Summer 2003


Commodore’s Bit
Americas Cup
ATVSC Meeting
Bewl Water Visit
Commodores Quiz
Easter Egg Trophy
Hampton Regatta
Health and Safety Plan
Kitchen Skylight Removed
Jazz and BBQ program
Mid Thames Trophy
No Sailing = A lesson
Not just boats that rot
Open Weekend
Painshill Park Visit
Safety Boat Service
Sailing Report
SigneTs at Paxton Lakes
Regatta & ST program
Social Calendar program
Start of Season Party
Working Party

Meeting of The Association of
Thames Valley Sailing Clubs 29 May 2003

The Spring meeting of the above was held at Datchet Water SC. Both Richard and I attended. The agenda covered club development, and river sailing and safety during winter conditions. The Commodores of Frensham Pond SC and Papercourt SC both gave presentations on their respective clubs development aims and how they are implementing them. Interesting stuff involving large clubs (circa 1200-1300 membership each) and even larger budgets (circa £375k). Both are class driven clubs with preferred dinghy lists. Both have national and international aspirations and run Sailability programmes. Both have strong youth membership and high percentages of female sailors. The use of e-mail for info and newsletters figured strongly as did the diverse use of websites for such things as crew, novice, duty, results and sales registers.

On the subject of water safety there was quite a diversity of opinion as to who had the final say over canceling racing in 'un-safe' conditions. At the large reservoir clubs it seemed to rest with the chief safety boat coxswain, based on his ability to cover the water with the ribs and drivers available to him. Frensham and Papercourt both left it to their Officer of the Day (OOD). Some of the Thames based clubs observe the lock keepers 'Red Board' system. It really came down to individual clubs duty of care for its members and how it exercises this. Even the RYA doesn't have a definitive view on this subject.

The ATVSC provides a useful forum for local clubs to exchange information and ideas and Aquarius Flag Officers will continue to attend these meetings on your behalf.

Mike (The Commodore) Baker