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Safety Boat gets its Annual Service

I took Aquarius SC down to Tim Barfield's on 10 March for its annual engine service. Just oil and filter changes and a general check over but very important in terms of protecting the clubs investment. That engine was singularly the most expensive item that AQSC has ever purchased.

The upside however is that the 10hp Yanmar diesel has already begun to pay for itself. Our annual fuel bill is now less than a quarter of the cost two years ago and the reliability of the new engine cannot realistically be compared with the old Stuart Turner.

Apart from one incident last year when the engine automatically turned itself off when it sensed an overheat situation occurring we have had no problems with it whatsoever. The overheating problem turned out to be a blocked inlet filter. Not an engine problem at all.

The Yanmar is easy to control and highly responsive. It has a turn of speed just over 'street legal' but is equally at home just ticking over.

While Aquarius SC was down at Tim's the prop cage was modified to allow the rudder to be lifted of the transom pintles. The inability to be able to do this proved to be a bit of an embarrassment last year, but all's well now.

Now all that's needed is to jet wash the boat and get it painted. Anyone needing to get checked out on the safety boat should talk to Richard Cannon who will be pleased to bring you up to speed.

For me the best part was taking Aquarius SC down to Tim's very early in the morning. It was freezing cold but with a warm sun rising. There was a slight mist on the water and as I got down just below Hampton SC no less than six swans came low over the river ahead of me and landed on the water either side of the boat. Why is it you never have a camera on you when you need one!

Mike (learning to love diesels) Baker