off the 2003 sailing season. I'm afraid that resulting from Bodgett & Son working on the bar area during the preceding week the clubhouse was, how shall I put it? in a bit of a mess. However, very rapidly under Diana's direction all was put to rights and the element of the contractors who had not gone to Padstow was warned not to mess it up again! Many thanks to Laurie, Bryan, George, Joan G, Diana, Peter, Richard, Roger, Linda, Keith, Eric and anyone I've overlooked.

By 7:15pm people started arriving and at 7:30pm I took the safety boat across the river to pick up the 'Surrey' contingent. By the time I got back the bar was in full swing and the girls had started laying out supper.

We had planned something a bit different for this year's party. We have some very talented people at AQSC, and I'm not just talking about sailing. This year we managed to persuade Pat Halling to come over and provide the entertainment. Now whether you know it or not Pat is a very gifted violinist. In the recent past he has been concertmaster for such people

as John Williams, John Cameron, Nelson Riddle and Maurice Jarre. He has also played for such legendary figures as The Beatles, Tom Jones, Scott Walker, Errol Brown, Shirley Bassey, Barry Manilow and Steve Coogan.

Pat played a number of pieces to a backing track. These included the first movement from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, some Bach and some musical 'snippets' form around the world. All the totally rapt audience had to do was guess the countries … not as easy as you may think. Pat ended after forty-five minutes or so to rapturous applause.

The experience of listening to live music at close quarters, to be able to watch the instrument being played in such detail was obviously appreciated by the fifty or so members and guests who crowded into the clubhouse. Pat was thanked for his performance and presented with a bottle of one of his favourite wines.

Following Pat's performance supper was served and all that could be heard was a lot of happy munching and lively conversation. It was a great evening.

One thing often leads to another. During supper I was introduced to a guest who turned out to be a professional concert pianist and his wife who is an opera singer! Do I feel another possible musical evening coming on … I think I do! Once again, thanks Pat … outstanding! Also, many thanks to all the girls who prepared the supper it was great.

Not all help of course is direct. How many of you notice the dozen or so new cushions that Joan Bray had made and were used for the first time at the start of season party. Works of art … each one piped and zipped and set over a foam liner exactly cut to size. If you think those are easy to do just try making one, let alone fourteen! Thanks Joan, they are a hansom addition to our club room and make those rattan chairs so much more comfortable to sit in. Now about my tatty old computer chair, that I sit on to write all these articles … Creep! Creep! Crawl! Crawl!

Mike (must get the old guitar out again) Baker