Summer 2003


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Sailing Report
Richard Cannon

Unusually, generally we have had good sailing conditions. There has been very little current and we have had a number of excellent days.

Unfortunately there have not been many boats sailing. We are suffering from aging with older members less fit and active, and young members having a new life style starting work or college and doing less sailing.

There have been a number of very windy days and Pat Halling has had two capsizes when previously he has only capsized twice in the last 10 years.

Sunday 8 May was one of our very windy, fluky and gusty days when we had 8 boats sailing but a high attrition rate. Mike Baker and Nigel Knowles retired with head injuries after being bashed with their booms and four other boats capsized.

For those who havenít been sailing brush off the cobwebs and come and enjoy the good sailing conditions.

SigneT Open at
Paxton Lakes SC.

Two Aquarius dinghies traveled up to Little Paxton near St.Neot's for this year's first SigneT open of the season. ST368 and ST369, built alongside each other in the boathouse at Kingston, did pretty well. Richard and Robert Britton won the Saturday events with Mike and Keith coming third. Saturday night was spent very pleasantly in a pub in St.Neots. On Sunday Keith (now helming) and Mike came second to another ex-Kingston boat ST761. Richard didn't contest Sunday but turned his dinghy over to Robert and Michael Stevens. The weather was pretty good over the whole weekend. 2-4, occasionally gusting a little higher. The trip back was a doddle, best ever. Even the traffic on the dear old M25 was fairly light.

Mike (Over Easy) Baker