Summer 2003


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AQSC Annual Open Weekend

Our open weekend was held over the weekend of 17-18 May. The weather wasn't ideal. It was generally grey, overcast, wet and very windy. Saturday also coincided with the FA Cup Final and Sunday the Austrian F1 Grand Prix, so we were in august company.

Richard tells me that on Saturday some twenty-one club members came down to the club. Now given that Richard is Treasurer to a number of organizations and also handles the complexities of our race results, if he said it was twenty-one I'm not going to argue with him. Shame we only had five or six visitors that day.

We had two Bosun's and a GP14 on the water and they proved ideal for the conditions. Those visitors that did go out had a good sail. Later the weather deteriorated and much of the afternoon was spent in the clubhouse watching the match.

If anything the weather on Sunday was worse than Saturday, certainly it was windier. Some twelve or thirteen visitors came to the club. The two Bosun's were kept busy and, at one point, were helped out by a lone SigneT. Also out, but not for the visitors, were a Laser and the Pico. We must now wait to see if all our efforts result in actual membership applications.

Many thanks to everyone who spent the best part of their weekend at the club, it was really appreciated.

My weekend was made when I brought a young oriental girl back to the landing stage. She tumbled out of Over Easy looking very excited, if not a little nervous (well, it was very windy out there). She turned out to be an exchange student from China who had never seen a dinghy before let alone ever been in one! I took a photo of her sitting on the boat. I'm going to send it to her so that she can take it back to China to show her family. I wonder how 'Over Easy' translates into Chinese?

Mike (Sampan) Baker