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Charles falling out

Charles falling out and then swimming for the Pico

Charles swimming

Sunday Racing 28 May

It was a very windy day with the W to SW wind gusting up to 25knts at times. To play safe Charles Dennis decided to use the Club Pico instead of his Laser; it didnít help him as he fell out 15 seconds before the start of the first race but recovered so quickly that he was still first across the line.

The conditions took quite toll on boats with Michael Stevens kicker shackle, and tiller extension breaking.

In the afternoon race Michael also had his jib tear, Roy Clough capsized twice and Charles capsized 5 times. Richard Cannon survived but decided not to do the last race and then nearly capsize sailing up to the slipway; he went way past the normal point of no return and completely filled his SigneT with water.